Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale

Concrete trailer pump for sale is the most ideal concrete and mortar pumping equipment because it can realize the continuous conveying for the concrete for a long time and distance. In Aimix Group, its maximum horizontal pumping distances can reach 500-1200 meters, and its maximum vertical pumping heights can reach 120-260 meters. Therefore, it is widely used for urban construction, roads, bridge, dams, energy and other construction projects. Besides, both diesel-powered and electric-powered trailer mounted concrete pumps for sale are available in Aimix. In the following parts, I will list all the pump specifications and their usage so that you can choose the most suitable model in Aimix.

trailer pumps ABT40C


Capacity: 40(m3/h)
  • Model: ABT40C
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 26/40
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 10/8
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 500
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 120

pump trailer ABT60D


Capacity: 60(m3/h)
  • Model: ABT60D
  • Concrete Output(m3/h): 36/60
  • Max.Pressure on Concrete(Mpa): 13/7
  • Max horizontal conveying distance(m): 800
  • Max vertical conveying distance(m): 160

Applications of Hot Sale Models of Concrete Pump on Trailer in Aimix

  • In this part, I will mainly show you the applications of our trailer concrete pumps for sale in various construction fields, including urban construction, bridge construction, overpass construction, high-rise building construction, farm building construction, reservoir construction, power and energy construction works, and so on. And I hope our concrete pump machine could be a helpful piece of equipment if you have the same construction projects all over the world.

ABT40C Transcrete Concrete Pumps

  • Using Place: Russia
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Construction Item: Rural self-built house construction
  • Using Overview for ABT40C: Our customer is a local building contractor in Russia and often undertakes some rural self-built house construction projects. This time, he bought one set of ABT40C trailer pump for sale from us in order to save labor costs for the placing of concrete in the buildings. In the past, he usually needs 3-5 manpower to convey the concrete for the floor pouring and the roof pouring works. But right now, with our 40m3 small trailer concrete pump for sale, he can easily complete the concrete conveying work with less labor cost and time.
concrete trailer pump for sale 40 meter
ABT40C Concrete Trailer Pump Working for Floor Pouring in Russia
placing of concrete by aimix trailer pump

ABT40C Trailer Mounted Concrete Pump

  • Using Place: Cavite, Philippines
  • Engine Type: Diesel
  • Construction Item: Prefab concrete products factory
  • Using Overview for ABT40C: In this case, our customer runs a prefab concrete products factory in the Cavite. He uses our 40m3 small concrete pump to convey the ready-made concrete discharged from a concrete mixer truck to the molds. In this way, he has almost saved about 7-8 labor costs to transport the concrete to the molds in the drying yard. Therefore, our customer gave a high praise for our 40m3 pump due to its good pumping performance for the long distance.
concrete trailer pump for sale wholesale
ABT40C Trailer Mounted Pump Working for Making Concrete Slabs in the Philippines
concrete trailer pump for sale equipment

Technical Specifications of Diesel Concrete Pumping Trailers

Max. theo. concrete output(H./L.)m3/h 26/4045/8745/84
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa10/813/716/7
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180/1300Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hopper capactiy × feeding heightL×mm400×1250800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Diesel engine modelWeichaiWeichaiWeichai
Electrical engineering powerKW82129176
Rotate speedr/min220022002200
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMpa323232
Mixing system pressureMpa101010
Max mixing speedr/min252525
Capacity of oil tankL370560560
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/500180/1000260/1200
Max. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm4500×1850×17005800×2000×17506300×2100×2350
Total weightkg450065006900

ABT80D Trailer Concrete Pump

  • Using Place: Peru
  • Mortar Type: Electric
  • Construction Item: Tunnel construction
  • Using Overview for ABT80D: Our customer bought this set of 80m3 mobile concrete pump for his tunnel construction projects in Peru. However, our pump can be easily moved by car or truck. Thence, our customer drags this pump to the tunnel for placing of concrete. Anyway, he said that our pump has helped a lot to shut down the working intensity and time. And time is money!

    He also points out that it only needs 6 months to earn the concrete trailer pump price back because this pump has saved thousands of dollars used for hiring more workers and renting more equipment during these months. For that reason, our customer has recommended our pump to his friends.

buy concrete pump trailer 80m3
ABT80D Towable Concrete Pump Working for Tunnel Construction in Peru
concrete conveying for the tunnel

