Engineering Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Engineering concrete batching plant is mainly for some certain construction project and it is always located near the construction site, which is mainly used for some project. So the configuration of concrete plant engineering is relatively simple, which can meet the need of that project. And common types of engineering concrete mixing plant is AJ-35, AJ-50,AJ-60, AJ-75, AJ-90,AJ-120. AJ-18, AJ-240.And the main concrete mixers are generally JS750, JS1000, JS1500, JS2000, and JS3000. And Aimix can provide high-quality engineering concrete batching plant for sale.

engineering concrete mixing plant for sale
AJ-25 engineering concrete batching plant

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Engineering concrete mixing plant consists of concrete mixer, aggregate weighting system, aggregate transportation system, materials storage system, control system and other auxiliary facility. And its output is from 25 cubic meters per hour to 90 cubic meters per hour, and you can choose the proper type according to your demands.  Apart from the great concrete mixer, Aimix engineering concrete plant is also equipped with screw conveyor, metering sensor, pneumatic components, which ensures great reliability, accurate measurement and extraordinary long service time.

Meantime, there are walking platform and ladder for maintenance position and concrete mixer can be equipped with high pressure automatic cleaning system, which has the oil shortage and over temperature automatic alarm function. If you have a small construction project, Aimix small concrete mixing plant is you best choice.

engineering concrete batching plant
AJ-35 engineering concrete plant manuafcturer

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Engineering concrete mixing plant is mainly used to produce concrete requiring for some certain construction project and it has a perfect mixing performance, which makes it quite suitable for plastic concrete, hard dry concrete, semi dry concrete and concrete with various proportion. Besides, engineering concrete mixer is characteristic of compact structure, low investment, less ground occupation, easy installment and disassembly, high efficiency.

Meanwhile, Aimix engineering concrete mixing plant deals with the environmental problems well during the production process. During the operation of process, the materials handling are carried out in whole closed system and the dust can be reduced by high efficient dust collector or mist spay. In addition, the exhaust and discharging equipment of pneumatic system is equipped with silencer, which can efficiently reduce noise pollution.

engineering concrete plant manuafcturer
AJ-50 engineering concrete batching plant for sale

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Therefore, engineering concrete mixing plant is a good choice for various large and medium-sized precast plant, and highway, bridge, water conservancy project and civil construction project. Find quality engineering concrete mixing plant in Aimix, Aimix will never let you down.

Differences with Commercial Concrete Mixing Plant

Engineering concrete batching plant differs with commercial concrete mixing plant in service object, configuration, uses and price.

Different Service Object

Commercial concrete mixing plant is long-established for commercial profits, which can provide commercial concrete for enterprises. While engineering mixing plant is temporarily established for some construction projects, which regards personal use rather than commercial profits as purpose. So thank it carefully when purchasing a concrete mixing plant.

engineering concrete mixing plant
AJ-60 engineering concrete plant supplier

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Different Configuration

Commercial concrete mixing plant belongs to large concrete batching plant with standard configuration, which makes it a high productivity. Commercial concrete mixing plant aims to sell concrete for commercial profits and there are various concrete, which makes complete configuration necessary. However, engineering concrete mixing plant belongs to small concrete batching plant, which aims to personal use. So it has a relatively simple configuration. Besides, additives type and cement grade makes a difference in size and number of cement silo. Generally, engineering concrete mixing plant use a few kinds of additives and cement silo, while more kinds for commercial concrete mixing plant. Meanwhile, engineering concrete mixing plant has a simple structure, which makes external sealing dispensable. While, commercial concrete mixing plant always has external sealing, which is for beautiful and environmental performance.

engineering concrete mixing plant manufacturer
AJ-75 engineering concrete plant supplier

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Different Price

Commercial concrete batching plant is more expensive than engineering concrete mixing plant, which doesn’t mean commercial concrete mixing plant is better than engineering concrete mixing plant. With small size and simple structure, engineering concrete mixing plant is much easier to move and disassemble. For commercial concrete batching plant, it aims to provide commercial concrete, so it barely be removed.  When planing to purchase concrete mixing plant, make sure the main use firstly, then make a purchase.

