Cement Brick Making Machine for Sale

Cement brick making machine can produce cement brick, hollow brick or colorful paving brick, which is make from slag, fly ash, stone powder, sand, gravel, cement and other materials with scientific proportion, even mixing and high-pressure pressing. Without burning, a short time drying is enough for the cement brick, which is low investment but quick return.

As experienced cement brick making machine suppliers, Aimix can offer you high-quality cement block making machine for sale with different sizes and the concrete brick making machine price is very reasonable. Besides, you can also find fly ash brick making machine in Aimix.

cement brick making machine
cement brick making machine

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Cement bricks machine protects the soil resource and reuses the resource. Most people consider slag, fly ash, construction waste as garbage, but concrete brick making machines  for sale can convert them into unburned brick, which realizes the recycling of resource. Contact us to know the cement bricks making machine price.

concrete block machine
concrete brick making machine
concrete block machine
cement block machine

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Features and Advantages of Cement Brick Making Machine

  1. Reasonable design and structure. Equipped with automatic transfer system, compulsory feeding system, head synchronization and die frame synchronization system, concrete block machine can produce brick automatically circularly, which ensures high efficiency and high production and high quality.
  2. With PLC control and program interlock protection, cement block machine can work smoothly and safely. And computer interface operation can achieve parameter setting, random signal acquisition, fault diagnosis analysis. Besides, it can realize fault inquiry and system upgrade by remote communication.
  3. Hydraulic motor vibration is characteristic of reasonable structure, great reliability, and high efficiency, which ensures the high-quality bricks with great density.
  4. Concrete brick-making machine  can produce bricks with different grade strength according to projects demands.
  5. Cement bricks machine can produce various bricks, such as hollow bricks, multiple row brick, and solid brick with different sizes.
  6. Concrete bricks making machine can recycle and reuse waste concrete brick, which increases the comprehensive utilization of resource. And Aimix can be your reliable cement brick machine manufacturers. Contact us to know cement brick making machine prices and more details.
cement brick making machine
cement block machine

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Model Product Specification(mm) Block Number/Pallet Forming Period(s) Block Output/8hours
ABM-3S 390×190×190 3 15 5600
ABM-4SE 390×190×190 4 24-26 5800
ABM-6S 390×190×190 6 15-20 11520-14400
ABM-8S 390×190×190 8 15-20 15360
ABM-10S 390×190×190 10 15-20 19200
ABM-12S 390×190×190 12 15-20 23040
Main Operation Numbers of people needed
Wheel loader operator 1
Mixer operator 1
Plate feed operator 1
Host operate&Inspect operator 1
Forklift operator 1
On-site coordination&delivery 1-2
All operators Normally at least 6-7 people, customized

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