200TPH Stone Crusher Plant Applied for Processing Granite

One customer from Russia, just ordered a 200tph stone crusher plant from Aimix Group for the purpose of processing granite to acquire sand and gravel materials. Now, let’s take a look at what kind of stone crushing plant has Aimix Group designed for this customer.

stone crushing machine

First of all, we would like to show you the final 3D drawing, and then we will explain the design concept later.

200tph stone crushing plant for granite

Suitable Configuration for Special Requirements

After our customer found us, he sent us his requirements as follows:

  • Capacity Need: 180-200TPH
  • Raw Material: Granite
  • Use For: Producing sand and gravel aggregate to supply construction aggregate for his own-run ready mix concrete plant and asphalt mixing plant.
  • Finished Product Requirements: 0-5mm sand, 5-10mm gravel, 10-20 gravel, and 20-30mm gravel. And the particle shape of the finished gravel should be rhombic.
  • Budget: Within USD 180,000

We summarized our customers’ needs: hard raw material, 180-200TPH productivity, 4 types of finished products demands, and high demand for particle shape of the finished gravel. After repeated verification and comparison by our engineers, we have given the following configuration plan for our customer:

  • Primary Crusher: APJ-7510E jaw crusher
  • Secondary Crusher: APC-1315X impact crusher
  • Screen Machine: APS-2160Y4
  • Final Stone Crusher Plant Price: USD 155,000

stone jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher
stone impact crusher
Impact Crusher
screen machine
Screen Machine

Our customer is very satisfied with this solution, no matter for the configurations or the final price. Especially for the selection of the secondary crusher, our customer said that the impact crusher has pefectly solved his need for rhombic gravel. Rhombic gravel is ideal construction aggregate to be used for producing concrete and asphalt mixture. By the way, he also said our stone crusher plant is cost-effective for his stone crushing business.

Working Process for Dealing with the Granite

After deciding the final configuration, we start to deliver and install the stone crusher plant in our customer’s sites. Now, this plant has been put into work in Russia, let’s see how it works to deal with the granite.

  1. Feeding Granite: First of all, use a dump truck to tranport and discharge the raw granite to the feeder machine.
  2. Primary Crushing:Next, the feeder machine will load the granite to the chamber of jaw crusher. The movable plate starts the back and forth movement to squeeze the granite with the fixed plate.
  3. Secondary Crushing:After the primary crushing stage, the particle size of granite will be crushed within 100mm. Then, these crushed granite will be continuously conveyed to the cone crusher for the secondary crushing. The granite will be fed into the crushing chamber of cone crusher, which is the space between the mantle and the concave. Granite will be finely crushed in this space and turned into 0-30mm gravel.
  4. Screening Process:Finally, the crushed gravel will be conveyed to the screening machine and filtered into four sizes: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-30mm.

For the whole process, you can check the following working video.

You are welcome to inquiry a stone crushing solution if you also have the need of starting a sand or gravel aggregate production business. With over 10 years experience on stone crushers, Aimix Grou won’t let you down. And welcome to ask about the stone crusher plant price from us.

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