40m3 Small Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump Working in Jamaica

Today, I will share a successful case of our ABJZ40C small diesel concrete mixer pump with you. This ABJZ40C is sold to Jamaica and applied for building a factory. In the following parts, I will list some working pictures and videos to show you the on-site situation.

ABJZ40C mobile concrete mixer with pump in Jamaica

Working Details

Application Field

In this case, our ABJZ40C concrete pump with mixer is mainly used for making concrete and pumping concrete for the foundation pouring and floor pouring. As you know, our small diesel concrete mixer pump can not only produce concrete but also convey the ready-mixed concrete to the job sites. Therefore, our customer bought this set of machines for his factory construction work.

How Many Workers Does It Need?

It may need 6-8 workers in total to handle the whole pump equipment. Please go on reading to check.

1. First, it needs 1 or 2 workers to feed the cement, sand, or other aggregate materials to the hopper of the mixer pump.

2. Next, it will need 1 worker to operate the remote control. There are many operation buttons on the remote control, including adding the water, starting mixing the drum, reversed whirling the mixing drum to discharge the ready-made concrete mixture, pumping the concrete, and cleaning the pump machine.

3. Then, it needs 2-3 workers to hold the pipes to discharge the concrete out in order to control the placing direction and speed.

mortar mixer and pump

Working Process

1. First, our customer uses our mixer pump to produce concrete. Our ABJZ40C can produce concrete just like a concrete mixer.

2. Next, when the concrete is mixed, they start to pump the concrete to the foundation sites along with some pipes. They laid over 45 meters of pipes on the site. Hence, the concrete can be precisely conveyed to the construction points.

3. In this case, this project is under the progress of foundation construction. When the foundation is well built, our customer plans to remove the pipes and re-arrange the layout of the pipes for the wall pouring, and finally, the floor pouring. Maybe 2 months later, our customer can give us a good news that his factory is well built.

Working Video of ABJZ40C in Jamaica

Here I attach one working video about our ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump. As you can see, the workers are using our pump for the foundation construction work at night.

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