How A Self Loading Mixer Reduce the Cost of Concrete Production in Indonesia?

Concrete is a versatile, durable, and strong building material that is widely used in a variety of construction and infrastructure projects. The production of concrete is the most important aspect of construction projects and infrastructure construction. The cost of concrete production not only affects the total cost of the project, but is also the key to determining whether the project is profitable. Therefore, in order to better control the total project cost, Indonesian construction contractors often choose efficient production equipment to reduce concrete production costs.

self loading concrete mixer trucks

How Can Self Loading Concrete Mixer in Indonesia Reduce the Costs of Concrete Production?

However, several other influencing factors can be controlled and reduced through some methods. For example, the labor costs and transportation costs can be reduced by means of using an advanced concrete mixing equipment – self loading concrete mixer. As an efficient concrete production equipment, the self loading concrete mixer Indonesia has advanced production technology, which can improve mixing efficiency and reduce production costs.

1. It can reduce the cost of purchasing other equipment

A self loading concrete mixer for sale in Indonesia is equivalent to a three-in-one machine. It intergrates the characteristics and advantages of a wheel loader, a concrete mixer, and a concrete mixer truck. At the same time, a self concrete mixer Indonesia has self-loading, self-mixing, self-transporting, and self-unloading functions in one. So, By purchasing a self-loading truck, you will no longer need to purchase a wheel loader, a concrete mixer, and a concrete mixer truck if you purchase a self-loading mixer Indonesia. One self loading concrete mixer is enough to meet your requirement for loading cement and aggregate, mixing all the mixture, and transporting and discharging the ready mix concrete.

However, the ordinary concrete mixers in Indonesia have only one rotating mixing tank, which is only responsible for mixing concrete. The feeding and unloading work requires the help of other equipment. For example, concrete mixers are often paired with a wheel loader to feed materials (cement, aggregate, water), and a concrete mixer truck to complete transportation and unloading work. Therefore, if you plan to use a regular concrete mixer, you will have to buy another wheel loader and a concrete mixing truck.

2. It can reduce concrete transportation costs

The mixer beton self-loading has a truck chassis with four-wheel steering, and can be driven to any location by the driver. After the concrete is mixed in the mixing tank, the angle of its mixing tank can be adjusted within 270 degrees, and the finished concrete can be poured directly to the corresponding construction point. The transportation and unloading of the ready mix concrete can be completed without the need for other equipment or labor.

Compared with a concrete batching plant, you need to purchase some concrete mixer trucks to transport the ready-mixed concrete from the batch plants to the construction sites. A self loading mobile beton mixer truck can save the transportation time and cost. Once the concrete mixing is completed, on-site transportation and unloading can be achieved.

concrete mixer truck
Concrete Mixer Truck Used to Convey RMC Concrete
concrete batching plants
A Few Concrete Mixer Trucks Serving for A Concrete Plant

3. It can reduce labor costs

The self loading concrete mixer Indonesia is equpped with a fully automatic control system. 1 worker is enough to command and operate the self loading concrete mixer truck. The main switch is set up in the cab, so the driver can easily control the whole machine to self-load and self-weigh the cement or aggregates, self-supply the water, self-mix all the mixture, self-convey and discharge the concrete on your sites. With the outputs of up to 26 cubic meters per hour, self loading concrete mixer in Indonesia is suitable for small projects in various areas.

  • Save about 2 workers to load cement or aggregates: The self concrete mixer Indonesia has a self-loading front bucket and can automatically load and weigh raw materials, including cement and aggregate, through a front bucket. Compared with other equipment, such as traditional concrete mixers, self-loading mixers will not require additional labor to load materials, which will save you 2 labor costs.
  • self loading mixer with a front bucket
    Front Bucket
    self-loading bucket
    Can Load & Weigh Cement and Aggregate

  • Save 1 worker to add water: Each set of self loading concrete mixers are equipped with a water tank, which can self-supply water to the mixing tank. This way can save you 1 labor cost.
  • water tank in the self loading mixer
    Water Tank
    water tank
    Can Self-supply Water

  • Save 2-3 workers to transport and discharge the ready mixed concrete: After the mixing process is completed, the self loading concrete mixer Indonesia can carry the concrete to the right point and pour the concrete along with the chute. The whole process can be completed by itself without human intervention. This way can save you 2-3 labor costs.

Here, we take a few cases to illustrate the advantages of self loading concrete mixers in Indonesia and how they help customers reduce the costs of concrete production.

