Concrete Pumping Machine

Concrete pumping machine is widely used for pumping concrete from the bottom up to a high building or concrete pouring work. It can transport concrete along with the laying pipes with the help of pressure. And it is mainly applied for house building construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction projects, and so on. With stable performance, high efficiency and easy operation, pumping machine often makes the projects easier.

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ABT40C Concrete Pumping Machine for Sale

Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Max. Theo. Concrete Output(L./H): 40m3/h
  • Max. Concrete Pumping Pressure(mpa): 10/7.6
  • Max. Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 500
  • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

Main Parts:

Movable trailer chassis, hopper, electric system, hydraulic pressure system, transporting pipes.

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    What Types of Concrete Pumping Machine Does Aimix Have?

    There are several classifications of pumping machines for sale in Aimix Group. I am here to introduce to you our available concrete pumping machines for your kind attention.

    • According to the functions, there are concrete mixer and pumping machine, ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, and ABJZ40D, and trailer concrete pump machine, ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT40D, ABT60D and ABT80D.
    • In line with the different engine, there are diesel concrete pump, ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABT40C, ABT60C and ABT80C, and electric concrete pumping machine, ABJZ30D, ABJZ40D, ABT40D, ABT60D and ABT80D.

    1 concrete pumping machine for sale

    What Are the Differences Between the Concrete Mix Pumping Machine and Cement Pump Trailer for Sale?

    Both of these two pumps belong to the tow behand concrete pumps. And that is because there is a hook on their backside so that it is easy to drag them from one site to another site. In addition to this, these two types of pumping machines have many differences. You should take a look at their differences before you make an order for any of them for your construction use. Besides, I list all of their specifications below so that you can check.

    • Concrete mixer with pump machine has two functions in one unit, mixing concrete and pumping concrete. It has one lifting hopper and a mixer drum so that you can add aggregate materials to mix all the materials and turn them into ready-made concrete. In other words, it equals one concrete mixer and one small trailer concrete pump.
    • However, the concrete pump trailer only has one function, and that is pumping concrete by its hydraulic pressure. It usually cooperates with a truck mixer to complete the placing of concrete.

    Trailer Type Concrete Pump Machines for Sale:

    There are two types, diesel type and electric type. And their maximum theoretical vertical conveying distances are up to 200 meters. While their maximum theoretical horizontal conveying distances can reach 800 meters.

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    ABT40C Trailer Pump

    Capacity: 40/26(m3/h)
    • Model: ABT40C
    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 40/26m3/h
    • Max Concrete Pumping Pressure(mpa): 10/7.6
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 500
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

    concrete pumping machine dimensions

    ABT60C Trailer Pump

    Capacity: 67/45(m3/h)
    • Model: ABT60C
    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 67/45m3/h
    • Max Concrete Pumping Pressure(mpa): 10/7.6
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 800
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 180

    ABT80C Trailer Pump

    Capacity: 84/45(m3/h)
    • Model: ABT80C
    • Max. theo. concrete output(L./H): 84/45m3/h
    • Max Concrete Pumping Pressure(mpa): 16/11
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 800
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 200

    Mixer Type Concrete Pumping Machines for Sale:

    Aimix has two species of mixer concrete pumping machines, and they are diesel type and electrical engine. And their maximum horizontal pumping distances are 120 meters, but their maximum vertical pumping distances are about 700 meters.

    concrete mixture machine with pump

    ABJZ30C Concrete Mixer Hydraulic Pump

    Capacity: 30(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ30C
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 30
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 600
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

    concrete mixture pump

    ABJZ40C Concrete Mixer with Pump Machine

    Capacity: 40(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ40C
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 40
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 700
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 150

    tow behind concrete pumps

    ABJZ30D Concrete Mixture Pump

    Capacity: 30(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ30D
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 30
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 10
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 500
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 120

    mobile concrete mixer with pump

    ABJZ40D Cement Mixer and Pump

    Capacity: 40(m3/h)
    • Model: ABJZ40D
    • Rated Output(m3/h): 40
    • Max Pressure on Concrete(mpa): 11
    • Max Horizontal Pumping Distance(m): 600
    • Max Vertical Pumping Height(m): 150

