3.5m3 Self Loading Machine Installation In The Philippines

This is customer feedback from the Philippines about the self-loading machine delivery and installation in Calapan. Our customer, Jimmy, bought one set of AS-3.5 two months ago. Actually, this is not his first time buying a machine from AIMIX GROUP. He once bought one set of ABJZ40C concrete mixing pump equipment one year ago. And this time, he made his second order from AIMIX for this self-loading mixer.

Delivery of AS-3.5 Self Loading Machine

  • 1. Aimix arranged the shipping of AS-3.5 to the Philippines
  • 2. Our local agents went to the customs for the customs clearance and picked the machine up.
  • 3. Next, they delivery the machine to Jimmy’s site.

main frame of self mixer
mixer drum

Installation of AS-3.5

In fact, AIMIX supplies the entire process for the machine shipping and installation of the 3.5m3 self loading machine. After delivering the machine to Jimmy’s site, our partner continues to take it out for the installation. I list the simple installation procedures below and please go on reading.

  • 1. Use an excavator to install the mixer drum to the main frame. Weld all the parts to fix the mixer drum well.
  • 2. Next, pick the cab up and mount it to the right position.
  • 3. Fix all the control systems in the cab.
  • 4. Install and test all the electrical systems.
  • 5. Test the whole mixer machine after every part is fixed.
  • 6. Teach Jimmy’s workers how to operate all the control systems of this mixer machine.

how to install a self loading concrete mixer
self loading concrete mixer installation
self loading mixers

Installation and Testing Video

Here I list the customer feedback video below. It contains all the installation details so that you can have a look. In this video, you can also see the machine working details in Jimmy’s site. Our customer, Jimmy bought AS-3.5 for his foundation pouring construction in Calapan. Jimmy expressed his satisfaction for this machine due to its convenience for self-mixing and self-discharging concrete on site. Contact AIMIX now if you are also interested in our AS-3.5 self loading mixer.

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