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Mobile crusher plant is mainly used to crush and screen large quantity of stones, ores, construction waste, and so on, and turn the processed stones into usable construction aggregates or other materials that meet the specifications. Its biggest feature is that a mobile crushing plant is usually equipped with a movable wheeled or crawler base, which can ensure its convenience and mobility on the construction sites.

mobile crusher plant for sale

If you plan to buy a crushing plant for sand and gravel aggregates production, then a mobile crusher plant is more in line with the your modern and intelligent needs.

Multifunctional Mobile Crusher Plants – Guarantee Efficient Stone Crushing Project

The mobile crushing plants can bring many changes and advantages to your stone crushing projects, making the stone crushing project more flexible, efficient and economical, while meeting the requirements of environmental protection and energy saving. The benefits of using a mobile crushing plant are attached in the below part.

Integrated Structure – Saves Space and Foundation Costs

The main components of a mobile crushing screening plant contain the feeder machine, the primary crusher, the secondary crusher, the vibrating screening machine, the belt conveyors, and other electrical parts. All components are integrated into one integral unit, and form an independent and mobile unit. This structural design greatly improves the portability, flexibility and operating efficiency of the mobile crushing and screening plant. Look at the benefits that a mobile crusher plant can bring for you:

crawler mobile crusher plant

Improve Space Utilization

Feeders, crushers, belt conveyors, and screens are all mounted on a mobile tire or crawler base. Such a compact structure saves space. You can use our mobile crusher on narrow construction sites without worrying about the equipment not being suitable for use in a small site. So, it provides more flexible space and reasonable layout configuration for the entire crushing process.

Secondly, mobile crushing and screening equipment provides quick access to your sites. The mobile crusher and screening plant has a small turning radius, making it easy to drive on ordinary roads and even easier to drive on rough roads. Like a truck, you can directly drive it or drag it to your sites within a few minutes.

china mobile crusher plant factory and suppliers
4-in-1 mobile crusher plant

jaw crushers
Jaw Crusher
cone crushers
Cone Crusher
stone impact crusher
Impact Crusher
Feeding Machine
Feeding Machine
screen machine
Screen Machine

Save Money on Building Foundations

The integrated structure of the mobile crusher plant for sale can save your cost and time to build concrete foundations. Actually, you don’t need to build foundations for a mobile crusher plant. Once the mobile crusher machine reaches its destination on your sites, it can be immediately put into production without installation or foundation required.

Adaptable to Various Terrains

  • With regard to our crawler mobile crusher, its crawler chassis provides superior adaptability to different terrains, and makes it capable of easily passing through uneven and rugged surfaces, such as demolition sites, grass, mud, desert, and mountains.
  • Besides, each of our mobile crusher for sale is equipped with adjustable outrigger supporting systems. When working in some rugged areas, you can raise the legs to adjust the level of the crusher plant mobile to ensure its stability on different terrains.

mobile crushers and screeners

Save More Labor Costs

Mobile crushing plant for sale can also move back and forth on his own following the raw materials. It is easy to transfer and has high maneuverability. You will only need a truck to easily move the mobile crusher plants to different sites. This makes it ideal for demolition projects. The road at the demolition site is rugged. Our crawler-type mobile crusher plant can climb hills and change positions at will, which can greatly reduce labor costs and improve your work efficiency.

Now, we are gonna give some examples to better show you the excellent performances of our mobile crusher plants.

50TPH track crusher working for construction waste disposal project
  • Equipment: 1 set of 50TPH Impact-type Mobile Crusher Plant, and 1 set of crawler-type mobile screening plant.
  • Crushing Capacity: 30-50TPH
  • What problems were solved by our mobile crusher plant?

    1. The ground at demolition sites is often full of construction waste, such as concrete waste, bricks, etc. Our crawler mobile crusher plant has excellent climbing ability and can move freely on rugged ground, which greatly improves the work efficiency of our customers .

    2. In this case, our mobile impact crusher can process construction waste directly on the demolition site, avoiding the time and cost of transporting the waste to other places for processing. Instant processing improves the efficiency and shortens the demolition project cycle for our customers.

    3. We have integrated advanced sorting technology into the impact-type mobile crusher to separate recyclable materials such as concrete, metal and bricks from large construction waste through vibrating screens to minimize resource waste and help customers to increase revenue.

crawler crusher
50tph tracked mobile crusher

180TPH Crawler Crusher for River Pebbles Crushing
  • Equipment: 1 set of mobile jaw crusher, 1 set of cone-type mobile crusher plant, and 1 set of mobile screening machine
  • Productivity: 150-180TPH
  • Applications: Crushing river pebbles for the production of 0-38mm construction aggregates.
  • What Benefits Have Our Customer Got By Using Our Mobile Crushing Plants?:

    1. The combination of jaw-type and cone-type mobile crusher plants makes our customer capable of crushing hard stones: river pebbles and turning them into 0-38mm sand and gravel aggregates.

