Dry Mortar Production Line for Sale

Dry mortar production line mainly consists of hoist, premix bin, small bin, mixer, finished product bin, packer, duster, electric control system, vapor-hydrate phrase equilibrium system. The aggregates, which has a big proportion, such as cement will be measured artificially and be moved to premix bin by hoist. While, the aggregates with small proportion, such as cellulose, rubber powder, will be measured by electronic scale, then be moved to additive hopper. And full-automatic dry mix mortar plants are the most popular one type.

dry mortar mixing plant
dry mortar plant

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When it comes to the advantages and features, dry mix mortar production line is characteristic of special design, compact structure, simple operation, environmental protection and high-level automation.  And Aimix can provide you with various dry mortar mixing plant, such as tower type dry mortar production line for sale, full-automatic dry mortar production line for sale, small dry mortar plant and simple dry mortar production line. Apart from dry mortar plant, Aimix can also provide cement plant and asphalt batching plant.

And all the whole workflow, from crush, screening, drying to automatic measurement, automatic mixing, automatic bag and automatic bulk is controlled by computer, which can save manpower and material resource. And Aimix can be your quality dry mortar production line manufacturer. Besides, Aimix can customize machine according to your demand or the investment scale and site environment and provide high performance cost ratio for your reference. If you want to produce concrete, Aimix concrete batching plant can be a good choice.

dry mortar batching plant
dry mix mortar production line

Performance Characteristics of Dry Mortar Mixing Plant

Accurate Batching System

There are many ways for measurement and batching, but screw conveyor is the best choice obviously. And the most important reason is that screw conveyor is quite suitable for all powder materials of mortar. With convertible control, wear-resistant materials, horizontal arrangement, screw conveyor has a long service time and high precision.

Highly Efficient Mixing System

Mixer is one of the most important parts in mortar materials production, and also the core part of dry mix mortar plant. And Aimix mixer has the features as follow.

  1. The mixing uniformity is above 99% and even mixing can be done in one to three minutes.
  2. With special mixing principle and design, Aimix mixer can reduce energy consumption at the basis of high quality mixing and efficiency.
  3. Equipped with high-speed flying cutter, Aimix mixer can disperse fiber efficiently.
  4. With air seal, pneumatic door, unique discharging door, and wear resistant materials for blades, Aimix mixer has stable performance, long service time and easy maintenance.
dry mix mortar production line
dry mortar production line

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Models GJT05 GJT10 GJT20 GJT30 GJT40 GJT50 GJT60
Capacity(t/h) 5 10 20 30 40 50 60

Finished Products Bin and Second Mixing System

Finished products bin and second mixing solve some problems, such as too many fiber, poor liquidity, materials adherence. While this system can ensure fast and continuous discharging.

Environmentally Friendly Packing System and Bulk System

With different types, Aimix can provide valve packet, open packet or vane type packing machine for your choice. And the packaging range is from 20 to 50 kg, which can meet different requirements for the projects. Only putting the bag into the valve outlet, the rest work can be done automatically. Then the packed products will be delivered to stacking station for storage through belt conveyor.

Intelligent Computer Batching System

The system can automatically detect the accuracy of aggregates, display colorized the process flow chart, and print report of batching, production and material consumption. Meanwhile, the system can control the double bin feeding at the same time, which can shorten the feeding time. With high quality and stable performance, Aimix can be your best dry mortar plant manufacturer.

If you want to purchase dry mix mortar manufacturing plant, Aimix dry mortar mixing plant definitely is a good choice. Depart from the high quality and competitive, Aimix also can provide you excellent customized service and after-sale service. Shortly, Aimix will never let you down. You are welcomed to contact us anytime.

dry mortar mixing plant
dry mortar production line

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Models GJC05 GJC10 GJC20 GJC30 GJC40
Capacity (t/h) 5 10 20 30 40

Working Principle

A pair of relatively rotating spindles drive the blades rotation, which will throw the aggregates to the space level at a certain angle. When the particles move in space, they become weightless at a moment. That is to say, centrifugal forces and gravity cancel out each other and particles will do crisscross motion. Then it will form a fluidized weightless zone in the middle level and rotating vortex around spindle. With a formed aggregates translation flow layer in the bottom, the materials move along the shaft at the bottom. Under the dual driving of radial force and axial force, the materials has a three-dimensional complex motion, which forms a full range of complex cycle and brings even mixing.

The fixed materials enters to finished product bin for buffer and reserve through pneumatic door. Finished product bin connecting with packer, finished products will be measured and packed in packer. And the user who want large input can add the conveyor after the program of packer, which can deliver the finished products to finished products area or the truck directly. Aimix can be your reliable dry mortar plant manufacturing company.

dry mortar production line
dry mortar mixing plant

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Models HJJ300 HJJ500 HJJ1000 HJJ2000
Capacity(t/h) 0.5-1 1-1.5 2-3 3-5

Classification of Dry Mortar Production Line

Simply speaking, there are three types of dry-mixed mortar production line, full automatic dry mortar production line, semi-automatic dry mortar line and simple dry mortar mixing plant. Among them, simple dry mortar mixing plant mainly consists of no gravity mixer, powder silo, packing auger and other machine. With low investment, quick benefits but large manpower consumption, simple dry mortar production line is a good choice for initial investment.

Semi-automatic dry mortar mix plant is constituted of no gravity mixer with fly cutter, finished product bin, packer, bucket elevator, duster, control system and so on. Compared with simple dry mortar production line, semi automatic dry mortar mix plant need a relatively large investment. While, it has the advantages of high yield, good working environment and good expansibility, which makes it the best choice for most investor.

Full automatic dry mortar plant consists of efficient mixing system, storage system, conveying system, hoisting system, weighting system, packing system, material level control system, screening system, alarm system, control system and so on. Besides, there are additional configuration, such as crushing system, screening system and drying system, for area with material shortage. Full automatic dry mortar production line has a large investment but a high return, so it is quit suitable for medium and large-sized city with better thermal insulation walls.

dry mortar production line
dry mortar mix plant

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Apart from dry mortar batching plant for sale, Aimix can also provide concrete mixing plant for sale, asphalt batching plant, concrete pump equipment and plant components, such concrete mixer, concrete transit mixer, batching machine and others. Contact us to get more details or the best price. Aimix definitely can be your best dry mix mortar plant supplier.


Structure Equipment Model Main machine Model Output(t/h) Annual output(10000t/y)
Tower Type GTD10 WBHT1100 18-36 6-12
GTD20 WBHT2000 30-60 12-24
GTD30 WBHT3000 50-100 18-36
GTD40 WBHT4800 80-160 29-58
Stepped Type GJD10 WBHT1100 18-36 6-12
GJD20 WNHT2000 30-60 12-24
GJD30 WBHT3000 50-100 18-36
GJD45 WBHT4800 80-160 29-58

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