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Construction crane tower is one of the most commonly used lifting equipment on construction site, also known as tower crane. And crane tower is mainly used to lift the construction steel, wood, concrete and other construction materials, which is the indispensable equipment on the construction site. Crane tower mechanism is characteristic of less ground occupation, large swing area, low investment and long service time. Aimix(郑州爱尔森机械设备有限公司) tower crane for sale can be a good choice.

crane tower
construction tower crane

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Mainly, construction crane tower can be divided into foundation, tower body, lifting, rotating, balance boom, boom, lifting car, cab, amplitude and others according to the function of each part. Crane tower is installed on the ground, and the base part is needed. The tower body is an elevated part while the lifting part ensures the tower crane raising. As for the rotation, it ensures the horizontal rotation of upper part of crane tower. And the lifting boom is to keep the balance. Besides, the lifting trolley is used to install the pulley block, steal rope and hook. Amplitude ensures the car running along the track. All the parts work together and ensure the normal work of crane tower. As a professional tower crane supplier, Aimix products will never let you down.

construction tower crane
construction crane

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Features and Advantages of Construction Tower Crane:

1. It is equipped with double rotating mechanism, and the lifting mechanism adopts three speed electric drive, which ensures the stable rotation of construction cranes for sale.

2. It has reasonable structure and whole machine is stable and swing is small when lifting materials.

3. The steel of lifting boom has long service time and high safety.

4. The lifting boom has a good applicability and high utilization rate.

5. It has a great appearance, simple structure and low design cost.

Successful Cases:

tower crane
Aimix crane tower was exported to Australia
tower crane
Aimix construction tower crane was exported to Australia

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Type QTZ20 QTZ63 QTZ80 QTZ125
Hoisting Moment(KN.M) 200 630 720 1250
Jib Length(m) 2.5-30 3-50 3-55 3.1-60
Max/Min.Load(t) 2/0.63 5/1.095 6/0.197 8/1.4
Height Free Standing(m) 26 35 41.3 46.2
Anchoring(m) 50 120 151 161
Hoising Speed(m.min) 25/125 11.7/39/78-5.85/11.7/39 80/40/8-80.36/41.05 105/53/26
Slewing Speed(m/min) 0.7 0-0.7 0-0.64 0-0.8
Trolleying Speed(m/min) 26 38.6/25.2 44/22 54/27/8.1
Mast Section Angel Steel Seamless Tube Angel Steel Squre Tube Squre Tube
Jib Upper Chord Seamless Tube Seamless Tube Squre Tube Round Steel
Lower Chord V-Steel V-Steel or Square Tube Squre Tube Squre Tube

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