Brick Making Machine for Sale

Brick making machine is an advanced brick making equipment for producing new-type wall material brick, which is made from fly ash, sand, gravel, powder, slag, little cement and other materials. The new-type wall material mainly consists of block and cement brick, which mainly uses hydraulic model or vibration model. Brick machine adapts silent, static pressure mode. Aimix can also provide clay brick machine and concrete brick making machine. And brick maker machine prices in Aimix is very reaonable.

And it is also characteristic of no noise, high yield and high density. Besides, block machine has easy and short maintenance cycle, less requirements for working environment and various brick type. Compared with the traditional block making technology, brick pressing machine is more efficient and environmentally friendly. And Aimix can provide quality brick making machines for sale with reasonable price. Besides, Asphalt  concrete plant is also the hot sale product in Aimix.

Main Application of Brick Making Machine

Brick block making machine is used to make brick, whose raw materials mainly are fly ash, sand, cinder, chemical residue and others. Equipped with different mould, brick pressing machine can produce standard brick, porous brick, blind hole brick, hollow brick, pavement brick and special brick.

brick pressing machine
block brick machine

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Features of Block Maker Machine for Sale

  1. With replacing mould, brick machine for sale can produce more than ten kind of brick, such as hollow brick, porous brick. Stable performance and easy maintenance.
  2. The core components adapts anti fatigue design, which can prolong the service life of the host.
  3. The excited force is very strong, which can be up to 2to 15 MPa, under the common mix proportion condition.
  4. The double rob guide mode and the combination of excellent long guide sleeve ensure the accurate operation of the heading machine.
  5. The base and key parts of brick machine is integrally cast and the frame adapts thick supper type steel and special welding technology.
  6. Brick block making machine is characteristic of compact structure, reasonable design adapting mechanical devices, accurate and reliable.
  7. With 4 columns, block making machine has accurate position, stable mould, which ensures brick with great density and appearance.
  8. With using the speed reducer, brake magnet arm to release mould, brick maker machine for sale has stable performance and wide application.

Hot-sale Type of Block Making Machine for Sale in Aimix

QT10-15 Block Making Machines for sale are fully automatic control and equipped with hydraulic plate machine. Its features are as follows.

block brick machine
brick making machine

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  1. The body machine adopts special strong steel and special welding technology, reasonable design and compact structure, which ensures the stable performance of brick machine.
  2. Computer controlling the flow of hydraulic pressure system, it can realizes vertical synchronous vibration, frequency conversion, braking and double ended synthetic output, which ensures that the excitation force is transmitted to each parts of mold evenly and efficiently and the density and the service life of mould box are greatly improved.
  3. The whole machine adopts PLC and man-machine interface control system to realize random signal analysis and fault diagnosis, as well as the various parameters needed to form, then ensures the best working performance of blocks machine for sale.
  4. Material feeding and distributing device adopts a closed electric roller driving system and it can strictly control the amount of small hopper. And the concrete can be transited whenever necessary, which prevents the concrete liquefaction.

QT8-15 Brick Pressing Machine

brick making machine
brick making machine

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Main information about QT8-15 brick blocks making machine for sale:

  1. It adopts PLC control (computer interface operation), which can analyze the signal randomly, diagnose fault, and set the materials parameter.
  2. The storage hopper and the feeding hopper are separated and quantitative feeding, so it can efficiently avoid liquefaction of some concrete. Equipped with matched automatic folding machine, it can save labor and products sites largely.
  3. It has a wide application. It can not only produce high-strength concrete brick, but also produce the brick made from fly ash, slag and other materials. Besides, it also produce hollow brick and solid brick with different size by changing different mould.

QT4-15 Block Brick Machine

brick pressing machine
brick making machine

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  1. It is equipped with PLC control system,, which can analyze signal, diagnose fault and set the parameter.
  2. The frame is made of super strong steel, and the imported hydraulic equipment is widely used, which efficiently ensures the stability and reliability of long-term work of machine.
  3. With changing the mould, it can make hollow brick and solid brick with different size.

QT6-15A Concrete Brick Making Machine

block machine
block making machine

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  1. With intelligent PLC control, man-machine interface, this machine can diagnose the fault automatically.
  2. The vibration system is equipped with electro-hydraulic proportional valve, then the high frequency vibration forming and low frequency feeding is realized.
  3. Equipped with feeding system with multiple row stirring fork, it can pour the materials into mould box quickly and evenly.
  4. It is ideal machine to produce new-type wall materials.

QT5-20 Brick Making Machine

brick pressing machine
brick machine

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       1. With advanced hydraulic system, it integrates electr0-hydraulic control, stable performance and reliable running.

       2. There are multiple row stirring pork in automatic feeding car, which ensure quick and even mixing.

       3. The combination of hydraulic pressure and vibration ensures the fast forming and large density of brick.

Apart from brick making machine, there are also cement plant, asphalt plant, dry mortar mixing plant, concrete pump and other construction machinery. With high quality, timely transportation and competitive price, Aimix products have been exported to many countries. If you want to know more details or the best price of block machines for sale, you can contact us anytime and we will reply as soon as we can.


Type QT4-15 QT6-15 QT10-15
Pallet Size(mm) 850*560*20 940*750*40 1160*880*40
Power(kw) 32.8 45.5 50
Weight(t) 6 10 13.8
Forming Period(s) 10-16 11-20 12-18

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