    2. The mobility has helped to shorten the shifting time for different construction sites. Our customers have many different projects in several cities of Malaysia, so they need to frequently shift the construction sites. By means of using our portable crusher plants, they only need 1 day to fulfill the shifting work.

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mobile crushing screening plant

Suitable for Crushing Multiple Materials

Mobile crusher plants can crush and process various materials such as quartz, bluestone, granite, basalt, limestone, cobblestone, ore, mountain rock, construction waste, etc. The crushed materials have uniform particle size, complete shape and good quality.

iron ore
Iron Ore
Construction Waste
Construction Waste

High-performance Configuration – Improves Production & Quality

  • We use an intelligent PLC automatic monitoring system for the mobile crusher plants to predict equipment failures, avoid major accidents, reduce the number of downtimes, give full play to the potential of equipment, ensure your stable operation of the production line, and improve your economic benefits.
  • Besides, Aimix adopts Germany’s unique wear-resistant materials for each mobile crusher plant parts, so the mobile crushing machines are more durable, can withstand the test of time and environment, and serve you for longer service life.

In short, mobile crusher plant is your ideal choice for processing raw materials, especially in engineering projects that require frequent transfers. So, if you have decided to buy a mobile crusher plant, then finding a reliable mobile crusher plant supplier would be your first thing to concern. Now, please allow me to introduce Aimix Group – one of the most popular china mobile crusher plant factory and suppliers to you.

mobile crushing plant for sale

4 Reasons to Buy from Aimix Group – Your Reliable Mobile Crushing Plant Manufacturer

Aimix Group has been researching, developing, and manufacturing crusher plants for over 10 years. Aimix Group has many advantages to supply you with qualified equipment with suitable stone crusher plant prices and top-level pre-sale and after-sale services.

1. Price Advantages:

In Aimix Group, the ranges for mobile crusher plant prices are from USD 550,000 to USD 2,300,000.

When we talk about the mobile crushing plant price, you may worry that it will be expensive. However, we not only need to consider the price of the machine alone, but also the cost of consumables, labor costs, and other factors incurred in operating the machine. The integrated structure of the mobile crushers makes it easier to manage. It can reduce the demand for manpower and lower your labor costs. Therefore, compared with the labor costs it will save you in future construction, the price of the mobile crusher plant will not be worth mentioning.

Here, we attach a working video to show you how does a mobile crusher plant work. Then, you will understand how easily it will be to use a mobile crusher plant, and how much labor costs it will save for you.

2. Professional Customization Services – Better Suited to Your Actual Needs

Our aim is to combine with your specific needs, and provide you with customized mobile crushing plants. The portable crushing plant can be combined into a variety of types according to the your production requirements, material characteristics, your budget, and some other needs.

  • Supplying free combination with our standard products, choosing suitable primary crushers and secondary crushers to meet your needs. Our standars products include crawler-type mobile crusher plants, and tire-type mobile crusher plants for sale.
  • Crawler-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
    Crawler-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
    Tire-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant
    Tire-type Mobile Jaw Crusher Plant

    Crawler-type Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
    Crawler-type Mobile Cone Crusher Plant
    Tire-type Mobile Cone Crusher Plant

    Crawler-type Mobile Impact Crusher
    Crawler-type Mobile Impact Crusher
    Tire-type Mobile Impact Crusher

  • Offering 3-in-1 closed-circuit mobile crusher plant(including feeder, crushing host, and screening equipment) , or a 4-in-1 mobile crushing and screening plant (including feeder, two crushing hosts, belt conveyor, and screening machine).

mobile crusher machine for sale
4-in-1 Mobile Crusher Plant

4-in-1 Mobile Crusher Plant
4-in-1 Mobile Crusher Plant

3. Localization Services

We have warehouses and agents in multiple cities in different countries, such as Bogor, Surabaya, Jakarta in Indonesia, Manila, Batangas, Cebu, Ormoc in the Philippines, Kuala Lumpur, Kuching and Ipoh in Malaysia, and so on. If you are near these cities, you can contact our agents and go directly to our showrooms to visit our mobile crusher plants for sale. Our localization services include the following items:

  • Equipment in Stock:We ofter have several sets of crusher machines in stock in our warehouses. If you decide to purchase after visiting our machines, you can pick up the ready-made products in the showrooms immediately and start using them immediately.
  • On-site Maintenance: If you have any problems during use, we can immediately send engineers to your site for inspection and maintenance services.

mobile crushing and screening plant

4. Training Services

Aimix provides a full range of training services to ensure that customer operators are proficient in using and maintaining equipment to ensure long-term and stable operation of the mobile crusher plants.

Please send us your types of raw materials, production requirements, and other details, and we believe one of our mobile crusher plants can always meet your needs. Contact us now.

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