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Concrete mixer is a professional concrete-making machine, which can produce concrete by mixing cement, gravel, water and additives. Mainly, it includes mixing drum, feeding and discharging system, water supply system, motor, transmission mechanism frame and supporting device. And it is mainly used for concrete batching plant. With so many concrete mixers for sale in market, it is not easy for people to know concrete mixer well and feel confused to choose the cement mixer. So there are some detailed classification of concrete mixer, which can help to pick the most proper mixer. And Aimix can provide you with concrete mixer for sale with different sizes.

Concrete mixer can be divided into periodic concrete mixer and continuous concrete mixer according. Periodic has a working circle of charging, mixing and discharging. While continuous concrete mixer cam feed, mix and discharging materials continuously and uniformly. With compact structure and easy control of mixing ratio and quality, periodic concrete mixer is widely used in construction projects. While continuous concrete mixer is quite a good choice for road, bridge and dam projects due to its high efficiency and productivity.

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Cement mixer can be divided into compulsory concrete mixer and self-loading concrete mixer according to the mixing principle. And the mixing blades is arranged radially on the inner wall of mixing drum of self-loading concrete mixer. When the mixer works, the mixing drum rotates around its horizontal axis. The aggregates will be raised by the blades and aggregates will fall down by weigh when they are raised to a certain height.

With such working circle, it can produce high-quality concrete. Mainly, self-loading concrete mixer is quite suitable to mix plastic concrete mixer. Instead of self-loading concrete mixer, compulsory concrete mixer, also known as forced type concrete mixer, is equipped with mixing blades on the rotating shaft arm in mixing drum. With strong stirring from mixing blades, mixed materials form the cross flow, which mixes concrete more evenly. So compulsory concrete mixer is quite a good choice for semi dry hard concrete. But you need to pay attention to aggregates size because sometimes big-sized aggregates can cause blockage.

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Cement mixer can be divided into mobile concrete mixer and stationary concrete mixer due to installation mode. Stationary concrete mixer is installed on the prepared basis and it cannot be moved. With large volume and high productivity, stationary cement mixer is mainly used for concrete mixing plant. While the mobile mixer has wheels, small size and lightweight, which ensures its flexible movement. Therefore, mobile concrete mixers are mainly used for small or medium-sized temporary projects.

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mobile cement mixer

Concrete mixers can be divided into electric concrete mixer and diesel concrete mixer and diesel engine cement mixer according to the power type. Electric is equipped with electric motor, and has the characteristic of stable performance, high efficiency and low investment. Most important, it is a kind of environment friendly machine. Instead of electric motor, diesel concrete mixer is equipped with diesel engine. And it is quite suitable for electricity-starved area. Besides, there are some advanced concrete mixer, such as hydraulic concrete mixer, gas cement mixer, which are more convenient.

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Cement mixers can be divided into large concrete mixer, small concrete mixer and mini concrete mixer. Large concrete mixer has a mixing capacity of 1000 to 3000L, small mixer 300 to 500L, mini concrete mixer 50 to 250 L. You can choose a proper concrete mixer for sale by referring to your project.

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mini concrete mixer for sale

Besides, it can also be divided into twin shaft concrete mixer, single shaft mixer, vertical shaft mixer and horizontal shaft concrete mixer. And twin shaft mixer belong to compulsory concrete mixer. Vertical shaft mixers mainly include concrete pan mixer, planetary concrete mixer or sicoma concrete planetary mixer. While horizontal mixer constitutes of twin shaft concrete mixer and concrete mixer. There are just a simple classification about concrete mixer, you can contact us to get more information.

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planetary cement mixer

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Apart from concrete mixer for sale, there are also concrete mixing plant, asphalt plant, stabilized soil mixing plant, dry motor mixing plant, concrete pump and other construction machinery. If you want more details or professional advice about Aimix products, please feel free to give your inquire, and we will reply as soon as we can.

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