Limestone Crusher

Limestone crusher is used to crush limestone into gravel and sand aggregates with required particle sizes. The processed materials can be used as the building materials for highway, metallurgy, chemical, and other industries.

At the same time, these crushed limestone particles can also be further processed through other equipment, such as being further grinded and formed into limestone powder, which can be widely used in agriculture, forestry, cement, ceramics, refractory materials, food, power plant desulfurization, paints, coatings and other fields .

200 tph limestone crusher

No matter what fields you need to apply the limestone for, you first need a limestone crusher machine to crush the limestone into a usable size before proceeding to the next step of processing. Regarding how to choose a limestone crusher, AIMIX has the following suggestions.

How To Choose Crusher for Limestone?

Before purchasing a suitable limestone crusher, you need to make some preparations.

mobile limestone crusher

Analyze Your Actual Situation & Identify Actual Needs

  • 1.Find Out the Type and Hardness of Your Raw limestone Material

    Making clear the type and hardness of your raw limestone is helpful to determine the limestone crusher models and sizes.

    Limestone is a sedimentary rock composed primarily of calcium carbonate (CaCO₃). According to the different formation process and composition of limestone, it can be divided into many types of limestone with different hardness. The hardness of limestone can be assessed on the Mohs hardness scale. Generally speaking, the hardness of limestone ranges from 2 to 4 on the Mohs hardness scale. Here are some examples of hardness ranges:

    Soft Limestone: Has a hardness between 2 and 3 on the Mohs scale.

    Medium Hard Limestone: Has a hardness between 3 and 4 on the Mohs scale.

    Hard Limestone: Mohs hardness is around 4.

    Soft Limestone
    Soft Limestone
    Medium Hard Limestone
    Medium Hard Limestone
    Hard Limestone
    Hard Limestone
  • 2. Figure Out Your Application Area

    Do you want to use limestone as raw material to produce building materials: such as sand or gravel aggregates, or do you want to use limestone for carving or decorative materials, or do you want to use limestone to make limestone powder. Different application fields have different requirements for the particle size of finished limestone, which will also determine different configurations of the limestone crusher.

The factors mentioned above will affect our choice of different limestone crushers. Only after making the above preparations can you better choose a suitable limestone crusher.

Choose Limestone Crusher According To Different Uses of Finished Materials

Please follow Aimix Group to learn some tipes on how to choose the right limestone crusher for your businesses.

Limestone is a medium-low hardness rock, and we usually equip it with two stages of crushing. A jaw crusher is used for the first-stage crushing, and an impact crusher is used for the second-stage crushing. After the second crushing, gravel can be produced. If further processing of machine-made sand is required, a sand making machine is required for the third-stage crushing.

limestone crusher china
limestone rock crusher

Choose A Limestone Crusher Suitable for Producing Gravel

The limestone aggregate production line is divided into three stages: coarse crushing, medium and fine crushing, and screening. The equipment involved includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, and vibrating screen machine.

We usually choose a multi-level crushing combination, with jaw crusher as the first crushing equipment and impact crusher as the second crushing machine. The advantages of doing this include the following:

  • The jaw crusher and impact crusher play their respective roles at different stages, making the entire crushing process more efficient. Jaw crushers are generally designed to handle materials of various hardnesses, including harder rocks. Its powerful extrusion capacity and structural design enable the jaw crusher to break materials into materials of about 100mm in a short time. Subsequently, with the jaw crusher, the secondary crusher can continue to process materials more efficiently, allowing the materials to be reduced to smaller sizes in less time and cost.
  • Jaw Crusher for Sale
    Jaw Crusher
    Impact Crushers for Sale
    Impact Crushers

  • The aggregate produced by impact crushing has a beautiful particle shape, which is useful for concrete construction and will save cement and sand. Good-shaped finished products: Impact crushing has a better effect on producing three-dimensional finished products. It can reduce the production of plate-like and needle-shaped particles and improve the three-dimensionality of the finished products, making it more suitable for use as construction and concrete aggregates. This combination can increase production capacity and is suitable for large-scale crushing production lines.
  • Low energy consumption: Since the jaw crusher and impact crusher can perform their best functions in their respective crushing stages, the energy consumption of the entire production line is relatively low. This helps improve production efficiency and reduce production costs.

