How To Reduce The Wear Of Stone Crusher Machine?

Due to the particularity of its production operations, wear and tear of the stone crusher machine during use is inevitable. When the stone crusher machine is severely worn, it will affect the entire crushing process, resulting in a significant decrease in productivity.
stone crusher machines

Therefore, in order not to affect the normal operation of the crushing plant, we need to take some measures to reduce the wear and tear of the stone crusher machines and extend the life of the crusher machines.

Make the Selection of the Stone Crusher Machine According To Raw Material

The crushing methods of the stone crusher are divided into mixed crushing and pre-screening crushing.

  • In the mixed crushing method, two different raw materials are mixed and crushed in a certain proportion. This means that the stone crusher processes two raw materials at the same time, mixing them together for crushing. This method is usually used in production processes that require mixing different types of raw materials.
  • In contrast, pre-screening and crushing is a process in which raw materials are screened before crushing. In this way, only the materials that pass through the screen will be sent to the stone crusher for crushing, while the parts that do not pass through the screen will be excluded. This method is suitable for situations where raw materials need to be classified or only materials within a specific particle size range need to be crushed.

450mm Iron Ore
450mm Iron Ore
600mm Granite

Different raw materials have different physical and chemical properties, so the most suitable crushing method needs to be determined based on their hardness, viscosity, humidity and other characteristics. Improper selection may cause abnormal wear and tear of the stone crusher during operation, reducing the service life and crushing efficiency of the stone crusher plant.

Improve The Quality of Components

Improving the quality of components is the first step to reduce the wear of the stone crusher. Materials with high hardness, good wear resistance and strong resistance should be selected. During manufacturing, the material is subjected to a heat treatment process to improve the wear resistance of the component. Certain casting techniques must be followed during casting to reduce the occurrence of casting defects.
Aimix Group strictly selects and sources high-quality components, including but not limited to wear-resistant materials, high-strength alloys, and advanced technology components to manufacture various kinds of stone crusher machines. This ensures outstanding durability and performance of key components of our jaw/cone/impact type mobile crushers.

mobile jaw crushers
Mobile Jaw Crushers
mobile cone crusher
Mobile Cone Crusher
mobile impact crusher
Mobile Impact Crusher

Strictly Control The Feed Particle Size

It is forbidden for materials with excessive particle size or other impurities to enter the stone crusher, and the moisture content of materials is controlled to prevent moisture from corroding parts. In addition, materials should be added evenly to avoid side feeding or full stacking to prevent unilateral overloading and serious wear of components on one side.

Reasonable Selection Of Working Parameters

Each batch of materials entering the stone crusher must be randomly inspected. Once the properties of the materials change significantly, the working parameters of the stone crusher must be changed in a timely manner to match the incoming materials.
stone crusher machines

Careful Maintenance

Frequently check the working condition of the stone crusher. If any worn parts are found, repair them in time to eliminate factors that cause wear and tear on the stone crushers. Carry out comprehensive maintenance on accessories on a regular basis and do a good job of lubrication and maintenance of friction surfaces to reduce wear and tear on stone crusher components.
We hope the above-mentioned methods would be helpful for you. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at any time.

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