Efficient Concrete Mixing and Pumping for Road Paving Construction

Aimix Group designed a new combination of a concrete mixer pump and an aggregate batching machine to help our customers carry out their road paving projects in Kupang, Indonesia. Please go on reading to check what benefits this equipment combination brings to our customers.

concrete mixer pump and batching machine

Configuration Details

The equipment combination is mainly composed of an ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump and a PLD700 aggregate batching machine.

For better loading the sand and gravel to the aggregate batching machine, our customer also bought one set of wheel loaders.

portable diesel concrete mixer with pump suppliers
cement mixer pumping machine

Benefits That The Integrated Equipment Has Brought

Improve the Quality of Concrete:

About this combination, the aggregate batching machine is used for precisely metering and controlling various raw materials, and ensuring accurate proportions of raw materials in concrete formulations. Through precise batching and control, the batching machine can ensure the uniformity, stability, and strength of the concrete mixture, meet project quality requirements, and ensure the service life and durability of the concrete.

The concrete mixer pump mainly has two functions. One is in charge of mixing the weighed aggregate materials with the cement and water and turning them into rmc concrete. Another one is responsible for pumping the concrete to the construction sites or dump trucks.

In general, the combination of the concrete pump with mixer and batching machine possesses the multi-functions, including weighing, mixing, and pumping in one unit, which greatly improves the working efficiency and quality of concrete for this road paving construction project.

Save Transit Time and Cost:

Both the concrete mixer pump and the batching machine are mounted on wheels. Therefore, this kind of equipment combination is movable and can be easily shifted between different sites.

In addition to this, a wheel loader or a forklift is enough to drag this integrated equipment, which has greatly reduced the transportation cost for our customers.

Save Shipping Cost:

The integrated equipment plus a wheel loader can be put into 1 unit of 40HQ container, which has greatly reduced the shipping fees for our customers.

Right now, this integrated machine has been well put into production. Our customers highly praised our machine and said it was very useful equipment for road paving projects that require frequently shifting working sites.

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