Basalt Crushing Solutions


Basalt belongs to a porous stone. Although it has many pores, it is quite hard. Due to its unique properties, basalt has high utilization value and is widely used in many fields.

What Can You Use the Basalt for?

bassalt as the construction aggregate

1.As Aggregate for the Production of Lightweight Concrete

Basalt is light in weight due to its porous nature. Using the crushed basalt processed by a stone crusher plant to produce concrete can reduce the weight of concrete, and retain the concrete’s solidity at the same time. Therefore, basalt is a perfect aggregate for the production of lightweight concrete for high-rise building construction.

basalt as the roadbed filler

2. As the Cornerstone for Various Kinds of Roads

Basalt has the advantages of wear resistance, lower water absorption, strong pressure resistance, low crushing value, strong corrosion resistance, and higher adhesion for asphalt, etc.

With so many excellent performances, basalt can improve the tensile and flexural properties of concrete, which is very good to avoid concrete cracks and water seepage problems, thereby can extend the service life of concrete and reduce later maintenance costs.

Thence, basalt is an ideal roadbed filler for highway, railway, and airport road construction.

cast stone by basalt

3. As A Raw Material for the Production of Cast Stone

Basalt is a good raw material for producing cast stone. After being crushed and screened by a stone crusher, then being processed from melting, casting, crystallizing, and annealing, the basalt will be made into cast stone. Cast stone is harder and more wear-resistant than alloy steel, and more corrosion-resistant than lead and rubber. So, it is widely used as anti-corrosion and wear-resistant materials.

Its high utilization value makes basalt crushing a business with a very high return on investment. In order to help you carry out your basalt crushing projects, our company can design a customized crushing solutions for you.

As a professional stone crusher manufacturer, Aimix Group has served more than 100 customers from all over the world and customized different stone crushing solutions for them in recent years. In the below part, we will share with you a customized 150TPH basalt crushing solution for your refernce.

Basalt Crushing Solution

150TPH Stone Crusher Plant for Producing Sand and Gravel Aggregate

basalt crushing solution


  1. Primary Crushing: Due to the hard nature of basalt and the maximum particle size of the customer’s basalt raw material is 500mm, we chose the APJ-6090E jaw crusher as the primary crusher, because the jaw crusher is specially used to crush large-sized and hard materials. The particle size of the basalt initially crushed by the jaw crusher will be less than 100mm, which can directly enter the secondary crusher.
  2. Secondary Crushing: According to the output required by the customer, we choose PC-132C-M medium-cavity cone crusher as the secondary crusher.
  3. Tertiary Crushing: Since our customers have a high demand for the proportion of sand and small stones (0-5mm) in the finished products, we have equipped customers with three stages of crushing: jaw crusher + cone crusher + sand making machine. However, considering the customer’s budget and revenue ratio, we changed the originally planned sand making machine into a fine-cavity cone crusher, which helped the customer save money while increasing the production of fine sand and gravel.

vibrating screen
Vibrating Screen
Jaw Crusher
Jaw Crusher
cone crusher
Cone Crusher
screening equipment
Screening Equipment

The Final Proposal:

The final basalt crusher configuration after optimizating is: APG-3895W vibrating feeder + APJ-6090E jaw crusher + APC-132C-M medium-crushing compound cone crusher +
APC-132C-F fine-crushing composite cone crusher + APS-2160Y4 vibrating screen

Finished Particle Size:

This solution crushes basalt with a raw material particle size of 500mm into sand and gravel aggregates of 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-15mm, and 20-38mm.

Live Video of Our Basalt Crusher Equipment:

At present, this set of 150TPH stone crusher plant has been installed at the customer’s site in Paraguay and has been put into production. The following videos are working videos at customer sites.

After reading this plan, if you have any ideas, please tell us. If you also have the need of customizing a basalt crushing solution, Aimix is always here for you.

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