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Cement silo is a sealed silo for storing various materials, which is a good choice for grains, concrete, coal ash and other materials. And it is equipped with material level monitoring system, which can indicate the material level and avoid overflowing. Besides, the broken arch system can solve the consolidation of materials.

Generally, concrete silos are used for bulk cement storage of concrete mixing plant, which often match with screw conveyor. Aimix, professional cement silo suppliers,  can provide you with various cement silos, horizontal cement silo, wheel type cement silo, stactable type cement silo, bag type cement silo, container type cement silo and bolted type cement silo.

concrete silo
cement silos

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Cement Silo:

Seal Structure

Aimix cement silo adopts special seal, which can be resistant to high temperature of 200 degrees. Besides, with special design in Aimix, the material sent in the first time will get into the small gap, which will reach the perfect self-sealing effect.

Excellent Quality

Aimix cement silo has a compact structure, strong corrosion resistance and simple appearance.

Fast Product Delivery

Aimix cement silo is manufactured in the standard modular assembly line, which has a short production and can ensure fast delivery.

Convenient Transportation

Regardless of the size of cement silo can be transported and several cement silos can transported at the same time, which can reduce the cost. And among them, horizontal cement silo can be pur into container directly without disassembly.

horizontal cement silo
horizontal cement silo

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Structure Features:

1. Cement silo is a necessary tool for concrete mixing plant, which usually match with other machines.

2. Cement silo is a quite good choice for bulk cement, dry fly ash, which has the advantages of rainproof, moisture-proof, convenient use. And Aimix can provide customized cement silos for sale  according to your demands.

3. Normally, cement silo has a cylinder support structure. There is a dust catcher in the top part of cement silo, which can avoid dust leakage. And broken arch system and level indicator is equipped in the bottom, which can make fluent discharging and monitor material level anytime.

4.Generally, the materials are put into cement silo through cement transmit truck. And there are two ways of discharging according to the structure of concrete silo. If the cement silo is connected with screw conveyor, materials will be sent to material measuring system through screw conveyor. The other one is pneumatic conveying. and wheel type cement silo can move flexibly, which is quite convenient.

With strong strength and great confidence, Aimix can be your great choice. There are various construction machinery in Aimix, you can pick the most proper one or we can provide the customized machine according to your demand. Interested in Aimix machine? Contact us now.

concrete silo
container type cement silo

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Classification of Cement Silos

1. According to the Capacity

Cement silos can be divided into welded-type cement silo and detachable type cement silo. With the capacity of less than 50 tons, welded-type cement silo will be exported in the form of finished product. While detachable type cement silo, with a capacity of more than 50 tons, will exported in the form of slices. And the slices will be assembled together when it reaches to the destiny.

2. According to the Applicability of Mixing Station

The cement silo suitable for stabilized soil mixing plant has a little big bottom outlet and a square enclosure, which is connected with the square outlet of screw conveyor for stabilized soil mixing plant. While concrete silo for concrete mixing plant has a rounded bottom outlet and a circular enclosure, which joints the rounded outlet of screw conveyor suitable for concrete mixing plant.

cement silo
wheel type concrete silo

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Tips on Cement Silo Operation and Maintaining.

  1. When cement silo start to work, it should be put on the prefabricated concrete foundation by special crane. Then you need to check if is vertical between cement silo and ground. Finally, the bottom part of cement silo and based embedded parts will be welded together.
  2. Cement can be transmitted by concrete transmit truck when cement silo is installed well. By connecting the delivery pipeline of concrete transmit truck and feeding pipeline of cement silo, concrete can be put into cement silo with the help of gas pressure in concrete transmit truck. Remember, cement truck should keep vibrating for 2 or 3 minutes before delivering cement.
  3. When the concrete is being sent to the cement silo, the operator should press the vibration motor button of duct catcher continuously, which can shake off the cement attached to bags of dust catcher and avoid explosion.
  4. Once the bag of dust catcher is blocked, the pressure in cement silo will be much higher than that for pressure relief valve installed in the top of cement silo. Under such circumstance, you need to open the pressure relief valve immediately and avoid explosion.
  5. When discharging is necessary, the first step is to open the manual unloading valve, then concrete can be transported out through delivery device. Once there is something wrong with cement delivery device, you can should close the manual unloading valve at once, which can avoid overflow.
  6. Dust catcher, especially filter element, need checking and maintaining regularly. Before washing the filter element, filter elements should be tied 2 or 3 rings by lines, which can avoid deformation. And filter elements can be installed only when it is dry.
  7. Do good preparation for wind and light protection work.
cement silos
cement silo

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Apart from cement silo for sale, there are cement  plant, asphalt batching plant, concrete pumping equipment, brick making machine and other machinery in Aimx. If you are interested in Aimix products, contact us to get more details or the best price. As reliable cement silo manufactures, Aimix will never let you down.


concrete silo
cement silo

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Model Tanker Diameter Tanker Height Tanker Total Height Matched mixer Matched screw conveyor
30 Ton 2.6m 4.8m 12m JDC350 LSY219
50 Ton 3m 5.4m 12m JS500 LSY219
80 Ton 3m 9m 15.6m JS750 LSY219
100Ton 3m 11.4m 18m JS1000 LSY219
150 Ton 3m 13.5m 19m JS1000 LSY219
200 Ton 4.5m 18.6m 25.2m JS1500 LSY219
300 Ton 4.5m 24.6m 29.5m JS2000 LSY219

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