Details of Electric Pump Trailers

Max. theo. concrete output(H./L.)m3/h 26/4036/6046/84
Max. concrete pumping pressure(H./L.)Mpa10/813/716/9
Distribution valve typeSSS
Concrete cylinder diameter×strokemmΦ180/1200Φ200/1650Φ200/1800
Hopper capactiy × feeding heightL×mm400×1100800×1400800×1400
Outlet diametermmΦ150Φ180Φ180
Electrial engineering powerKw4590110
Rotate speedr/min148014801480
Circuit typeOpen circuitOpen circuitOpen circuit
Pumping system pressureMpa283232
Mixing system pressureMpa101010
Max mixing speedr/min252525
Capacity of oil tankL370560560
The biggest transportation is away from vertically(/Level)m120/600160/800200/1000
Max. aggregate diametermmScree:40Scree:40Scree:40
Inside diameter of delivering pipemmΦ125Φ125Φ125
Dimensions: length×width×heightmm4500×1750×16005800×2000×17506300×2100×2250
Total weightKg320060006300

What Types of Concrete Trailer Pump Should You Choose?

Before you choose the right one, you should first learn how many types of concrete pumper trailers are there in Aimix Group. There are two types of trailer pumps for sale, and their main difference is the engine type. One is diesel-engine, and another one is electric-engine. Now, I will show their model details below.

  • Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale Diesel

    For the diesel-powered pumps, aimix has ABT40C, ABT60C, and ABT80C. “C” refers that the engine type is diesel. And the numbers 40, 60 and 80 represents the pumping capacities per hour. For example, ABT40C concrete pumping machine can convey 40m3 concrete per hour. In addition to this, ABT40C is the most hot selling model in Aimix. Until now, over 5000 sets of ABT40C pumps have been exported to the whole world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, the USA, Saudi Arab, and so on.

    Benefits If You Use the Diesel Type

    1. The diesel concrete trailer pump uses diesel for his main engine. Consequently, you can apply it for your construction projects where located in a remote areas that lacks of electricity. For example, the house construction in a mountain, the tunnel construction, the bridge construction, the highway construction, and so on.

    2. Besides, the diesel concrete pump trailer has small volume for the hydraulic tank, which makes it has more compact structure. Thus, smaller trailer body is suitable for you to freely transfer it from site to site.

    3. Aimix applies PLC electronic control system, monitor, and touch buttons to control the whole small trailer concrete pump for sale. Accordingly, these features will let you better master its working status and concrete pumping situation. In other words, this kind of remote control system will save you 2-3 labor cost to extra inspect the pump machine.

    40m3 pump
    ABT40C Concrete Trailer Pump for High-rise Building Construction in Indonesia

    60m3 diesel pump
    ABT60C Concrete Trailer Pump for Bridge Construction in Diego Garcia

  • Concrete Trailer Pump for Sale Electric

    With regard to the electric-powered pumps, aimix has ABT40D, ABT60D, and ABT80D. Among those models, “D” indicates the engine type is the electricity. What is more, the numbers also represents the pumping abilities. The larger the number is, the larger capacities it will have. Hence, you can choose ABT80D if you construction work needs larger concrete pouring per hour.

    Benefits If You Apply the Electric Type

    1. It applies S valve so that it has a better sealing system. As a result, it possesses higher delivery pressure for higher pumping height.

    2. The electric pull behind concrete pump has concrete cylinder with large aperture so that it can suck aggregate materials with maximum diameters of 40mm.

    ABT60D trailer pump concrete
    ABT60D Trailer Pump Shiped to Uzbekistan

    concrete trailer pump dealers
    ABT80D Trailer Pumps Packed and Shipped to Sri Lanka

Concrete Batching Solutions About Our Cement Pump Trailer Cooperating with Other Equipment

Generally speaking, aimix transcrete pump for sale can be applied for various construction fields by cooperating with other equipment, including the self concrete mixer, concrete mixing truck, and so on. Here, I will list the top common three application scenarios for you to better learn our pump machines.

concrete trailer pump and self loading mixer
Trailer Pump and Self Loading Mixer

concrete trailer pump and concrete mixer truck
Trailer Pump and Concrete Mixer Truck

ABT60C Trailer Pump and AS-4.0 Self Loading Mixer Machine

  • Introduction: The AS-4.0 self-loading mixer is in charge of mixing concrete and discharging the ready-made concrete to the cylinder of the transcrete trailer pump for sale. Then the concrete will be conveyed to the construction sites.
  • Working overview: Next, I will show you a case of those two machines working together for producing and pumping concrete for making prefab concrete slabs.
  • Other Usage Fields: You can also use these two machines for your house construction, factory floor pouring construction, road paving construction, high-rise building construction, foundations construction, and so on.

