Jaw Crusher Machine for sale

Jaw crusher machine is one of the most popular of crushing machine. With two jaw plates forming the crushing chamber, jaw crushing machine can simulate the two jaws movement of animals and complete materials crushing. Mainly, jaw crusher is used to crush mineral and large-size material in mining, smelting, building materials, highways, water conservancy and chemical industrial and other fields. As a professional jaw crusher supplier, Aimix jaw crusher machine for sale totally can be your best choice if you wan to buy jaw crusher.

jaw crushing machine
jaw crusher

Model: PE250×400
Feeding Opening Size(mm):250×400
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 210
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 20-60
Processing Capacity(t/h): 5-20
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 300
Motor Power(kw): 6P 15

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jaw crusher machine
jaw crushing machine

Model: PE200×350
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 200×350
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 180
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 18-70
Processing Capacity(t/h): 3-10
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 260
Motor Power(kw): 4P 11

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jaw crusher machine
jaw crushers

Model: PE400×600
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 400×600
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 340
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 40-100
Processing Capacity(t/h):16-60
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 275
Motor Power(kw): 6p 30

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jaw crusher
jaw crushing machine

Model: PE600×900
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 600×900
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 500
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 65-160
Processing Capacity(t/h): 50-180
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 250
Motor Power(kw): 6p 55

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Jaw Crusher Working Principle

When the jaw crusher work, the movable jaw plats periodically moves back and forth to the stationary jaw plates, sometime close and sometimes away. When two jaw plats are close, the materials is squeezed, spliced, and impacted, then materials is crushed. While when they two are away, the crushed materials will be discharged from the discharge port by gravity.

jaw crusher machine
jaw crusher machine
jaw crushing machine

Features and Advantages of Jaw Crusher Machine for Sale

  1. Jaw crusher is characteristic of simple structure, easy maintenance, stable performance and low operating cost.
  2. Jaw crushing machine has low noise, little dust and low energy consumption in working. And one machine can save energy by about 15% to 30%.
  3. Jaw crushers has large crushing ratio and uniform products size, which is quite convenent and economical.
  4. The discharging port has a large adjusting range, which can meet various demands of customers.

Main Components of Jaw Crusher Machine

Jaws crusher consists many parts, and there are there parts are quite important. As follows is the detailed introduction about the important three parts.

Crusher Frame

Crusher frame is a rigid wall frame with upper and lower openings and it is used to support the eccentric shaft and bear the reaction force of crushing materials. Therefore, crusher frame has great strength and stiffness, and it is made of cast steel. Simply, small jaw crusher frame can be made of either cast steel or cast iron. While big jaw crusher machine frame need to be cast in section, then make a whole part with bolts, which is little complicated.

jaw crusher machine
jaw crushers

Model: PE750×1060
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 750×1060
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 630
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 80-140
Processing Capacity(t/h): 110-320
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 250
Motor Power(kw): 8p 110

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jaw crusher machine
jaw crushers

Model: PE900×1200
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 900×1200
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 750
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 95-165
Processing Capacity(t/h): 220-450
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 200
Motor Power(kw): 8p 110

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jaw crusher machine
jaw crushers

Model: PE1200×1500
Feeding Opening Size(mm): 1200×1500
Maximum Feed Size(mm): 1020
Adjustable Width of Discharging Opening(mm): 150-350
Processing Capacity(t/h): 400-800
Eccentric Shatf Speed(r/min): 180
Motor Power(kw): 6p 160-220

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Jaw Plate and Side Shield

Both immoble jaw and movable jaw are composed of jaw bed adn jaw plate. And the jwa plate is working part, which s fixed on jaw bed with bolts and iron wedges. Besides, the jaw beds of the immobile jaw is the front wall of crusher frame and the jaw bed of movable jaw is suspended on the shaft. Both of them are made of cast steel, which is strong enough to support crushing reaction.

Transmission Part

The eccentric shaft is the main shaft of jaw crushing machine, and it is made from high carbon steel, which can bear great bending torsion. And eccentric connected with pulley and flywheel.

Apart from jaw crusher machine, there are concrete plant, asphalt plant, concrete mixer, brick machine, concrete truck and other machinery in Aimix. With over thirty-year experience, Aimix have the confidence to offer you products with high quality and reasonable price. Contact us to get detailed information and best price.


Type Feeding Opening
Maximum Feed
Adjustable Width of
Discharging Opening(mm)
Eccentric Shaft
PE150×250 150×250 125 10-40 1-3 250 4P 5.5
PE200×300 200×300 180 15-50 2-6 260 4P 7.5
PE200×350 200×350 180 18-70 3-10 260 4P 11
PE250×400 250×400 210 20-60 5-20 300 6P 15
PE400×600 400×600 340 40-100 16-60 275 6P 30
PE500×750 500×750 425 50-100 40-110 275 6P 55
PE600×750 600×750 500 150-200 80-240 275 6P 55
PE600×900 600×900 500 65-160 50-180 250 6P 55
PE800×1060 800×1060 640 130-190 130-330 250 8P 110
PE900×1200 900×1200 750 95-165 220-450 200 8P 110

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