How To Control Dust Pollution During Asphalt Batching Plant Production

During the production of asphalt mixtures in the asphalt batching plant, large amounts of dust can be generated. Controlling dust pollution generated by asphalt batch plant is one of the key environmental protection and safety measures. In order to reduce dust pollution, it is usually necessary to use some dust removal equipment and cooperate with some effective dust removal methods. Next, we will recommend some effective methods to help you control the dust generated during the operation of asphalt batch mix plants.

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Install Dust Removal Equipment – Control Dust At The Source

Dust generated during the working process of an asphalt batch mixing plant is a common but serious environmental problem, so it is crucial to take steps to control and reduce dust emissions at the source. Installing dedicated dust removal equipment is an effective solution that can significantly improve the operating environment of asphalt batching plants while protecting the surrounding environment and the health of workers.

What Are The Optional Dust Removal Equipment?

In the asphalt batch plants, there are three main systems of dust removal, gravity dust removal systems, water dust removal systems, and bag dust removal systems.

gravity dust removal systems
Gravity Dust Removal Systems
bag dust removal systems
Bag Dust Removal Systems
water dust removal system
Water Dust Removal System

Gravity Dust Removal System

Gravity dust collection is a common dust collection method that cleans exhaust air by using gravity to separate particulate matter from the air flow.

  • Settlement Chamber Design: Gravity dust collection systems typically include a settling chamber, an area designed to maximize particle settling. The air flow rate in the room is controlled at a low level so that while the particles settle, they are not carried back into the air flow.
  • Working Principle: After the dust particles generated in the asphalt station enter the gravity dust collector, they are exposed to a relatively still air flow. Due to the weight of the particles, they gradually settle to the bottom of the settling chamber.
    This process is achieved by slowing down the air flow speed, providing sufficient settling time, and rationally designing the shape of the settling chamber. Once the particles settle to the bottom of the settling chamber, they need to be cleaned and disposed of regularly.
    Maintenance personnel need to regularly open the settling chamber and remove accumulated particles at the bottom. The frequency of cleaning depends on the operation scale and production volume of the asphalt batching plants, and the rate of dust generation.
  • Applicability & Limitations: Gravity dust removal is suitable for some specific application scenarios in asphalt stations, especially when dealing with large and heavy particles. However, for some smaller particles or very fine dust, other more efficient dust removal methods may be needed to ensure that the discharged air meets environmental standards.
gravity dust filter

Water Dust Removal System

Water dust collection is another dust collection method common in production environments such as asphalt manufacturing plant, which uses the humidifying properties of water to capture and remove particulate matter from the air flow.

  • Main Feature: In a water dust collection system, water is dispersed in the air flow by introducing water mist or water film. When the air carries particles, these particles combine with water molecules to form wet particles. This wet capture mechanism effectively settles particulate matter and reduces its spread in the air.
  • Core Components – Spray System: The key to achieving water dust removal is the spray system, which can spray water mist or water film onto particulate matter suspended in the air by setting it up in key areas of the asphalt batching plant, such as near the mixer or conveyor belts. The water mist in this process interacts with the particulate matter, causing the particulate matter to settle to the ground or into a collector, thus purifying the discharged air.
  • Advantage: Water dust removal has the advantage of reducing the risk of explosions compared to some other dust removal methods. In the operation of some asphalt mixing plants, flammable gases or vapors may be present, and water dust removal can effectively control and mitigate the potential risk of explosions.
  • Applicability and limitations: Water dust removal is effective in dealing with large particles and some particles that are easily humidified, but for some smaller particles or extremely fine dust, other more efficient dust removal methods may be needed. In addition, maintenance of water dust collection systems and disposal of wet waste also need to be considered.
water dust filter

Bag Dust Collector System

Bag dust removal mainly uses bag filters to trap particulate matter in the air through the filtering effect of the bag, thereby achieving effective dust control.

  • Filter bag: The core of the bag dust removal system is the filter bag. These bags are usually made of high-temperature and wear-resistant materials to adapt to the special requirements of high temperatures and particulate matter in asphalt production plants. The design and arrangement of the bags affect the filtration efficiency of the system.
  • Working Principle: The dust-containing airflow generated in the asphalt batching plant first passes through the bag dust collector. When the airflow passes through the bag, the particles are trapped on the surface of the bag, while relatively clean air penetrates through the micropores of the bag.
    Over time, trapped particulate matter gradually accumulates on the surface of the bag. To maintain system efficiency, baghouses are often designed to be cleanable and replaceable. The collected particulate matter can be disposed of through regular cleaning procedures or bag replacement to ensure the normal operation of the system.
  • Advantages: Bag dust collection systems can efficiently capture fine particles, thereby effectively reducing dust emissions from asphalt batching plants.
  • Applicability and limitations: Bag dust collection is effective in dealing with high-temperature airflow and fine particles in the asphalt drum mix plant, but in some special cases, care may be needed to prevent excessive wear or blockage of the bag. In addition, maintenance and cleaning of baghouses needs to be done regularly to ensure the long-term effectiveness of the system.
bag dust filter

Among them, each set of asphalt batching plant comes with a gravity dust removal system. Therefore, before purchasing an asphalt batch plant, you need to confirm the selection of another dust removal system with the asphalt batch mix plant manufacturers. Currently, you have two options:

  1. Collocation of gravity dust removal and water dust removal
  2. Collocation of gravity dust removal and bag dust removal

These two solutions have their own advantages in actual asphalt batching plant production.

