Crawl Mobile Impact Crusher Chosen for Construction Waste Disposal

In the process of modern urbanization, construction waste disposal has become an urgent and critical task. One of our customers from the Philippines is just in need of processing construction waste, so he came to us and hoped we could provide him with a suitable crushing solution.

crawler mobile crusher for construction waste

Purpose of Using the Crawl Mobile Impact Crusher?

Our client is a company specializing in urban construction and has undertaken several large-scale building demolition and reconstruction projects in the Philippines. Since demolition projects generate a large amount of construction waste, our customer urgently needs an efficient construction waste crushing solution to convert waste into reusable resources – recycled construction aggregates.

Therefore, the customer found us, hoping to help him achieve the purpose of processing construction waste through a professional crusher machine manufacturer like us.

50tph construction waste processing plant

Problems Our Customers Want Us To Help Solve

After our sales got touched with our customer, he expressed his concerns to us.

  1. Unprocessed construction waste contains many recyclable resources, such as concrete and bricks, resulting in a very harsh road environment at the construction site and making it difficult for vehicles to enter and exit. Therefore, our customer demands us to design a crushing plant equipment that is convenient for entering and exiting the his working sites. It is best to use a mobile crushing station because he needs to frequently change working sites.
  2. Concrete waste contains a large amount of steel bars, so our customer is worried that ordinary crushing plants cannot be used.

50tph crusher plant for construction waste

With regard to the questions and concerns raised by our customer, our engineers immediately began to analyze the problems and formulate solutions.

Our Solutions and Design Concepts

  • Project Needs Assessment: Our team conducted a detailed project needs assessment, including construction waste production, processing time, and required finished product specifications, etc. to ensure that the solution provided can fully meet the customer’s needs. According to our customer’s actual needs, we provide the customer with a customized 50TPH crawl mobile impact crusher. The price of this equipment fully meets the customer’s budget, and the output of 50 tons is enough for the customer.
  • mobile impact crusher
    Crawler-type Mobile Impact Crusher
  • Equipment Selection Suggestions: Combining the specific needs of customer, we provide him with a set of construction waste crushing equipment that meets their project scale and technical requirements – a mobile crushing production line, including a crawl mobile impact crusher and a crawler type mobile screening machine. The crawler design can walk freely on harsh roads full of construction waste, making it very convenient to enter and exit the working sites. Secondly, the impact type crawler crusher we chose is equipped with a magnet separator and advanced sorting technology, which can effectively screen out metal substances in waste concrete.
  • mobile screening machine
    Crawler-type Mobile Screening Machine

After receiving our solution, the customer was very satisfied and later consulted us for equipment installation and training services. We answered all the questions one by one for our customer. Ultimately, he purchased our products.

construction waste crusher
crusher equipment

Now, this set of crawler impact crusher and screening equipment has been put into use. And, our customer replied that the equipment is very efficient and has helped him realize his wish to turn waste into treasure. He made a lot of money with high-quality recycled construction aggregates produced by our crushing equipment.

We are very happy that our customer is so satisfied with our crusher equipment. Looking forward to the opportunity of second cooperation.

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