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Concrete pump for sale Australia refers to towable concrete pumping equipment that applies hydraulic pressure to continuously pump the concrete to a specified location. With excellent pumping efficiency for vertical pumping concrete and horizontal pumping concrete for high-rise building construction, foundation construction, bridge construction , and so on, our concrete pumps Australia are widely exported to various cities in Australia, including Sydney, Adelaide, Perth, New South Wales, Queensland, Melbourne, Brisbane, Bunbury, etc. In Aimix Group, we mainly supply two kinds of concrete pumps for sale aus, trailer type and drum mixer type. They have different features and functions. Please keep on reading to learn them and make your choice then.

What Is A Trailer-type Concrete Pump Australia Machine?

Concrete trailer pump for sale Australia belongs to a hydraulic double-cylinder piston concrete pump, and its pumping system applies a closed circuit that can adjust the pumping speed and the concrete delivery volume. Towable concrete pumps for sale Perth has wheels chassis so that you can easily move it between the different working sites and drag and haul it on the road.

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Main Components

The Australian concrete pump for sale is mainly composed of the power unit, concrete push mechanism, concrete distribution valve, concrete mixing mechanism, hydraulic system, electronic control system, lubrication system, and movable support mechanism.

  • Power Unit: There are diesel engine and electric mortar.
  • Concrete Push Mechanism: The concrete push mechanism plays the role of converting hydraulic energy into mechanical energy. Its function is to push and convey the concrete to overcome the resistance of the pipelines to reach the pouring site. The pumping system is made up of hydraulic oil cylinders, concrete cylinders, pistons, swing cylinders, dispense valves, and outlet.
  • Stirring system: It mainly concludes feeding hopper, agitator shaft assemblies, gears, and lubrication devices.

How Does A Trailer-type Pump Work?

However, its working principle is simple. I will list the working flow below and also attach a working video to help you understand the working details of a trailer concrete pump.

  • Fix the trailer concrete pump for sale Australia at the site.
  • Lay the pipes at your site.
  • The concrete mixer truck or a self-loading mixer machine will dischage the ready-made concrete to its hopper.
  • Start the pump and convey the concrete mortar to a pouring point.

What Construction Fields Need A Trailer-type Transcrete Concrete Pumps Australia?

Actually, the concrete pump Australia trailer can be applied for various kinds of construction projects, concluding rural self-built house construction, high-rise bridge construction, foundation pouring construction, tunnel pouring construction, road paving construction, and so on. Next, I will list some working pictures and videos to help you learn about our mini concrete pumps Brisbane.

ABT60C for Making Prefab Concrete Slabs

ABT40C for Placing of Concrete for High-rise Building

ABT40C for Conveying Concrete

ABT30C for Foundation Pouring

ABT40C for Floor Pouring

ABT90C for Rural House Building

Aimix supplies diesel concrete trailer pumps Australia: ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C, and electric concrete trailer pumps Australia: ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D. “C” means the engine type is diesel, and “D” means the mortar type is electric. Check all the technical details in the below parts.

trailer concrete pump for sale australia 40m3


Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Model: ABT40C
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 26/40
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 10/8
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 500
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 120

Parameters of Diesel Trailer Pumps Australia

Max. theo. concrete output(H./L.)m3/h 26/4045/8745/84
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa10/813/716/7
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180/1300Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hopper capactiy × feeding heightL×mm400×1250800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichaiWeichai
Electrical engineering powerKW82129176
Rotate speedr/min220022002200
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMpa323232
Mixing system pressureMpa101010
Max mixing speedr/min252525
Capacity of oil tankL370560560
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/500180/1000260/1200
Max. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm4500×1850×17005800×2000×17506300×2100×2350
Total weightkg450065006900

Parameters of Electric Trailer Pumps Australia

Max. theo. concrete output(H./L.)m3/h 26/4036/6046/84
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa10/813/716/9
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180/1200Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hopper capactiy × feeding heightL×mm400×1100800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Electrial engineering powerKw4590110
Rotate speedr/min148014801480
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMpa283232
Mixing system pressureMpa101010
Max mixing speedr/min252525
Capacity of oil tankL370560560
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/600160/800200/1000
Max. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm4500×1750×16005800×2000×17506300×2100×2250
Total weightKg320060006300

What Is A Mixer-type Concrete Pump Brisbane?

