25m3 Batching Plant Participates in Infrastructure Projects

We are glad to share a new case here, and it is about Aimix 25m3 concrete batching plant participating in the infrastructure projects in Australia. The infrastructure projects are about the building construction for a garbage disposal factory in Australia. With compact structure and low investment cost, our AJ-25 concrete batching plant Australia is very suitable for this kind of construction projects.

How Does 25m3 Batching Plant Work for this Project?

Concrete Production

In this case, our AJ-25 dry mix batching plant is mainly in charge of producing high-quality dry-type concrete by mixing together cement, aggregates and other admixtures.

Improve Construction Efficiency

Our AJ-25 small batching plant can be set up near the construction site, which has greatly reduced the time and cost for delivering concrete. This helps improve construction efficiency and reduce the overall project duration for our customers.

Quality Control

The batching plant can achieve strict quality control to ensure that the uniformity and strength of the concrete to meet project requirements. This helps our customers reduce problems and repairs during construction, improving the quality and durability of the building.


The batching plant Australia can be configured and adjusted according to the needs of different projects. It can produce different types and specifications of concrete to suit the requirements of various building structures.

In addition to the dry mix concrete plant, Aimix also provides other types of concrete batching plants for sale Australia, including mobile-type, wet-type, and mini-type. Besides, Aimix also provides other kinds of construction machines, including self loading mixers, concrete pumps, road rollers, etc. Our customers have also bought some of them. In the below part, I will show you the details.

Other Constructin Machines Our Customers Have Bought

An AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer

Our customers have also purchased one set of 4.0cub self loading mobile concrete mixer to complete the road paving construction work on their sites. With felexibility, self-loading and self-tranporting features, our self loading mixers can be easily operated to produce concrete for some small-scaled construction projects, including floor paving, and sidewalk paving work.

Here, I also attach one video about aimix self loading concrete mixer discharging ready-mixed concrete to the floor for the road paving work.

A Concrete Pump and A Road Roller

Apart from the self loading mixer, our customers also ordered one set of 40m3 concrete pump and a road roller to speed up their project progress. The ABT40C concrete pump is in charge of pumping the concrete to the narrow area, and the road roller is responsible for the road paving work.

With the help of our batching plant, self-loading mixer, concrete pump, and road roller, our customers have accomplished 20% of the whole construction work for the garbage disposal factory. Less than 5 months, their factory will be completed. Let’s wait their good news. By the way, if you also need some construction machines for any construction projects, contact Aimix now.

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