How To Control the Output Size of Qualified Aggregates

In the aggregate crusher production process, it is critical to control the discharge size of aggregates because different construction and engineering projects have different size requirements for aggregates. The following are some common methods used to effectively control the discharge size of aggregates in crushing projects.

aggregate crusher

Utilize Different Types of Aggregate Crushers:

The type of crushers for aggregates has a great influence on the shape and gradation size of the aggregates. The size of the aggregate produced by different types of crusher aggregate varies.

  • Jaw-type Aggregate Crusher: Discharge size is between 100-150mm. Aggregate jaw crusher is often used for primary crushing. The size of aggregates processed by jaw crushers is still too large and cannot be directly used in construction production. Therefore, it is necessary to continue to use the secondary crusher to process materials until the material size reaches the required size.
    Jaw-type Aggregate Crusher
    Jaw-type Aggregate Crusher

    100-150mm Aggregates
    100-150mm Aggregates

  • Cone-type Aggregate Crusher: Discharge size of the aggregate cone crushers is between 10-40mm. When the aggregate reaches this discharge size range, it can basically be directly used in construction production.
    Cone-type Aggregate Crusher
    Cone-type Aggregate Crusher

    10-40mm Aggregates
    10-40mm Aggregates

  • Impact-type Aggregate Crusher: Discharge size is between 10-40mm. Aggregate impact crusher can be used directly as a primary crusher or as a second crusher.
    Impact-type Aggregate Crusher
    Impact-type Aggregate Crusher

    10-40mm Aggregates
    10-40mm Aggregates

  • Sand Making Machine: Discharge size is between 0.15-4.75mm.
    sand making machine
    Sand Making Machine

    0.15-4.75mm Aggregates
    0.15-4.75mm Aggregates

Commonly used aggregate sizes in construction projects are as follows: coarse aggregate (5-75mm), medium aggregate (5-20mm), fine aggregate: (0.075-5mm), and sand (0.075-4.75mm).
In order to achieve the aggregate size that meets your project requirements, it is often necessary to equip the corresponding type of aggregate crushing equipment. Using different types of aggregate crushing machines, different discharge sizes can be obtained. Below, we give you an example to illustrate the different discharge sizes of different crushers for aggregates.

Cases of Using Different Aggregate Crushers Types for Producing Different Sizes of Aggregates

For Producing 0-38mm Aggregates

  • Model: 150TPH aggregate crusher plant
  • Raw Material: Basalt
  • Feeding Size: ≤500mm
  • Finished Aggregate Requirement: 0-5mm sand; 5-10mm, 10-20mm, and 20-38mm gravel
  • Crusher Configuration: APG-3895W feeder, APJ-6090E jaw-type aggregate crusher, APC-132C-M medium-crushing composite cone-type aggregate crusher, fine-crushing compound cone-type aggregate crusher, and APS-2160Y4 vibrating screener.
  • How to control finished aggregate size: The customer’s demand for the proportion of sand and small stones in the finished product is relatively high, and the proposed plan is a three-stage crushing: jaw-type aggregate crusher + medium crushing cone-type aggregate crusher + fine crushing cone-type aggregate crusher. Only by using three stages of crushing can the customer’s particle size requirements for aggregates be met.

For Producing 0-3mm Sand Aggregates

150TPH aggregate crushing equipment

  • Model: 150TPH aggregate crushing plant
  • Raw Material: Quartz
  • Feeding Size: ≤400mm
  • Finished Aggregate Requirement: 0-3mm medium-fine sand
  • Crusher Configuration: mobile jaw crusher, cone-type mobile aggregate crusher, sand making equipment, and sand washing machine.
  • How to control finished aggregate size: The customer wants to produce medium-fine sand of 0-3mm, which can only be equipped with three stages of crushing to meet the customer’s requirements. At the same time, customers have certain requirements for the type of sand in the finished product and have high requirements for the cleanliness of the finished product, which requires a sand washing machine. Due to the uncertainty in the location and storage capacity of raw materials, it is estimated that a combination of several mobile crusher plants will be used.

jaw-type mobile aggregate crusher
Jaw-type Mobile Aggregate Crusher
cone-type mobile aggregate crusher
Cone-type Mobile Aggregate Crusher
sand production equipment
Sand Production Equipment
sand washing machine
Sand Washing Machine

Adjust Aggregate Crusher Settings

Different types of rock & aggregate crushers have different settings that allow the size of the aggregate to be discharged to be adjusted. Usually, the settings of the aggregate crusher for sale include adjusting the width of the feed port, adjusting the gap of the discharge port, etc. By adjusting these parameters, effective control of aggregate size can be achieved.

Control Feed Size

Adjusting the feed port of the aggregate crusher machine and controlling the feed size is one of the key factors in controlling the discharge size. By adjusting the size of the feed inlet, the size of the aggregate during the crushing process can be affected, thereby controlling the final discharge size.

Feeding Port of Cone-type Aggregate Crusher
Feeding Port of Cone-type Aggregate Crusher
Feeding Port of Impact-type Aggregate Crusher
Feeding Port of Impact-type Aggregate Crusher

Use Screening Equipment

Aggregate screening equipment, such as vibrating screens, rotary vibrating screens, etc., can be used to screen crushed aggregates and separate them into particles of different sizes. This method allows precise control of the size distribution of aggregates and ensures compliance with project specifications.

vibrating screen

Monitor & Adjust Aggregate Crusher Operating Parameters

Real-time monitoring of the crusher aggregate equipment for sale’s operating parameters, such as current, load and discharge particle size, can help operators adjust the working status of the aggregate crusher machines in a timely manner to achieve more precise size control.

Regular Maintenance and Replacement of Worn Parts

The wear parts of the aggregate crushing machines, such as the crushing plates, hammer head, etc., directly affect its performance. Regular maintenance and replacement of worn parts ensures that the crusher remains in optimal working condition, helping to maintain a consistent size of aggregate.

Apply A Closed Circuit Crushing System

The closed-circuit crushing system can control the discharge of the crusher to ensure that the aggregates after primary crushing are finely crushed again through the aggregate crushing plant for sale, thereby further controlling the size of the aggregates.
In Aimix Group, we supply several types of closed-circuit aggregate crushing plants for sale to better serve your stone-crushing business. These kinds of equipment are also called 4-in-1 mobile aggregate crushers because it integrates the feeder, the jaw crusher, the impact crusher/cone crusher, and the screening machine in one mobile unit. In the following part, we list a photo of our 4-in-1 mobile impact crusher.

4-in-1 Aggregate Crushing Plant
4-in-1 Aggregate Crushing Plant

Cases of Applying Closed-Circuit Aggregate Crusher

  • Model: 200TPH portable aggregate crusher
  • Configuration: A feeder, a jaw crusher, a cone crusher, and a vibrating screening machine.
  • Advantages in controlling the output size: This 200tph portable aggregate crusher has two stage of crushing process, and applies a closed circuit crushing system. The aggregate materials that can not meet the requirement are re-conveyed to the cone crusher for a second crushing process. Therefore, it has better crushing ability to control the output size of the finished aggregate products.

portable aggregate crushers

In actual crushing projects, a combination of these methods is usually used to ensure that the output size of the aggregate meets the technical requirements and design specifications of your project. When selecting and operating stone aggregate crusher, communication with the aggregate crusher manufacturers and understanding of the equipment are also important factors in ensuring aggregate size control.
If you are confused of how to control the output size of aggregates, welcome to contact Aimix Group. With over 20 years experience in researching and manufacturing aggregate crushers, we are confident that we can offer you some useful solution during your production of construction aggregates.

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