Now, we will display a case to show you how to use a limestone crusher plant to produce gravel aggregates.

200TPH for Aggregates Production

limestone crusher plant

  • Configuration for limestone crusher plant: Feeder machine, jaw crusher, impact crusher, and screening machine.
  • Limestone crushing process for gravel production:

    The first stage – coarse crushing: The limestone blasted from the mountain is uniformly fed by the vibrating feeder through the silo and transported to the jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

    The second stage – medium to fine crushing: The coarsely crushed materials are transported to the impact crusher via a belt conveyor for secondary crushing.

    The third stage – screening: The medium and finely crushed stone is transported to the vibrating screen through a belt conveyor, and stones of different specifications are screened out. The stones that meet the customer’s particle size requirements are transported to the finished product pile through the belt conveyor, and the stones that are larger than the size of the upper screen are re-screened through the belt conveyor. Return to the impact crusher for crushing again, forming a closed cycle.

Feeding Machine
Feeding Machine
jaw crushers
Jaw Crusher
stone impact crusher
Impact Crusher
screening machine
Screening Machine

Choose A Limestone Crusher Suitable for Producing Fine Sand

If you plan to make fine sand, then you need more equipment to help you produce 0-5mm fine sand. The involved limestone crusher machines mainly concludes jaw crusher, impact crusher, sand making machine, vibrating screen, and sand washing machine.

150TPH for Fine Sand Production

What is the best crusher for limestone

  • Configuration for limestone crushing plant: Mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, mobile sand making machine, and sand washing machine
  • Limestone crushing process for sand production:

    The first stage – coarse crushing: The feeder delivers the raw materials to the mobile jaw crusher for coarse crushing.

    The second stage – medium crushing: The coarsely crushed materials are transported to the cone-type mobile crusher plant via a belt conveyor for secondary and fine crushing. The medium-crushed stone is transported to the vibrating screen through a belt conveyor to screen out stones of different sizes. Stones that exceed the particle size requirements are returned to the mobile cone crusher through the belt conveyor for re-crushing, forming a closed cycle.

    The third stage – sand making: After being screened by the vibrating screen, the stones that meet the particle size requirements for sand making are transported to the sand making machine through a belt conveyor for sand making and shaping.

    The fourth stage – screening: The materials after sand making and shaping are then screened through vibrating screens into coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand and other specifications. The materials that meet the requirements for finished machine-made sand are transported to the finished product pile by a belt conveyor, and those that exceed the particle size requirements of the finished product are conveyed through the belt conveyor. Return to the sand making machine for processing again to form a closed loop.

    Note: For those with strict sand powder content requirements, a sand washing machine can be added behind the fine sand. The sewage discharged by the sand washing machine can be recycled through the fine sand recovery device. On the one hand, it can reduce environmental pollution, and on the other hand, it can increase the sand production output.

mobile jaw crusher plant
Mobile Jaw Crusher
mobile cone crusher plant
Mobile Cone Crusher
sand making machine
Sand Making Machine
sand washing machine
Sand Washing Machine

When purchasing and using a limestone crusher, it is best to seek professional advice to ensure that the equipment selection and limestone crusher machine price meet actual needs. So, you need to find a reliable limestone crusher supplier.

Service Support from Aimix Group

As a professional limestone crusher manufacturer, Aimix Group can provide you with limestone crushing solutions that are suitable for you. After you purchase a limestone crusher, we can continue to provide you with professional installation services, maintenance services, training services, etc. Welcome to contact us!

1. Design A Crushing Solution

We will deeply understand each of your needs and design a complete limestone processing solution that suits you, including equipment selection, production line configuration, intelligent management, etc.

2. Visit The Sites

Untile now, Aimix has sold over 100 sets of limestone crushers to the global areas. We have cases all over the world, such as Malaysia, Indonesia, Philippines, Russia, Uzbekistan, Ecuador, El Salvador, Spain, etc. If you are nearby, we can arrange an on-site visit for you.

3. On-site Installation & Commissioning

We can send engineers to your siteS to provide you with installation guidance and training services.

4. Local Warehouses for After-sale Support

We have warehouses all over the world, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Uzbekistan, Peru, etc. If your wearing parts need to be replaced, we can dispatch them to your site in time. Contact us and ask for our warehouses addresses.

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