60m3 diesel trailer pumps

self loading machine 4.0m3

ABT40C Transcrete Trailer Pump and Concrete Truck Mixer

  • Brief Summary: In this case, our ABT40C concrete pumping machine is used for pumping the concrete mortar unloaded from a concrete mixer truck to the foundation. The combination of these two machines is widely used for concrete pouring construction. You can use a concrete truck mixer to transport the ready-made concrete bought from a commercial ready mix concrete supplier to your site, then use our trailer pumps to convey the concrete for your construction projects.
  • Using Address: Indonesia
  • Other Usage Fields: This combination can be also applied for road paving construction, placing of concrete for the floor or roof, and so on.
trailer pump price
ABT40C Trailer Pump Working for Foundation Pouring
concrete trailer pump diesel consumption per hour

trailer concrete pumps in Aimix Group

How Does the Concrete Trailer Pump Work?

  • The workflow of the concrete pump trailer for sale is as follows: The main force drives the oil pump and the oil pump produces pressure oil. On one hand, pressure oil drives the piston of two main oil cylinders to do reciprocating motion. On the other hand, it drives the two oscillating cylinders to swing back and forth.
  • Meanwhile, the reciprocating movement of the main oil cylinder piston drives the reciprocating movement of the two concrete positions heads in conveying cylinder. And the oscillating drives the fork and then drives the S valve or gate valve to reciprocate.
  • Under the action of the control system, the two actions match with each other and each other is coordinated to carry out the cycle, which can complete the circulating pump of sucking and pushing materials.

Services That Aimix Can Provide for You

As one of the professional trailer concrete pump manufacturers, Aimix Group can supply you with the best pre-sale services and after-sale services. Please continue to read for our service items.

Aimix has a lot of local partners and agents located all over the world, including the Philippines, Malaysia, Indonesia, Uzbekistan, Australia, Pakistan, Tanzania, Guyana, Saudi Arab, Nigeria, and other over 100 countries in the world. They can supply turnkey services and maintenance services in you areas.

Has local installation teams for any machines, concluding the ready mix plants, concrete pumps, self-loading mixers, crusher machines, asphalt plants, and so on.

Offer 1-year warranty for your order from the date of supply. In consequence, you can buy concrete pump trailer form Aimix Group without any worries.

Supply customized service so that you can order one unique machine to better suit your projects.

Advantages of the Structure Of the Trailer Pump Concrete in Aimix Group

Mainly, trailer concrete pumps for sale consist of mechanical systems, hydraulic systems, and electrical systems. The working process of a concrete pump is the process of concrete piston suction and pushing. The pumping system is the execution system of the whole machine, which is constituted of mechanical parts, hydraulic parts, and electrical parts.

  • 1. Among them, the hydraulic system is an open system. The open main oil pump not only provides hydraulic oil for the main oil cylinder but also provides hydraulic oil for the swing cylinder while the auxiliary gear pump supports control oil for the machine. Besides, the hydraulic system has two functions the positive pump and the reverse pump. Positive pump means the working circle of sending out concrete from the hopper while the reverse pump is the working circle of sucking concrete in the pipeline into the hopper.
  • 2. A positive pump is a normal function, which is used frequently. While the reverse pump is a special function for removing blockages and cleaning pipelines, which is used rarely. Furthermore, the difference between low pressure with large displacement and high pressure with small displacement is as follows. When it is low pressure, the hydraulic oil provided by the main oil cylinder enters the rod cavity of the main oil cylinder and it enters the problem cavity in high-pressure conditions. And high and low voltage switching process is achieved by rotating the manual high and low-pressure switching valve.
  • 3. The cement pump trailer adopts a hydraulic synchronous centralized lubrication system. Hydraulic system pressure oil drives the synchronous grease barrel, and lubrication and pumping happen at the same time, which enables continuous lubrication. Only in the action of external force can lubrication grease flow, which is characteristic of small frictional resistance, strong adhesive force, wide usage, good water resistance, and good sealing.
  • 4. The electrical control system can be operated manually, and it can also be operated by remote control when pumping. The main switch of the electrical system is arranged at the lower part of the electric box and you need to turn off the switch when the machine stops working. Besides, once the controlling type, instruction panel control or remote control, is determined, pump operation can only be carried out in one way.

concrete trailer pump for sale 38 meter
concrete trailer pump for sale jamaica

Tips On Trailer Pump Layout

In order to make use of trailer mounted pumps and ensure their safety, you need to follow some tips on trailer pump layout.

  • 1. The concrete pump trailer should be as close as possible to the working face, and the pipeline should be as short as possible.
  • 2. Transport and feeding of concrete should be convenient, and the concrete quality should be ensured.
  • 3. The placement of the tow behind concrete pump should have a safe, convenient, and reliable supply of water, power, and wind.
  • 4. The placement site should be less affected by climate.
  • 5. The placement site of the trailer pump should have less interference with other machinery work.

Interested in our trailer concrete pump for sale? Want to know more details or the best price? As a professional trailer concrete pump supplier, Aimix has enough confidence to provide quality products at competitive prices for you. Contact us now.

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