Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Asphalt plant for sale is used to mix dry and heated aggregates, filler with different size, and asphalt evenly according to proper formula in order to produce hot mix asphalt mixture. If you currently have road paving construction projects such as roads or highways, you need to see a variety of asphalt plants provided by Aimix Group and their advantages and application fields to find an asphalt mixing plant that suits you to serve you.

batch-type asphalt mixing plant

Diverse Asphalt Mixing Plants – Meet the Needs of Various Road Construction

Aimix has a total of many types of asphalt mix plants. Each one has its own advantages and applicable areas. See if they meet your needs.

Batch-type – Good Helper for Large-scale & Long-distance Road Construction Projects

Batch-type asphalt mixing plant is composed of drying system, batching system, combustion system, heated aggregates lifting system, vibration sieve, thermal aggregates storage bin, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, power supply system, dust removal system, finished product bin and control system.

batch-type asphalt plant


  • From the perspective, batch-type asphalt mixer plant contains a tower-type main structure, and the material lifting system, the material screening system, and the mixing system are installed on this tower.
  • The mixing system usually uses a forced-type twin shaft mixer to ensure that the mixing is uniform.
  • Equipped with a precise metering system to ensure that the combination of asphalt mixture is accurate.
  • Secondly, batch-type asphalt plant for sale has a separate mixer and aggregate dryer drum. So, the aggregate heating procedure, and the asphalt mixing prcedure are separately completed. This design separates the process of mixing and heating, so that each part can focus on its specific functions. Thereby, the quality of asphalt mixture is guaranteed.
  • dryer drum
    Dryer Drum
    tower structure
    Tower Structure

  • Use an independent hot air furnace or coal furnace for heating to ensure sufficient heat.
  • 2 kinds of dust removal methods are available, including the combination of gravity dust removal plus water removal, or the combination of gravity dust removal plus pocket dust removal.

What Kinds of Projects Can Batch-type Serve You?

  • Large-scale and long-distance road construction projects, including highway construction, airport runway construction, dam construction, etc.
  • highway construction
    highway construction
    airport construction
    airport construction
    dam construction
    dam construction

How Does A Batch-type Asphalt Plant Work?

  • Sand and gravel are put into separate cooling aggregates storage according to the different size of aggregates.
  • According to the primary proportion, aggregates in cooling aggregates storage will be sent to drying drum through aggregates belt and feeding belt. Aggregates will be dried and heated in drying drum, then processed aggregates will be sent to vibrating screen by hot aggregates hoist.
  • Next, hot aggregates will be stored into separated hot aggregates bin due to different mesh size of vibration screen. With proper proportion and order, hot asphalt aggregates will be put into aggregates scale and small-sized aggregates will be first.
  • Meanwhile, asphalt supply system starts to put proportional melting asphalt into asphalt scale and certain proportional powder will be put into powder scale.
  • After weighting, aggregates will put into mixing drum in order.
  • When the mixing is perfectly done, the finished products will be transported to bin though conveyor hopper or be discharged into asphalt transport truck.

In a word, the transportation, drying and screening of sand stone is continuous while the weighting of hot aggregates, liquid asphalt and powder, and mixing is periodic. Check the asphalt mixing plant working video to learn more.

Choose A Suitable Model of Batch-type from Aimix Group

Aimix supplies ALQ series stationary asphalt mixing plants: ALQ40, ALQ60, ALQ80, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320; and ALYQ series mobile-type asphalt mixing plants for sale: ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALYQ120, and ALYQ160. The numbers in the models represent the productivities, for example, ALQ80 can produce about 80ton asphalt mixture per hour. Contact us for more technical specifications of amp asphalt mixing plants.

ALQ series asphalt plants
ALQ Series Asphalt Plants
ALYQ series mobile-type asphalt plants
ALYQ Series Mobile-type Asphalt Plants

Cases of Batch-type in Various Fields

1. 80TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Model: ALQ80
  • Use for: Water Conservancy Construction
  • Asphalt Plant Price:USD 370,000
  • Use Place: Palembang, Indonesia

80ton asphalt plant

2. 80TPH Asphalt Plant

  • Model: ALQ80
  • Use for: Port Construction
  • Asphalt Mixing Plant Price:USD 370,000
  • Use Place: Batam, Indonesia

80TPH asphalt mixing plant

3. 100TPH Stationary Asphalt Plant

  • Model: ALQ100
  • Use for: Highway Construction
  • Asphalt Plant Price:USD 420,000
  • Use Place: Sri Lanka

100tph stationary asphalt plant

4. 120TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant Amp

  • Model: ALQ120
  • Use For: Airport Construction
  • Asphalt Plant Cost: USD 510,000
  • Use Place: Malaysia

120tph asphalt mixing plants

Drum-Type – Good Choice for Small-scale Road Repairing Projects

Continuous drum type asphalt mixing plant adopts continuous mixing production method. The heating, drying, and mixing of aggregates are carried out in the same dryer drum continuously. It belongs to a small type mobile asphalt plant.

drum-type asphalt plant

Drum-type asphalt plants can produce modified asphalt mixture, and colorful asphalt mixture, which can totally meet the need of country road paving projects.

What Kinds Of Projects Can Drum-Type Serve You?

  • For small-scale road paving or road repairing construction, drum-type asphalt mixing plants for sale may be more economical and appropriate. For example, pathway paving construction, country road paving and repairing construction, and so on.

Country Road Paving Construction
Country Road Paving Construction
Small road repair construction
Small-scale Road Repair Construction
pathway paving construction
Pathway Paving Construction

Models of Drum-Type

Aimix mainly supplies ALT40, ALT60, ALT80, and ALT100 drum-type asphalt plants for sale. Their production capacities range from 20tph to 100tph.

Cases of ALT Series in Global Areas

1. 60TPH Asphalt Plant

  • Model: ALT60
  • Application: Country Road Paving Project
  • Asphalt Plant Price: USD 150,000
  • Use Place: Botswana

ALT60 asphalt plant

2. 60TPH Asphalt Mixing Plant

  • Model: ALT60
  • Application: Pathway Paving Project
  • Asphalt Plant Price: USD 150,000
  • Use Place: Brazil

ALT60 asphalt plant

After viewing so much information, you can choose a type suitable for you according to the project scale, product needs, and environmental conditions. If you still have no clue, please contact us – Aimix Group. As a professional asphalt mixing plant manufacturer, we can provide you with professional procurement advice and intimate technical support services.

Why Choose Aimix Group?

  • With over 20 years production experience, Aimix has established a whole set of perfect production system to make sure that every single set of asphalt mix plant will conform to the international standard: CE certificate and ISO 9001 certificate.
  • All of the accessories are made by our own and we strictly control the quality so that we can reduce the malfunction rates and our asphalt mixing equipment will serve much longer years. Hence, compared to the other asphalt plant manufacturers, Aimix can independently narrow down the asphalt plant price and provide the best quality at the same time.
  • What’s more, Aimix has several local offices and warehouses around the world, such as UZ, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and so on, supporting the after-sale service for our local clients.

After-sale Service in Malaysia
After-sale Service in Malaysia
After-sale Service in the Philippines
After-sale Service in the Philippines

Our engineers teams would love to have the honor to help you solve the installment problems and having the machines texted. Aimix asphalt plants for sale will definitely deserve your purchasing. Contact us now to buy your own asphalt plant.

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