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Aimix is a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier with more than thirty-year experience. And Aimix can mainly provide concrete batching plant,asphalt batching plant, dry mortar production line, stabilized soil mixing plant, concrete pumping machine, brick making machine and other machinery. Aiming to apply the advanced technology at home and abroad into products, Aimix can provide you high-quality products. With high, timely transportation, competitive price, Aimix products have been exported to many countries. Therefore, Aimix definitely can be your best choice.

Concrete Mixing Plant Manufacturers

Concrete mixing plant is mainly constitutes of main mixer, materials weighing system, materials transporting system, materials storage system and control system and other accessory equipment. Concrete plant is a combined device for mixing concrete, which is called as precast concrete field. With the advantages of high level mechanization and automation, and high proficiency, it is mainly used for large and medium-sized water conservancy, power engineering and bridge projects, which has a large amount of concrete, long construction period and site concentration. Aimix can provide quality concrete batching plant with different sizes, and will never let you down.

Asphalt Plant Prices

Asphalt plant can produces asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture, colorful asphalt mixture, which can totally meet the need of expressway, grade highway, municipal road, airport and port project. Asphalt process plant is the key equipment of asphalt pavement construction, whose performance directly affects the pavement quality. Aimix is a professional construction machinery manufacturer, so Aimix asphalt concrete plant deserves your purchasing. Just like concrete plant, Asphalt mixing plant for sale is the hot-sale product in Aimix.

Concrete Pumping Machine

Concrete pumping machine is a kind of equipment to transport concrete along the pipe with the help of pressure, and it is mainly used for building project, bridge project and tunnel projects. With stable performance, high efficiency and easy operation, concrete pumping machine makes projects easier. And there are concrete pump, concrete trailer pump, pump truck for your choice. Want more details, the best price or professional advice? Contact us now.

Brick Making Machine in China

Brick block making machine is used to make brick, whose raw materials mainly are fly ash, sand,cinder, chemical residue and others. Equipped with different mould, brick pressing machine can produce standard brick, porous brick,blind hole brick, hollow brick, pavement brick and special brick.

Other Plants in Aimix

Apart from concrete batching plant, asphalt mixing plant, dry mortar mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing plant are also hot-sale products in Aimix. With high quality and competitive price, Aimix products will never let you down.

Plants Components 

Apart from concrete mixing and batching plant, asphalt plant, dry mix mortar plant, stable soil mixing plant, Aimix can also provide the spare part, such as concrete mixer, batching plant, wheel loader, screw conveyor, cement silo, belt conveyor and other machinery. With high quality and competitive price, Aimix will never let you down. Contact us to get more details or the best price.