40m3/h Diesel Cement Mixer and Pump Shipping to the Philippines

Good news for Aimix Group! Recently, Aimix sold one set of ABJZ40C diesel cement mixer pump to the Philippines. Until now, there are almost 300 sets of aimix concrete mixture pumps working in the Philippines. Why is this model so popular? Please continue to read.

c3 diesel concrete mixer pump
c3 concrete mixer pump price

Advantages of ABJZ40C in Aimix

Except for ABJZ40C, Aimix also has many other models, such as ABJZ30C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D. However, ABJZ40C has many good points so that it is the most popular model in the world.

  • 1. ABJZ40C adopts diesel engine so that it has larger pumping capacity. Its maximum pumping distance is around 500 meters. And its maximum vertical pumping height can achieve 120 meters. These pumping capacities can help you to fulfill mostly construction works.
  • 2. ABJZ40C cement mixture pump is made up by the cement mixer and cement pump. Therefore, it has both capabilities of mixing and pumping. In other words, buying one set of aimix cement mixer and pump will equal to buying one cement mixer and one cement pump. Hence, it will definitely save you some money.
  • 3. ABJZ40C has a fully automatic control system so that you can use the remote control to command the whole machine to start to work, including lifting the aggregate materials to the mixer drum, mixing all the materials, discharging finished concrete to the filtering hopper, and pumping concrete to the site along with the pipes. By using our ABJZ40C pump, and you can save about 6-7 labor costs. Thence, it is a worthy try to buy our ABJZ40C for your building projects.
  • 4. ABJZ40C can self-clean itself. There are self-cleaning functions on the pump. Thence, you can totally clean the whole machine after one-day of working. Cleaning the inside of the mixer drum and pumping pipes can better improve its service life.

How Does ABJZ40C Cement Mixer Pump Work?

Here I will show you the cement mixer and pump working video so that you can better know our machine. It is a feedback video from our customer in the Philippines. I hope it will help you to make a decision for buying our pumping equipment. Contact us if you want an inquiry at any time.

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