Face Mask Making Machine for Sale

Face mask making machine is a fully automatic machine that can make about 200 pieces of face masks at per minute. Aimix Machinery Group face mask machine can produce both medical face masks and disposable face masks at the same time. Since the demand for face masks is getting increased in now days, it is a good time to invest to buy a set of face mask making machine right now.

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Aimix Face Mask Making Machine for Sale

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Daily Productivity of Face Mask Making Machine in Aimix Machinery Co.,Ltd.

Aimix face mask making machines apply fully automatic production line and can guarantee around 200 pcs output for every minute. Therefore, the face mask productivity varies from 130000 pieces to 180000 pieces per day.

Protective face mask is made of three or four layers of materials, including non-woven fabric layer, melt blown non woven fabric layer and waterproof layer. Aimix Machinery Group not only supplies face mask making machine but also manufactures melt blown non woven fabric and melt blown non woven fabric machine for sale. If you have any need for those medical protective making machines, please contact us to get more details and prices.

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Aimix Face Mask Making Machine for Sale

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Aimix Face Masks

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Why Choose Aimix Face Mask Making Machine?

As one of the top leading medical supplies manufacturer, Aimix Machinery Group has sold countless medical equipment, including medical ventilators machine, disposable coveralls, melt blown non woven fabric machine, meltblown nonwoven fabric, disposable face masks, disposable gloves, disinfection gel and so on. We have exported a lot of protective products to over 56 countries, including Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Malaysia, Indonesia, UZ etc.. Aimix has enough equipment storage and mature after-sale service. Besides, we have cost-effective advantage and we can provide face mask making equipment with cheap price. Hence, choosing Aimix Group would be a wise option to make money.

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Aimix Melt Blown Non Woven Fabric

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Fabric Layer

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