Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale

Mobile asphalt plant for sale is a necessary equipment to produce asphalt mixture, modified asphalt mixture and colored asphalt mixture for highway, grade highway, municipal road, airport and port construction projects. Aimix supplies mobile asphalt mixing plant for sale with production capacities of 10tph upto 80tph.

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mobile asphalt mixing plant
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ALYJ-60 Mobile Asphalt Plant Working in the Philippines

Capacity: 60(t/h)
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 60
  • Fuel Oil(kw): 146
  • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t):9
  • Asphalt Temperature(℃): 120-180

Main Parts:

Batching system, drying system, combustion system, hot material lifting system, vibrating screen, hot material storage bin, weighing and stirring system, asphalt supply system, powder supply system, dust removal system, finished product silo system and control system

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    Features of Mobile Asphalt Plants for Sale

    • 1. Save your cost! It offers higher portability, flexibility and efficiency which contributes to saving your time and cost for transition on field.
    • 2. Has stable performance! Special design of mixing blades and mixing cylinder driven by strong force makes mixing more stable and efficient.
    • 3. Low failure rate! By vibration screen driven by advanced motor, it can improve the efficiency and reduce the fault rate a lot.
    • 4. Need small footprint space! The structure of aggregate bin bottom is opposite, thereby greatly reduces the ground area of the equipment.
    • 5. Has longer service time! Double row plate is used to lift the aggregates, which makes the hoist a long service time and improves the running stability. In other word, it can save your maintenance cost.
    • 6. Easy to operate! It is an integrated equipment that has multifunctional advantages of efficiency, reliability and intelligence in one. It is installed with both automatic control system and manual control system. And it has automatic diagnosis procedures, which makes simple and safe operation.
    • 7. Suitable for Electricity-poor Areas! There are diesel engines design for the mini mobile asphalt plant for power-shortage areas.
    portable asphalt mixing plant

    ALYJ10 Mobile Asphalt Plant

    Capacity: 10(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ10
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 10
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 48
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:3m³×3
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 2

    small mobile asphalt plant

    ALYJ20 Mobile Asphalt Batch Mixing Plant

    Capacity: 20(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ20
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 20
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 68
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:3m³×3
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 5

    mobile bitumen mixing plant

    ALYJ30 Mobile Asphalt Batch Mix Plant

    Capacity: 30(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ30
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 30
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 106
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:5m³×3
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 9

    mobile asphalt plant manufacturers

    ALYJ40 Mobile Asphalt Batching Plant

    Capacity: 40(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ40
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 40
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 132
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:5m³×3
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 9

    mobile asphalt mixing plant

    ALYJ60 Mobile Asphalt Mixing Plant

    Capacity: 60(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ60
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 60
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 146
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:5m³×3
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 9

    asphalt plant mobile

    ALYJ80 Mobile Asphalt Plant for Sale

    Capacity: 80(t/h)
    • Model: ALYJ80
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 80
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 186
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System:5m³×4
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 20

    Why Do You Need to Buy A Mobile Asphalt Plant?

    • 1. Mobility! Module design makes installment and transportation easier and more convenient.
    • 2. Save Money! What would you do if you don’t want to invest a large sum of money to build a stationary asphalt mixing plant in one of your locations? As we all know, one set of asphalt drum mix plant with high capacity will need tremendous cost and floor space. Besides, it is not so convenient to move it when you want a site conversion. Therefore, choosing a mobile asphalt batching plant would be the best way out of this discussion.
    • 3. Save Time to Assemble or Disassemble! Mainly, mobile asphalt plant for sale consists of five mobile units, mixing and control device, hot aggregate bin screening device, cold aggregates bin, dry drum and burner or you can call it asphalt roller and asphalt tank. And every part of device is installed with traction pin and bridge running device and there is no need dismantle them even in working. Therefore, it is easy to be installed and transported.
    • 4. Good Machine for Highway Asphalt Paving Work! mobile asphalt batching plant shares the same working process, operation mode and maintenance method with stationary asphalt mixing plant, which is quite suitable for the asphalt paving construction for highway.

    mobile type asphalt mixing plant
    Mobile Main Frame

    What Are the Applications of Asphalt Mixing Plant Mobile?