Combination of Gravity Dust Removal and Water Dust Removal

  • Suitable for different particle sizes: Water dust removal is better at removing smaller particles, while gravity dust removal is more suitable for larger particles. The combination of the two can cover various particle size ranges and improve the comprehensiveness of dust removal.
  • Energy saving and environmental protection: Compared with traditional mechanical dust collection methods, gravity dust collection and water dust collection generally save energy and do not require large amounts of electricity. Water dust removal also helps flush out some water-soluble pollutants, improving environmental protection.
Weak Points
  • Water consumption and disposal: Water dust removal requires a large amount of water resources and requires treatment of the discharged water. This can increase water costs and disposal costs.
  • Maintenance difficulty: Due to the use of water, more frequent equipment cleaning and maintenance may be required to ensure proper operation of water dust collection equipment.

120tph asphalt batch mixing plant
  • Model: 120TPH Asphalt Batching Plant
  • Dust Romoval Measures: Gravity dust removal systems, plus water dust removal systems
  • Use Place: Malaysia

Combination of Gravity Dust Removal and Bag Dust Removal

  • Handling high temperature gases: Bag dust collectors are suitable for high-temperature gases and therefore have advantages in handling high-temperature flue gases that may be generated by asphalt stations.
  • Save water: There is no need to use large amounts of water, thus saving water resources and reducing the cost of treating discharged water.
  • Smaller footprint: Bag dust collectors are relatively compact and occupy a small area, making them suitable for places with limited space.
  • Less maintenance required: Bag dust collectors require relatively little maintenance and have a longer cleaning cycle, which reduces the frequency of equipment maintenance.
Weak Points
  • Higher initial investment: The initial investment of bag dust collector is higher, which may cause larger investment cost than water dust removal equipment.
  • Cannot handle wet dust: The bag dust collector is less effective at treating wet dust and is not as effective as water dust removal equipment in this regard.
  • Sensitive to ambient temperature: Bag dust collectors may be sensitive to ambient temperature, and the operating temperature range needs to be considered.

120tph asphalt batch plant for sale
  • Model: 120TPH Asphalt Batch Mix Plant
  • Dust Romoval Measures: Gravity dust removal systems, plus bag dust removal systems
  • Use Place: Indonesia

In general, when choosing a combination of these two options, it depends on the production conditions, venue sizes, purchasing budget of the asphalt batching plants, and the need for water availability and treatment.

Other Methods of Dust Control

Equipment and Vehicle Maintenance

  • Regular maintenance: Regularly maintain the equipment and vehicles of the asphalt station to ensure their normal operation and reduce dust generated by mechanical wear.
  • Use enclosed equipment: If possible, use enclosed equipment and vehicles to reduce external spread of dust.

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Install Monitoring System

Set up air quality monitoring systems around asphalt stations to monitor the concentration of dust and pollutants.

Staff Training

  • Train operators: Train operators on how to use equipment properly to minimize dust generation.
  • Raise awareness: Raise employee awareness of the importance of dust control and ensure everyone is involved in reducing dust emissions.

Purchase An Advanced Asphalt Batching Plant

If you are still using aging equipment, you should consider purchasing an advanced asphalt batch plant from a qualified asphalt batch mix plant supplier and choose a more environmentally friendly equipment model. These asphalt batching plants should be equipped with the latest dust removal systems to reduce energy consumption and improve dust control effects.

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Recommended Models of Environmentally Friendly Asphalt Batching Plant

If you are planning to purchase an enviromentally-friendly asphalt batching plant, you should consider buy one from Aimix Group. Our ALQ series, ALYQ series, and ALT series asphalt batch plants for sale are all equipped with advanced dust removal equipment. Please go on checking the technical specifications of our asphalt batch mix plants for sale and contact us for asphalt batching plant prices then.

ALQ asphalt batching plant

ALQ Series

Capacity: 40-400 (t/h)
  • Models: ALQ40, ALQ60, ALQ80, ALQ120, ALQ160, ALQ200, ALQ240, and ALQ320
  • Mixing Cycle(S): 45
  • Dust filter: Gravity dust filter+ Cyclone dust filter + Bag dust filter/ Water dust filter
  • Use Fields: Highway, expressway, & airport construction

ALYQ asphalt batch mixing plants

ALYQ Series

Capacity: 40-160 (t/h)
  • Models: ALYQ60, ALYQ80, ALYQ100, ALYQ120, and ALYQ160
  • Mixing Cycle(S): 45
  • Dust filter: Gravity dust filter + Bag dust filter
  • Asphalt Temperature:120-180°C (adjustable)
  • Use Fields: Highway, expressway, & airport construction

ALT asphalt batch mix plant

ALT Series

Capacity: 20-100 (t/h)
  • Models: ALT40, ALT60, ALT80, and ALT100
  • Dust filter: Gravity dust filter + Water dust filter
  • Use Fields: City road repairing construction

If you are confused about the selection of dust removal systems for your asphalt batching plants, please feel free to contact Aimix Group and ask for a suitable solution. As a professional asphalt batch mix plant manufacturer, Aimix has helped countless customers from all around the world choose the right asphalt batching plant for their road paving construction projects. Contact us and we wont’t let you down.

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