Concrete Mixer with Pump

Concrete mixer with pump is the combination of a concrete pump and a concrete mixer. A concrete mixer pump integrates the functions of self-mixing and self-pumping the concrete in one unit. Besides, it has a lifting hopper that can self load cement, sand or gravel aggregates into its mixing drum.

40m3 concrete mixer with pump
ABJZ40C Working for A Rural Self-built House Construction
pump mixer concrete

concrete produce by concrete mixer pump

With these features, concrete mixer pumps are widely applied for producing plastic concrete or dry hard concrete for road construction, rural self-built house construction, bridge construction, civil building projects, and other small or medium-sized construction projects. In the below parts, you can find the wide applications of aimix concrete mixer pumps in different fields.

Concrete Mixer Pump Applications

As a concrete mixer with pump manufacturer, Aimix has exported about 5000 sets of concrete pumping machines to over 100 countries in the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Jamaica, Nigeria, Uzbekistan, Pakistan, Bahamas, Australia, and so on. Now, I will show you that our concrete pump mixer for sale applied for different construction fields all over the world. Contact us if you have any interest.

concrete mixer pump trailer for dam construction in Indonesia
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Use Place: Indonesia
  • Use Fields: Build a dam along with the seaside.
  • Customer Feedback: "Our projects need to frequently change the working sites, aimix's portable concrete mixer and pump has greatly improve our efficiency and cost to change working sites", said our customers.
40m3 concrete pump for building house
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Use Place: Indonesia
  • Applying Fields: Build a 3-layer sports hall for the local school.
  • Customer Feedback: "Aimix concrete mixer pump is good at vertical concrete pumping, it helps to save labor costs and working intensity to convey the ready-mixed concrete to the floor, columns, roofs of 3-layer building", said our customers.
mixer pump concrete for foundation construction in Jamaica
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Use Place: Jamaica
  • Applying Fields: Do foundation pouring work for a self-built house construction project.
  • Advantages: Cement mixer and pump can transport the ready mix concrete to the foundations of 200 square meters within 3 hours.
concrete mixture pump 40m3 for two-layer house building construction
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Use Place: the Philippines
  • Applying Fields: Placing of concrete for the collumns, beams, floors, and walls of a 2-layer self-built house.
  • Advantages: The pump mixer concrete can fulfill the vertical and horizontal concree-pumping work.

Besides, our concrete mixer pumps are also widely used for many other kinds of construction projects in various countries.

Successful Cases of ABJZ40C Concrete Mixing and Pumping Machines in Global Areas

As you can see, ABJZ40C belongs to the most popular models of concrete mixer pumps for sale in Aimix Group. Now, we attach its technical specifications in the below part so that you can check whether its specifications and capacities will suit your usage.

concrete mixer pump capacity 40m3

ABJZ40C Diesel Concrete Mixer with Pump

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Model: ABJZ40C
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 40
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 10
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 600
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 150

One of the reason that our concrete pump and mixer can be widely used for various kinds of construction projects is its simple working principle. Except for the portable performance, its oversimplified working principle makes it become the most suitable on-site concrete-mixing and concrete-pumping machine.

How Does the Concrete Mixer With Pump Work?

Its work flow mainly includes four steps:

  1. Aggregate Loading Steps: Add cement and other aggregates to the lifting hopper, then they will be lifted and next loaded into the mixer drum.
  2. Concrete Mixing Steps:After all the raw materials are conveyed into the mixer drum, the operator can start the mixing button, then the mixer drum will rotate forward to stir all the mixture together and turn them into concrete.
  3. Concrete Discharging Steps:When the concrete is well-finised, the mixer drum will rotate backward to unload them to the filtering hopper.
  4. Concrete Pumping Steps:Next, the high-pressure hydraulic system will start to pump the concrete mortar to the target location through some special pipes. Finally, the concrete is successfully conveyed to floor slabs, columns, walls or other places where concrete is needed at a construction site.

aimix concrete mixer pump for floor pouring in Philippines
concrete mix pumping machine 40m3 working in the Philippines

All the operations can be commanded under a remote control. It is worth mentioning that our automatic control system can help you to save about 6-8 workers during all the operations. So, with simple working principle and easy-operated steps, our concrete mixer and pump becomes more and more popular for projects that need on-site mixing concrete.

Here I also attach you a working video shot from our customers’ site in Indonesia. In this case, our small concrete pump is used for a sport hall construction project for the local government. You can learn more details about how our concrete mixer pump trailer works in this video. You can also contact us if you have any questions.

Apart from its understandable working principle, the reason why our concrete mixer pump machines can occupy an invincible position depends on their excellent features and advantages.

Reasons You Should Use A Portable Concrete Mixer With Pump

  • 1. Equipped with high-performance structural system, it ensures the low pumping failure rates. As a result, you will save a lot of money for extra maintenance costs during your usage.
  • 2. Adopting hard alloy material, spectacle plate and cutting ring so that it can serve you for longer life time.
  • 3. With high outlet pressure, our concrete pumping equipment can meet the need of high buildings and long distance transportation. On this account, you can apply our concrete mixer with pump machines for various construction projects.
  • 4. With anti-pump function, it can minimize the pipeline blockage. As a consequence, it will improve your working efficiency and shut down the probability of projects delay.
  • 5. Equipped with manual lubrication system, it can ensure you with longer service time of transmission part.
  • 6. The efficiency of a mini concrete mixer with pump is 4 to 6 times higher than the separate concrete mixer and traditional concrete pump. In other words, you can greatly improve your work efficiency and shut down your construction period. Time is money! Thence, you can save a lot of money for hiring the workers and paying their salaries.

how much is concrete mixer pump
concrete mixer pump price in pakistan
concrete mixer with pump machine

With superior mixing and pumping features, aimix concrete mixer pump has replaced other tools and become an efficient, precise and portable concrete delivery tool. It will be a wise option to make if you purchase a concrete pump with mixer for your construction projects. Except for ABJZ40C diesel concrete mixer pump, we also have other types of mixer concrete pump for your choice.

