the Advantages of Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixer

self loading mixer truck

Self loading mobile concrete mixer, also called self loading truck, is similar to concrete mixing truck in appearance, but they two are little different. And self loading mixer is much convenient than concrete truck, which can automatically feed rather than discharge, mix, store and transport concrete.

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The difference between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete batching plant

commercial concrete mixing plant

Concrete batching plant is a convenient equipment for construction projects, and different concrete plants have different functions. And this article will compare the difference between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete batching plant.

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Features of Small Concrete Plant

small batching plant

Small concrete plant mainly consists of materials conveyer belt, main mixer, batching plant and other part. And main mixer always adopts compulsory horizontal shaft concrete mixer. Besides, small concrete batching plant for sale can also be equipped with wheel loader, concrete transit mixer and self-loading concrete mixer, which can make work easier. And Aimix can be reliable your small mixing plant manufacturers.

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Operation Process of Bitumen Plant

bitumen mixing plant

Bitumen plant, also called asphalt mixer plant, is a factory type complete set of equipment, which can mix heating aggregates with different sizes, filler and bitumen in a proper proportion at designed temperature. Bitumen mixing plant mainly consists of mechanical part, electrical part, fuel piping part, which are cold aggregates system, drying and heating system, lifting screening system, finished products storage system, dust removal system, asphalt heating system, control room and other systems in details. And there are many types of asphalt plant, such stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale, mobile asphalt plant, and asphalt drum mix plant.

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