    The small mobile asphalt plant belongs to an ideal equipment for road construction or road maintenance projects. Its mobility makes that it can be very easily transferred from one construction site to another. With flexible movement, mobile asphalt batch mix plant can be used for asphalt driveway repair and asphalt driveway resurfacing at any time. Therefore, it has wide applications as below.

    1.County And Township Highway Construction

    Because of the extensive use in asphalt driveway patch, mobile asphalt plant China are widely used for asphalt production in cities or country road construction.

    Low Grade Road Construction

    Its silos and drum mixer are set up on a wheel chassis so that it is easy to be transferred among the different construction sites. This feature makes it very suitable for low grade road asphalt paving or repairing construction.

    Other Construction Projects

    Since our mobile asphalt mixing plants are so convenient to use, it can be applied to other kinds of construction work.

    mobile asphalt plant manufacturers
    mobile asphalt plant company

    Your Best Mobile Asphalt Plant Manufacturer–Aimix Group!

    As one of the leading mobile asphalt plant manufacturers, Aimix Group has been researching and producing asphalt mixing plant for over 30 years. Aimix has committed to improving both the quality and sales volume of mobile asphalt batch plants. And Aimix has gained countless customer praises from all over the world. Therefore, it will be a wise option to make now if you choose Aimix to buy a mobile asphalt plant for your construction project. Here I write down several superiorities of Aimix Group as below.

    • 1. Has five overseas branches in Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Pakistan, Uzbekistan.
    • 2. Has numerous local agents in over 56 countries. They can do after-sale service for our local customers in their countries. For example, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, South Africa, Morocco, Kenya, Nigeria, and so on.
    • 3. Belongs to a comprehensive industrial machines manufacturer. Our main products contains concrete equipment, dry mortar equipment, crusher equipment, and so on.
    • 4. Offers factory price. We are asphalt plant manufacturer so that we can supply you with cost-effective factory price.
    • 5. Aimix is classified as a well-known manufacturer and supplier of China mobile asphalt mixing plant.
    • 6. Aimix will cooperate with all fields to make an achievement for the construction and development of cities around the world. Until now, Aimix has supplied and sold countless mobile asphalt drum mix plant to the global market for manufacturing asphalt concrete. And size around 10 tph or 60 tph mobile hot mix plants in Aimix Group are the most popular to the worldwide market. If you want to know where to buy asphalt plant near me, then you can come to Aimix for an inquiry now.

    How Many Factors Can Influence the Mobile Asphalt Plant Price?

    The total mobile asphalt plant price depends on many factors. Hence, we can not give you the exact fee without specific model and size. The sooner you give us your project planning and demands, the faster we can give you full details of the mobile asphalt plant cost. Here I will list all of the factors on below.

    1. Asphalt Producing Capacities

    The total output capacities are influenced by the producing outputs of the mobile asphalt mixer. In another words, the bigger the mixer outputs are, the bigger the total asphalt producing capacities the asphalt plant mobile will has. Just tell us what fields you want to use our mobile bitumen plant, then we can give you the relevant models details.

    ALYJ80 Price
    ALYJ60 Price
    ALYJ40 Price
    ALYJ20 Price

    2. Dust Removal Methods

    There are three kinds of dust removal methods in our asphalt mixing plant mobile. One is the cyclone dust removal device, and the second one is water dust removal system, then the last one is floor negative pressure dust-proof design. You can choose for adding one or more set up in the plant. And the cost of that three dust removal mode is different.

    3. Customized Design

    Aimix supplies customized designs for each customer. Different designs will cost differently. Hence, you can ask for details if you have unique design requirement.

    What Service Does Aimix Group Have?

    To conclude, please feel free to contact Aimix if you want to request for an enquiry about the mobile asphalt mixing plant. We will reply you with full details about mobile asphalt plant pictures, working videos, professional purchasing advice for models, and so on. Contact us now!

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    1-year quality warranty from the date of supply.

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