Mobile Concrete Batching Plant for Sale

Mobile concrete batching plant for sale is a concrete production equipment, which can reserve, weigh, transport ad discharge materials. Mobile concrete mixing plant shares the same working action, operation and maintenance with stationary concrete batching plant. Besides, mobile concrete batch plant is characteristic of flexible movement, easy installment and simple disassembly and simple storage management. Therefore, mobile cement plant is quite a suitable choice for road, bridge, port and hydropower project. And there are four types of mobile concrete batching plant for sale in Aimix, AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-50 and AJY-75. Besides, Aimix can also provide asphalt plant, dry mortar mixing plant and stabilized soil plant.

mobile concrete plant
mobile concrete batching plant

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Why to choose a mobile concrete batching plant?

1.Easy installment and disassembly, and flexible movement

Except for the peripheral component, such as cement silo and screw conveyor, all the wiring need not being removed. With the help of 30 tons crane, mobile ready mix concrete plant can be moved to another places in a short time. When installing the portable concrete plant, there is no need making the foundation if the ground is solid and flat. And it can be put into use at the same day, which is quite suitable for the project with tight schedule. Besides, mobile mixing plant is equipped with types and traction pins and the trailer and tow it at the maximum speed of 60 km/h.

portable concrete mixing plant
mobile cement plant

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2. Excellent Mixing Quality

Mobile batch plant for sale is equipped with compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer, which can mix aggregate evenly in a very short time and be a good choice for dry hard concrete, semi dry concrete, plastic concrete and concrete with different proportions. A quality concrete mixer is quite important for a concrete mixing plant, which directly affects the whole working efficiency. Aimix high-quality mobile batching plant for sale will never let you down.

3. Quality Configuration, Great Reliability, Accurate Measurement and Easy Operation

Concrete mixer, reducer, metering sensor, electrical components of control system are high quality, which reduces the equipment failure rate and improves accuracy measurement. Besides, mobile cement plant is adopts computer control, which makes manual operation and automatic operation available. Meanwhile, you can know the running condition of every part and save, print spreadsheet data through dynamic panel display, which is quite convenient for production scheduling management.

mobile concrete mixing plant
AJY-25 mobile cement plant for sale

Model: AJY-25
Concrete mixer: JS500
Theoretical production capacity(m3/h): 25
Discharging capacity(L): 500
Discharging height(m): 2.8

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mobile concrete batch plant
portable cement plant

Model: AJY-35
Concrete mixer: JS750
Theoretical production capacity(m3/h): 35
Discharging capacity(L): 750
Discharging height(m): 2.8

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mobile concrete plant
portable cement plant

Model: AJY-50
Concrete mixer: JS1000
Theoretical production capacity(m3/h): 50
Discharging capacity(L): 1000
Discharging height(m): 2.8

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portable cement plant
portable concrete plant

Model: AJY-75
Concrete mixer: JS1500
Theoretical production capacity(m3/h): 75
Discharging capacity(L): 1500
Discharging height(m): 2.8

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Mobile Concrete Batching Plant:

  1. It has a compact structure and most part of portable concrete  batch plant concentrate in a separate trailer unit.
  2. It is characteristic of humanized operation and stable working performance, which keep it work well even in a bad circumstance.
  3. It is equipped with high quality concrete mixers, which can mix aggregate evenly and keeps running continuously.
  4. It has the advantages of high automation, flexible movement, easy operation, and stable performance.

What mobile cement plant consist of?

Mainly, mobile concrete plant for sale consists of chassis, control room, aggregate batching system, belt conveyor frame, peripheral component and concrete mixer.

Concrete Mixer

Generally, portable concrete plant is equipped with JS series concrete mixer, which is a good choice for fluid concrete and dry hard concrete mixer and can mix aggregate evenly. Concrete mixer plays a very important role in concrete mixing plant, which can directly affect the efficiency of the whole concrete batching plant.

concrete mixer supplier
cement mixer

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Aggregate Batching System

Aggregate batching system is in the back part of the whole chassis. The upper part of aggregate batching machine is storage hopper, which can include 2 or 4 hoppers. And some heightening plates are installed to increase storage capacity. Besides, aggregate batching machine is equipped with walking rear bridge and frame supporting legs. By setting the proportion of aggregate, batching machine can weigh them and mix them.

So batching machine is widely used in construction site, road and bridge projects. And it is a quite match machine for concrete mixing plant. Besides, it is characteristic of various structure, flexible combination, high weighing accuracy, easy operation and high automation. When it begins to work, it should keep empty. If there is something wrong during its working time, cut off the power at once then start it again.

batching machine for sale
Aimix batching machine

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Belt Conveyor Frame

Belt conveyor frame is truss structure which combines the chassis and aggregate batching system, which makes all these part a whole removable stature. And belt conveyor is used to transport the mixed aggregate to hopper or concrete mixer.

Aimix belt conveyor
belt conveyor

Peripheral Component

Mainly, it includes cement silo and screw conveyor. Cement silo is a closed tank for storing bulk aggregates. And screw conveyor is used to delivering powdery, granular and small-size aggregates. The two machines are usually used together. Besides, concrete mixer pump, wheel loader and concrete truck are the auxiliary machines, which also play an important role in mobile concrete batching plant.

Aimix cement silo
cement silo for sale
Aimix screw conveyor
screw conveyor

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A cantilever shaped mixer chassis includes towing pin for truck and trailer, parking legs. And it is equipped with concrete mixer and measurement machine for cement, water and additives. Besides, there is patrol platform and railings around the chassis.

Control Room

Control room is at the bottom of the chassis, and control room is equipped with fully automatic control system, which is the same as that of stationary concrete mixing plant. When the mobile concrete batching plant begins to work, control room can be the front supporting point. If the device need being moved to another place, control room can be retracted and stored in the chassis without disassembling any control circuit.

Aimix control room
control room

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What to consider for site layout?

Portable concrete batch plant can select the site layout according to the specific situation of construction site. For space position, mobile ready mix concrete plant can have two kinds of layout, high type and low type. High type means making the main frame of portable cement plant in a high position, which is convenient for concrete mixer truck. But this method requires long belt for aggregate conveying and high cement silo. As for the low type, it means making the main frame on the ground, which makes it necessary that a 1.5 to 2.8 meter underground tunnel below the discharging port of mobile mixing plant. But underground tunnel is easy to collect water in rainy day. So considerate it carefully when deciding the layout type. Contact us to get more details or mobile concrete batching plant price.

What Aimix can do for you?

1.Professional  mobile concrete batching plant manufacturer and supplier.Provide quality product with reasonable price

2. Be your professional purchasing consultant provide free quotation

3. Reduce your budget and make timely transportation

4. Offer excellent after-sales service and never let you down

5. Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit, Aimix is at your service anytime.


Type AJY-25 AJY-35 AJY-50 AJY-75
Theoretical Production Capacity(m3/h) 25 35 50 75
Concrete Mixer TYpe JS500 JS750 JS1000 JS1500
Power(kw) 24.75 38.6 51 65.5
Discharging capacity(L) 500 750 1000 1500
Aggregate size(mm) 80/60 80/60 80/60 80/60
Aggregate Bin Volume(m2) 3.2 7.3 8.3 12
Weight Accuracy Aggregate(kg) ±2% ±2% ±2% ±2%
Cement(kg) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Fly Ash(kg) ±1% ±1%
Water(kg) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Additive(kg) ±1% ±1% ±1% ±1%
Discharging Height(m) 2.8 2.8 2.8 2.8
Gross Weight(t) 12 16 20 50

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