Cases of Using Self Loading Mixers in Indonesia

3.5CBM Self Loading Concrete Mixer Saves 2 Labor Costs

  • Machine Model: 3.5m3 Self Loading Concrete Mixer
  • Productivity: 14m3/h
  • Use Place: Bengkulu, Indonesia
  • Applications: Production of precast concrete slabs
  • How Does the Self Loading Mixer Reduce the Costs: Our customers once used a ordinary concrete mixer Indonesia for his prefab concrete slabs making businesses. They have to hire 2 workers to convey the ready mix concrete by a trolley from the concrete mixer to the molds. But, after using our self loading mixer, they can directly unload the concrete to the molds within a shorter time and have no need to use extra workers anymore. Therefore, our self concrete mixer Indonesia not only improves their working efficiency, but also save 2 labor costs. Besides, right now they can make about 50 slabs per day, which is 2 times as much as before.

prefab concrete slabs made by self loading mixer indonesia

3.5m3 Self Loading Mixer Saves 6-8 Labor Costs

  • Machine Model: 3.5m3 Self Loading Mixer
  • Productivity: 14m3/h
  • Use Place: Jambi, Indonesia
  • Applications: Production of concrete for factory construction
  • Why Is Self Concrete Mixer Indonesia Useful to Save 6-8 Labor Costs? Aimix self loading concrete mixer can independently finish the whole concrete mixing processes, inlcuding self-feeding process, self-mixing process, self-transporting process, and self-discharging process. During the whole processes, the self loading concrete mixer for sale in Indonesia approximately replaces the work of 6-8 manpower. What is more, it can work faster than manpower.

3.5 cbm self loading concrete mixer truck in Indonesia
3.5m3 self loading mixer
self loading mixer for sale Indonesia

There are some factors that may influence the cost of concrete production, and you should understand them so that you will realize how useful our self loading mixers are.

5 Major Factors May Affect the Costs of Concrete Production

There are mainly 5 factors that may influence the total costs of concrete production.

Raw Material Cost

The production of concrete requires the purchase of three major raw materials: cement, construction aggregates, and water.

  1. Cement: Cement is one of the main components of concrete, and its price has an important impact on the cost of concrete production.
  2. Aggregate: Both of coarse aggregate (such as gravel) and fine aggregate (such as sand) are granular materials in concrete and have an impact on the mechanical properties and cost of concrete.
  3. Water: Water is the mixing medium in concrete, and its quality and dosage have an impact on the strength and durability of concrete. The production of concrete requires a continuous supply of water. Therefore, the cost of water will also affect the production cost of concrete.

sand aggregate
Constuction Aggregates

Concrete Additives Cost

  • Chemical additives: Such as water reducing agents, reinforcing agents and waterproofing agents used to improve the workability, strength and durability of concrete. The amount of additives such as water reducing agent will also affect the cost of concrete production.
  • Mineral admixtures: We usually use some fly ash and slag powder to replace part of the cement, thereby to reduce costs and reduce environmental impact.

Cost of Purchasing Equipment

The production of concrete requires the help of some equipment. Therefore, you need to buy some concrete batching and mixing machines before starting your concrete production. What equipment can be used for concrete production? There are three main types of equipment used to produce concrete on the market: concrete batching plants, concrete mixers, and mobile self-loading concrete mixers.

concrete batching plant
Concrete Batching Plant
concrete mixer indonesia
Concrete Mixer
concrete mixer indonesia
Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Transportation Cost

Transportation costs mainly include two aspects:

  1. Raw Material Transportation Cost: The cost of transporting cement, aggregate and other raw materials from the silos to the concrete mixing equipment usually includes the cost of equipment and labor costs. The equipment cost usually used here refers to the purchase of the wheel loaders and the cost of hiring workers to drive the loaders.
  2. Finished Concrete Transportation Cost: The cost of transporting concrete from the concrete mixing equipment to the construction site mainly refers to the operating costs for concrete mixer trucks.

wheel loader
Wheel Loader
concrete mixing trucks
Concrete Mixing Truck

Labor Costs:

In order to complete the loading, mixing, unloading, transportation, pouring and other processes in the sites, a lot of workers are often required. The amount of labor greatly affects the cost of concrete production.

construction projects need many labor costs

Among the above influencing factors, some costs are determined by market fluctuations and supply and demand relationships, such as the price of cement and the price of water reducing agent. These costs are usually difficult to control.

In genearl, using a self loading mixer in Indonesia is a very useful choice to save the costs of concrete production in most of construction projects, including road paving construction, self-built house construction, port construction, trestle projects, and so on. If you also have the need of reducing the costs of concrete production, welcome to contact us for acquiring more details about the self loading concrete mixer.

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