Types of Concrete Mixer Pump

Aimix has a set of mature production chain to manufacture and supply advanced types of concrete pump mixer for over 30 years. We have mainly two types of concrete mixing pumps: diesel-type and electric-type. And now I will list the details of these two types from the following parts. If you are still confused about which type to buy after checking all the introduction of these two types of cement mixer with pump, our professional sales team is here to help.

portable c3 diesel concrete mixer with pump
Concrete Mixer with Pump 3D Image
  • Diesel Concrete Mixer Pump

    A portable diesel concrete mixer with pump refers to the mobile concrete pump that uses diesel engine. There are two models, ABJZ30C and ABJZ40C for sale in Aimix. The “C” means the engine power is diesel, and the numbers in the model means the concrete output capacities per hour.

    40m3 small concrete mixer with pump
    ABJZ40C for Ground Pouring

    Advantages of Diesel-type

    1. Diesel concrete mixer with pump is usually equipped with a self-contained diesel engine and has no need to rely on external power, which makes them ideal to be used on construction sites or in the field far away from power supplies.

    2. Diesel engines typically provide powerful power, which can ensure our diesel-type concrete mixture pump to pump concrete efficiently and reduce the probability of pipe blockage. Thereby diesel concrete mixer pump can increase your construction efficiency and shut down your construction period to a great extent.

    3. Diesel fuel is generally more economical than electricity. Therefore, using a diesel concrete mixer with pump can help reduce energy costs, especially in remote areas.


    Due to its diesel engine, it is suitable for the construction projects that locate at the remote areas or mountain areas that is lack of electricity. In addition to this, it is also perfect for high-rise building construction, underground culvert construction, tunnel construction, hydro-power station construction, mine construction, road paving and repairing construction, and so on.

portable c3 diesel concrete mixer with pump


Capacity: 30(m3/h)
  • Model: ABJZ30C
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 30
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 10
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 400
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 120

  • Electric Concrete Mixer Pump

    Electric-type concrete mix pump uses an electric mortar. There are ABJZ30D and ABJZ40D for sale. “D” refers to the mortar type is the electricity. And the numbers in the model shows their concrete yield per hours.

    concrete mix pumping machine
    ABJZ40D for Seaside Trestle Project
trailer concrete mixer pump ABJZ40D


Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Model: ABJZ40D-JZC350
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 40
  • Motor power(kw): 55.75
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 600
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 150

When you plan to buy a concrete pump with mixer machine, its price may concern you. About its price, we need to explain some points to you.

How About the Aimix Concrete Mixer Pump Price?

Actually, we can not tell you an exact concrete mixer with pump price due to many factors.

  • 1. Aimix has so many different models, and each model has different price. we can only give you the price until you tell us which model or size you want to buy. Here, we give you the price ranges for your reference: prices of ABJZ30D-ABJZ40D are from 20,000-25,000 USD; prices of ABJZ30C-ABJZ40C are from 23,000-31,000 USD.
  • 2. The concrete mixer pump price is also influenced by the concrete outputs and pumping capacities. The larger the output and capacity it has, the higher its price will be.
  • 3. What extra services do you want? Aimix can give you a right shipping solution according to your country and your needs. Besides, Aimix can also provide you with Turnkey services at the same time. If you need other kinds of customized services, then you need to pay differently.

So, you should tell us more about your projects details and actual needs before we give you a right concrete mixer pump machine price. Apart from this, Aimix Group always gives our customers the best discounts because we believe that is a win-win choice for ourselves and our clients. Our discounts won’t disappoint you.

In addition to this, our after-sale services are one of the impoartand factors that lead aimix concrete mxier pump to occupy a large market share in the world.

mini concrete mixer with pump manufacturers

Services That Aimix Group Can Supply for You

The highlights of our services are the Turnkey Services in your local areas. No matter which country you are from, Aimix can always support you with full-services. What items do the turnkey services contain? Please go on reading to find the answers.

1. Custom Clearance Services. Aimix has over 200 local agents and partners all over the world who can be charge of the custom clearances for our customers, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Guyana, Peru, Russia, Pakistan, Nigeria, South Africa, and so on.

2. Machine Delivery Services. When the machines arrive at the port, Aimix can arrange our local partners to deliver them to your sites.

3. Installation and Training Services. Aimix also has local engineers to help you install the concrete pumps and train your workers how to operate the machines.

4. Maintenance Services. No matter what time you need to maintain the concrete mixer and pumping machines, we can provide online technical guides or dispatch local engineers to your site to help you solve the problems.

Contact us now if you have the need to buy a concrete mixer with pump for your construction projects. And we will give you a full details of our small concrete mixer pumps and design a suitable concrete batching and placing solution according to your requirements.

    Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below, we will reply in 24 hours.