The biggest feature of a mixer-type concrete pump for sale Victoria is that it has a lifting hopper and mixing drum that can self-feed cement, sand, and gravel materials and self-mix concrete. At the same time, the mixer drum can discharge the ready-made concrete to the screening hopper. Therefore, it can be regarded as a small concrete batching plant due to its unique function.

concrete pump price australia 40m3

Where Can You Use the Mixer-Type Concrete Pump Melbourne?

The concrete mixer pump for sale Australia is suitable for your construction projects that need to mix concrete on-site. Its concrete mixing outputs are from 10m3 to 40m3, which are enough for small-scale engineering construction. For example, rural self-built house construction, 3-15 layers high-rise building construction, factory construction, storehouse construction, and so on. In the following parts, you can find more details about our concrete mixer pumps applied in many sites all over the world.

ABJZ40C Working for Building A Sports Hall

ABJZ40C Working for Dam Construction

ABJZ40C Working for Civil Housing Construction

ABJZ40C for 2-layer Building Construction

ABJZ40C Working for Mountain Road Paving

ABJZ40C Working for Foundation Construction

Aimix offers diesel-powered concrete mixer pump Australia: ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C, and electric-powered concrete mixer pumps Australia: ABJZ30D and ABJZ40D. Please continue browsing to check all the parameters below.

concrete pumping equipment australia mixer type

ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machine

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 40
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 10
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 600
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 150

Technical Specifications of Diesel-powered Concrete Mixer Pumps Australia

Max. theo. concrete outputm3/h3040
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa810
Distribution Valve TypeSS
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×StrokemmΦ140/1000Φ180/1000
Hopper Capacity×Feeding HeightL×mm400×1200400×1200
Outlet DiametermmΦ100Φ150
Electrical Engineering PowerKW6682
Rotate Speedr/min18002200
Circuit TypeOpen CircuitOpen Circuit
Pumping System PressureMpa2832
Mixing System PressureMpa1010
Max Mixing Sppedr/min2020
Capacity of Oil TankL350350
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/400150/600
Max. Aggregate DiametermmΦ100Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm6000×2300×31506000×2350×3150
Total WeightKg55006000

Technical Specifications of Electric-powered Concrete Mixer Pumps Australia

Max. Theo. Concrete Outputm3/h3040
Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(H./L.)Mpa1010
Distribution Valve TypeSS
Concrete Cylinder Diameter×StrokemmΦ140/845Φ180/1000
Hopper Capactiy×Feeding HeightL×mm400×1200400×1200
Outlet DiametermmΦ100Φ150
Electrical Engineering PowerKW3745
Rotate Speedr/min14801480
Circuit TypeOpen CircuitOpen Circuit
Pumping System PressureMpa2828
Mixing System PressureMpa1010
Max Mixing Speedr/min2020
Capacity of Oil TankL260370
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m160/500160/500
Max. Aggregate Diametermm20Scree:30
Inside Diameter of Delivering PipemmΦ100Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm3400×1420×16004250×2300×3150
Total WeightKg23004500

What Services Does Aimix Have in Australia?

As one of the concrete pump Australia manufacturers, Aimix Group not only supplies reasonable concrete pump price Australia but also provides comprehensive services for each of our Astralian customers. We are a professional enterprise specializing in the manufacturing of all kinds of concrete pumping machines to Australia. We focus on both product quality and services. Thus, we would like you can pay more attention to our services in Australia than the concrete pump costs Sydney or Australia.

1. Pre-sale Services: Recommend with the right model or engine type of concrete pumping equipment Australia according to your construction projects. Besides, design the layout for your site.

2. In-sale Services: Arrange the machine production the moment you make the order. What is more, inspect the production process and test the the machine before the shippment.

3. Shipping Ways: Aimix has a 60-people after-sale service team who can grant you the best shipping ways in the light of your site locations. Accordingly, we will design the best shipping solution to help save your shipping fees.

4. After-sale Services: We have local partners to furnish the TURNKEY services for our concrete pump for sale Melbourne, containing custom clearance services, pump delivery services, pump installation services, testing services, maintenance services, and training services in Australia.

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Look forward to hearing from you if you need any concrete pump sales Australia or any other construction machines, such as concrete plant, crusher machines, concrete mixers, and so on. We will reply you with further details and price as soon as possible.

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