Asphalt Drum Mix Plant for Sale

Asphalt drum mix plant is an advanced asphalt plant, which adopts continuous mixing mode. And the heating and drying of aggregates and the mixing of mixture are carried out in the same drum continuously. Asphalt drum plants can produce asphalt mixture, colorful asphalt mixture and modified asphalt mixture, which can totally meet the need of construction for expressway, grade highway, municipal road, airport and port. Aimix is an experienced asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer, and Aimix asphalt plants for sale deserves your trust. Aimix is an experienced machinery manufacturer and supplier, and Aimix products will never let you down. Aimix mainly provides concrete mixing plant, concrete mixer pump, trailer pump, stabilized soil plant, dry mortar plant, concrete mixer, wheel loader and other machinery. Contact us to get more details or the best price. Aimix can be you best asphalt drum mix plant manufacturer and supplier.

asphalt drum mix plant
asphalt drum mix  plant

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Main Components of Asphalt Drum Mixing Plant

  1. Raw materials supply system. It can decomposed the big aggregates into small aggregates with four different sizes according to the projects demands, then it can transport the proper aggregates into drying drum by conveyor belt.
  2. Mixing machine. It can dry, heat and mixing materials. Aggregates forms incomplete materials curtain in drying area, then will be preheated and will be pushed forward. Aggregates forms complete materials curtain in heating area, then it will be heated quickly. And asphalt will put into mixing area and be mixed with aggregates evenly.
  3. Coal combustion system. Coal will be processed into pulverized coal of less than 5 mm, which can accelerate the coal supply rate.
  4. Control system. Control room has compact structure and high safty. The electric control adopts the desktop operating platform, which can realized interlocking and single machine operation.

Asphalt drum roller

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Features and Advantages of Hot Mix Plant

  1. Drum mix asphalt plant can produce asphalt continuously, and it is characteristic of high efficiency and low energy consumption.
  2. It has a strong ability to recycle the old asphalt, which is environmental friendly.
  3. It is a production line, so that all the working procedure of process coincide in time and space.
  4. It is characteristic of simple structure, high reliability, low fault rate and easy maintaining.

Asphalt mixing plant for sale

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Type ALT20 ALT40 ALT60 ALT80
Production Capacity(t/h) 20 40 60 80
Total Power(kw) 50 75 123 140
Fuel Consumption 5.5-7.0kg/t(Fuel)
Effect of De-dusting Dust discharge concentration≤50mg/Nm3(Bag dust)
Volume of Cold Aggregate Storage 4.0m³×4
Unloading Height 3m
Control Mode Manually, Semi-Auto/ Auto

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