    Cases of Aimix Portable Concrete Pumping Machines in Global

    As one of the top concrete pump manufacturers, Aimix Group has sold and exported over 5000 sets of cement pumping machines to over 100 countries in the world, including the Philippines, Malaysia, the USA, Pakistan, Myanmar, Vietnam, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and so on.

    ABT80D Concrete Pumps Working for Tunnel Construction in Peru

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    ABJZ40C Mortar Mixer Pump Machine Working for Foundation Pouring Construction in the Philippines

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    ABT40C Trailer Pumping Machine Working for Placing of Concrete in Uzbekistan

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    ABT60C Concrete Pump Working for Placing of Concrete for 13th Tall Building in the Philippines

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    What Are the Applications of Portable Concrete Pump?

    Portable concrete pump for sale is a widely used construction machine. It can be applied for many construction fields.

    Foundation Concrete Pouring Construction

    A pumping concrete machine can help you to do the concrete pouring work for your foundation building projects. Its maximum pumping distance can achieve 800 meters, which is very convinient for long-distance conveying work. However, it can help you to save a lot of labor working intensity and time.

    High-rise Building Floor Pouring Construction

    By laying some meters of pipelines, a portable cement pump can convey the concrete from the ground to maximum 200 meters high. Therefore, it is a necessary tool for floor pouring in the tall building construction.

    Other Construction Projects

    What is more, the hydraulic concrete pump can be used for roading paving construction, bridge construction, tunnel construction, and so on.

    How Does A Concrete Pump Work?


    Lay the pipelines at the job site.


    A truck mixer or self-loading mixer discharges the ready mixed concrete to the filtering hopper of the small concrete pump.


    Start the pumpcrete machine to filter the concrete mortar.


    Open the pumping instruction and then the concrete will be pumped through the pipelines by the hydraulic pressure.


    The operators hold the end of the pipeline and wait for the placing of concrete.


    The concrete will be conveyed to the right point.

    What Factors Can Determin the Concrete Pumping Machine Price ?

    As you can see, there are many different models and sizes of concrete pumps for sale in Aimix Group. And you may are curious about the prices of concrete pumping machines. Before we give you the price catalog, I would like to tell you about the factors that can influence the price.

    Size of Pumping Concrete Machine

    Aimix offers ABJZ30C, ABJZ40C, ABJZ30D, ABJZ40D, ABT40C, ABT60C, ABT80C, ABT40D, ABT60D and ABT80D concrete pumps for sale. And their concrete outputs capacities are different. Hence, their prices are also different.

    ABJZ40C Price
    ABJZ40D Price
    ABJZ30C Price
    ABJZ30D Price

    concrete pump for sell
    ABJZ30C Concrete Pumping Machine

    concrete pump equipment
    ABJZ40C Concrete Pump Machine

    ABT80C Price
    ABT60C Price
    ABT40C Price
    ABT40D Price

    concrete pump capacity
    ABT40C Concrete Pump for Sale

    concrete pump china
    ABT60C Concrete Pump for Sale

    Electrical Components

    We have several brands for electrical components. And different brands have different costs. You can freely choose one that suits your needs.

    Types of Engines

    There are two types of engines for our concrete pumps China. And they are the diesel engine and electric engine. Diesel-type concrete pumps are more popular and have a higher cost. Besides, a diesel concrete pump can pump concrete a longer distance than an electric concrete pump.

    The Control System

    We have several options to choose from if you buy a concrete pump machine from Aimix.


    Kindly contact us and we are hoping to receive your response so that I will furnish you with the updated concrete pumping machines offer for your review.

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