90m3 RMC Ready Mix Plant Assembled in Jambi, Indonesia

One set of AJ-90 rmc ready mix plant was successfully shipped and installed in the city of Indonesia, Jambi. This set of plants can produce about 90m3 concrete per hour. Our customer found us from Google and wanted a quotation about a concrete plant for his hydropower project. After a deep communication, we asked about his daily need for the cubic meters of concrete and recommended this AJ-90 model for our customer. Now, I will show you some details about the assembling progress below.

rmc plant machinery

Assembling Processes

  • Arranging Production

    After our customer has made his order, we arrange the rmc ready mix plant production at once. The production period lasts about 25 days.

  • Packaging for All the Parts:

    When the whole plant is well produced, our engineers start to package all the parts into the container and ship them to the port. As you can see from the below pictures, our engineers are packaging the rmc plant silos, aggregate batching machine, and concrete mixer into the containers.

    rmc plant parts
    concrete mixer shipping
    aggregate batcher shipping
  • Shipping Process

    Our customer chose the sea shipping way for this AJ-90 plant. And the shipping time lasts about 20 days.

  • Custom Clearance and Delivery Process

    When the plant is shipped to the port of Jambi, our local partners provide custom clearance services and machine delivery services for our customer. They transport the whole plant and all the parts from the port to the job site of our customer in Jambi. And our customer is very satisfied with these two services.

  • Ready Mix Concrete Plant Machinery Assembling On-site

  • 1. When the machine is transported to the job site, our engineers start the installation for the whole plant.

    2. They take all the parts out of the truck, and start to assemble this 90m3 concrete plant.

    3. They first make a layout for this plant and then build the foundations.

    4. Next, they splice the cement silos piece by piece and use a crane to install the cement silos on the foundations.

    5. Afterward, our engineers start to install the belt conveyor, the concrete mixer, the aggregate batching machine, and other parts.

    6. In the end, they match the electric parts and test the whole concrete plant to make sure every part is normal.

    7. The whole assembling period lasts about 25 days, and our customer said that our plant is a very good product and our after-sale service is very nice.

    building foundations for ready mix concrete plant
    ready mix plant belt conveyor
    rmc plant silo

Well-assembled AJ-90 in Jambi

Here, I will attach some pictures of this well-assembled AJ-90 rmc plant equipment. And now, it has been put into production for making concrete for our customers. Contact us if you are also interested in our rmc plants in Indonesia.

information about rmc plant
rmc plant equipment

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