How to clean engineering concrete mixing plant?

  1. Clean the inside and outside of the mixing drum, remove the ash on discharging door and hopper, then wash them with water
  2. Put hopper in transport position, make brake pin inserted well, and keep hopper empty
  3. Cut off power, lock the electric control box and keep water supply system empty
  4. Add necessary lubricating oil o the lubricating points appropriately
engineering concrete batching plant
AJ-90 engineering concrete plant manufacturer and supplier

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How to maintain engineering concrete batching plant?

  1. Check if it is necessary to add lubricating grease on manual or electric oil pump
  2. Check the wear of blades, scraper, stirring arm and other part, and adjust the gap or replace them if necessary
  3. Check the vibrator connecting bolt loose, and tighten them necessarily
  4. Check the lubricating oil quality in the crankcase and replace it if necessary
  5. Check whether the contactor of electric appliance and intermediate relay static and dynamic contactor is damaged, and repair or replace them immediately if necessary
engineering concrete mixing plant manuafcturer
AJ-120 engineering concrete batching plant supplier

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What to consider for site selection?

First, concrete mixing plant should be built in area with convenient transportation and great demand of concrete.

Secondly, the site should has a slight high level and without water.

Thirdly, the site should has a good geological condition, which is solid enough to prevent the ground subsidence.

Fourthly, concrete transportation distance, environmental elements, water and electricity demands should be taken into consideration.

Fifthly, permanent installment should combine with temporary building according to the production demand and life need. Besides, try to minimize the amount of land acquisition and reclamation.

engineering concrete mixing plant
AJ-180engineering concrete batching plant for sale

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What to thank of on site layout?

There are some elements you need to take into consideration when arranging concrete mixing plant.

  1. Try to make full use of terrain, make compact structure and save ground occupation
  2. Follow the process rather than flow operation
  3. The distance of mixing building and components should be reasonable , which can meet the requirement of production, fire protection,environmental protection and lighting.
  4. Living facilities should be located in the wind direction and cement, concrete recycling tank should be located near concrete mixing plant. Besides, laboratory and dispatching room should be arranged near the main road between concrete mixing plant and factory gate.
  5. There should be enough space for concrete mixer truck.

engineering concrete mixing plant
AJ-240 engineering concrete batching plant

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Apart from concrete mixing plant, Aimix can also provide other construction machinery, such as stabilized soil mixing plant,  asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar mixing plant, concrete mixer pump and other spare parts. And we have the strength and confidence to say that Aimix will never let you down. Interested in Aimix products? Contact us to get more. Want to know the price?Email us to ask the quotation. You are always welcomed, and we will reply you as soon as we can.


Model AJ-35 AJ-50 AJ-75 AJ-90 AJ-120 AJ-240
Productivity(m3/h) 25 50 75 90 120 240
Discharge Capacity(L) 500 1000 1500 1500 2000 4000
Discharge Height(m) 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8 3.8
Mixed Aggregate(m3*qty) 5×3 7×4 15×4 15×4 20×4 60×4
Aggregate Balance Measure Range(Kg) 0-1500 0-3000 0-4500 0-4500 0-6000 0-12000
Measure Precision ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Power Balance Measure Range(Kg) 0-400 0-800 0-1200 0-1200 0-1600 0-1500
Measure Precision ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Water Balance Measure Range(Kg) 0-200 0-400 0-600 0-600 0-800 0-1500
Measure Precision ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Additive Balance Measure Range(Kg) 0-13 0-25 0-40 0-40 0-50 0-90
Measure Precision ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Total Power(kw) 75 108 188 191 225 350
Automatic Control System PC Controller

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