The difference between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete batching plant

Concrete batching plant is a convenient equipment for construction projects, and different concrete plants have different functions. And this article will compare the difference between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete batching plant.

Commercial concrete plant is long-established, and specializes in concrete mixing. Commercial concrete batching plants can provide commercial concrete for the enterprise that needs concrete, which belongs to business transaction and aims to make profits. While, engineering concrete batching plant is temporarily established for a particular project, which specializes in supporting concrete for this project.

commercial concrete mixing plant
commercial concrete mixing plant

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Besides, number and form of additives scale, number and size of cement silos is different between commercial concrete mixing plant and engineering concrete plant according to the additives and cement type. Generally, engineering needs few types cement and additives, so it has less additives scale and cement silo. Instead of engineering concrete plant, commercial concrete mixing plant needs various additives and cement according to the practical demands, which makes it many additives scale and cement silos.

In addition, engineering concrete mixing plant has a simple structure. While commercial concrete plant has a little complex structure, which can ensure commercial concrete with outer seal and meet customers’ demand of beauty and environmental protection. Apart from that, commercial concrete mixing plant is more expensive than engineering concrete mixing plant, which belongs to high-level device.

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