Concrete Pumping Machine for Sale

Concrete pumping machine is a kind of equipment to transport concrete along the pipe with the help of pressure, and it is mainly used for building project, bridge project and tunnel projects. With stable performance, high efficiency and easy operation, concrete pump machine makes projects easier. And there are concrete pump, concrete trailer pump, and pump truck for your choice in Aimix. Want more details, the best price or professional advice? Contact us now.

cheap concrete pump with mixer

Concrete Pump with Mixer for Sale

Concrete pump with mixer is a kind of concrete mixer pump machine, which is the combination of concrete pump and cement mixer. And it is a special kind of concrete trailer pump. With fully automatic construction operation system, mobile concrete pumping equipment has the function ...
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concrete mixer pumps

Concrete Mixer Pump for Sale

Concrete mixer pump refers to a concrete pump with mixer machine that has both mixing function and pumping function at one unit. In other word, concrete mixer pump can be regarded as the combination of a concrete mixer and a concrete pump. Click here for ...
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Aimix concrete mixer and pump machine

Concrete Mixer and Pump for Sale

Concrete mixer and pump belongs to an integrated industrial equipment that is composed of two elements: concrete mixer and concrete pump. In other words, it is a multi-functional machine that has both mixing and pumping capability. Aimix produces diesel and electric concrete mixer and pump ...
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cheap concrete mixer with pumps

Concrete Mixer with Pump for Sale in Philippines

Concrete mixer with pump is a conjugate and made of concrete mixer and concrete pump. Its main feature is that it can stir and pump concrete at the same time. As a cost-effective concrete mixer machine, Aimix concrete mixer with pumps are in great demand ...
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concrete pumps

Small Concrete Pump for Sale

Small concrete pump is a small-sized concrete pumping equipment that makes use of pressure to convey and place of concrete. It is widely applied for the house construction, bridge construction, tall building construction, tunnel construction and so on. Click here for Price Small Concrete Pump ...
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mobile type pump

Mobile Concrete Pump for Sale

Mobile concrete pump is a mobile type concrete pumping device that is mainly used for conveying ready mixed concrete to the job sites through the pipes. Mounted with two wheels under the main frame, it can be dragged by a vehicle to move between job ...
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Aimix concrete pump

Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Trailer mounted concrete pump is a concrete conveying machine that has a trailer base. Its main application is to transmit the concrete mixture through several pipes connected to the pouring site. It uses hydraulic pressure to convey the ready mixed concrete to a few meters ...
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Aimix concrete pump

Hydraulic Concrete Pump for Sale

Hydraulic concrete pump refers to the concrete conveying pump machine that mainly uses hydraulic pressure system to continuously deliver the concrete mortar to a specific location through the pipelines. The hydraulic system is the core part which can influence the pumping performance and capacity. Aimix ...
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diesel engine concrete pump

Concrete Pump For Sale

Mainly, concrete pump consists of pump body and conveying pipe. With the help of pressure, concrete pump can convey concrete continuously along the pipe and it is mainly used in building, bridge and tunnel construction projects. According to the structure form, concrete pump can be ...
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Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Concrete trailer pump is a kind of concrete pumping machine, and it can be divided into diesel engine trailer concrete pump and electric pump trailer according to driving force. Trailer pump is mainly used in urban construction, roads, bridge,dams, energy and other construction projects., which ...
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truck mounted concrete pump

Truck Mounted Concrete Pump for Sale

Truck mounted concrete pump is advanced concrete pumping machine, which fixes the large concrete pump device on automobile chassis and has the combined function of pumping and walking. With excellent chassis, hydraulic leg, truck mounted pump has stable performance. And Aimix truck mounted concrete pumps ...
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boom pump truck

Concrete Boom Pumps for Sale

Concrete boom pumps, also called boom pressure concrete pump or boom pumps, are advanced concrete pumping machine, which can deliver the concrete along the pipeline with the help pressure continuously. Concrete pump boom mainly consists of chassis, power system, electric control system, hydraulic system, pumping ...
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best concrete pump truck

Concrete Pump Truck for Sale

Concrete pump truck refers to the concrete conveyor machine or concrete placing equipment, which is mainly used for the placing of concrete for tall building construction, steep sites or large construction sites. Concrete pump truck is also called as concrete boom pump or concrete pump ...
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concrete pumping truck

Concrete Pump Truck for Sale Philippines

Concrete pump truck for sale Philippines is our flagship product in Aimix Group. It is mainly used for remote placing of concrete to the high building or wide ground. Its key part is the placing boom that is used to convey the concrete mixture to ...
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concrete pump equipment

36m Concrete Pump for Sale

36m concrete pump is a popular concrete delivering equipment that plays a vital role in conveying and pouring concrete for tall building construction, tunnel construction, bridge construction, highway construction and so on. Aimix 36m concrete pump for sale has a flexible placing boom that is ...
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small boom pumps

Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale

Aimix small concrete boom pump truck is very suitable for rural house building construction or some small scale construction projects due to its mini size. Click here for Price What Is the Vertical Height of Aimix Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale? Its maximum ...
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