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Mobile Impact Crusher for Sale

Mobile impact crusher for sale is equipped with a high-performance impact crusher and screening machine, which can meet the crushing and screening requirements of coarse, medium and fine materials. It has a good crushing effect on processing waste concrete, waste bricks, construction waste, and other kinds of medium-hard raw stones.

mobile impact crusher plant
80TPH Tracked Impact Crusher for Construction Waste Recycling Industry

Mobile impact crusher is outfitted with a movable crawler or wheeled chassis so that it has enhanced mobility to enter the mining site without the need to use a dump truck to pull the stone the raw stone from the mining site to the crushing plant. Its unique working principle and structural characteristics have made mobile impact crushers widely used in construction, roads, water conservancy, municipal projects, and other industries in recent years.

Unique Working Principle – Bring Multi-purpose Applications

Due to its unique working principle, the mobile impact crusher can output finished product with better particle size.

crawl mobile impact crusher
crawler type mobile impact crusher

How Does A Mobile Impact Crusher Work?

  1. The mobile impact crusher plant relies on an external electric drive host and an auxiliary motor to drive the work.
  2. Feeding Process: Firstly, use an excavator to discharge the raw stone materials into the vibrating feeder, then the feeder will start to vibrate to transport the raw materials to the impact crusher. During the vibrating process, those materials with particle sizes that meet the requirements in the raw materials will leak from the sieve holes and then be tranported out to form a mound by a belt conveyor. And larger materials will be fed into the impact crusher for crushing.
  3. Crushing Porcess: The stone materials are fed into the crushing chamber from the feed inlet, meets the high-speed rotating rotor, and then are struck by the high-speed rotating rotor toward the counterattack liner, and then bounced back to the rotor impact area by the counterattack liner. The above action is repeated several times until the materials are broken into pieces.
  4. Discharging Process: After being crushed by the impact crusher, the materials will be discharged from the discharge port into the vibrating unloader. Then the unloader transports the materials evenly to the main discharge belt, and the discharge belt will continuously convey the materials to the loading belt.
  5. Iron Removing Process: At the same time, an iron remover is installed above the main discharge belt, and the iron in the materials is separated after being attracted by the iron remover.
  6. Screening Process: The crushed materials are transported to the vibrating screen through the main feeding belt. After screening, aggregates of different particle size levels(0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-20mm, 20-30mm, more than 30mm) are formed. They will be seperatedly transported to different piles. Among them, the materials with larger particle size that do not meet the requirements will be re-transported to the impact crusher for a secondary crushing.
  7. The entire crushing and screening process forms a closed-circuit system, which can achieve cyclic crushing of materials in this closed-circuit impact crusher.

Watch the following video, and you will learn the mobile impact crusher working principle quickly.

Owing to its distinct operating principle, mobile impact crusher is often used for producing construction aggregates for house construction, road paving construction, railway consruction, etc.

Applied for Construction Waste Recycling Industry

There are a few reasons that mobile impact crushers are often used for crushing construction waste.

  1. Construction waste belongs to the materials of medium-hardness. And mobile impact crusher for sale is good at crushing materials of medium-hardness. So, it is applicable for you to use a portable impact crusher for a construction waste recycling project.
  2. On the other hand, the finished proudcts processed by the portable impactor plants are rhombic, which is perfect for you to apply them as the construction aggregate to supply your production of concrete batching plants or asphalt mixing plants.

Case of Portable Mobile Impact Crusher for Crushing Construction Waste

  • Model: A 80TPH tracked mobile impact crusher and a mobile screening plant
  • Applied Place: the Philippines
  • Applied Fields: Urban demolition projects
  • Raw Material: Concrete waste
  • Benefits: Tracked impact crusher can walk freely on the uneven demolition sites and directly enter the sites to start the crushing work, which helps our customers save a lot of time to transport the concrete waste and bircks waste.

80TPH track impact crusher

crawl mobile impact crusher
track-mounted mobile impact crusher
mobile impact crusher for sale

Parameters of Mobile Tracked Impact Crusher

ModelAPYL-260R Crawler Mobile Impact Crusher
Volume (m³)7
Crusher TypeAPF Impact Crusher
Processing capacity (t/h)160-350
Feeding height (mm)4250
Feeding capacity (t/h)300
Discharge range (mm) 25-100
Machine power (kw)265.6
Host power (kw)200
Walking speed (kw/h)0.6-1
Machine weight (t)55
Dimensions L×W×H (mm)18127×3626×3909

Integrated Frame Design – Bring Higher Working Efficiency

  • The structure design of the mobile impact crusher machine is reasonable. Its body width is smaller than a semi-trailer truck and its turning radius is small. So, when you transport the mobile impact crusher, you will find it is easier to drive it on the rugged and harsh roads of the working sites.
  • By means of this integrated mobile impact crusher with reasonable and compact layout, you have no need for installation and disassembly, and you can quickly put it into proudction once it is transported to your working sites.
  • Besides, you won’t need to build foundations for a mobile impact crusher. This way will greatly reduce your investment costs.

Case of Crawler Type Mobile Impact Crusher for Crushing Limestone

  • Equipment: 150TPH crawl mobile impact crusher and mobile screening machine
  • Use Place: Russia
  • Raw Material: Limestone
  • Applied Fields: Quarry
  • Finished Product Use: Production of construction aggregate and sand

150tph crawler type mobile impact crusher

closed-circuit impact crusher
track chassis of mobile impact crusher

It would be a wise option to make to consult professional manufacturers for purchasing advice if you don’t know how to pick up a suitable mobile impact crusher. As a mobile impact crusher manufacturer with 10 years of experience, Aimix Group can always offer you with professional advice.

Purchase Tips for Mobile Impact Crushers

By following our tips, you will definitely find a suitable solution for your stone crushing business.

Compare The Mobile Impact Crusher Price

In Aimix Group, we supply two types of mobile impact crushers for sale, tracked-type and wheeled-type. To be honestly, wheeled-type mobile impact crusher price is more cost-effective than tracked-type price.

  • Price ranges of wheeled-type: from USD 910,000 to USD 1,420,000
  • Price ranges of tracked-type: from USD 950,000 to USD 2,300,000

Both mobile track impact crusher and wheeled mobile impact crusher are excellent for stone crushing business. You can pice up one according to your actual budget.

wheeled mobile impact crusher

Parameters of Wheeled Mobile Impact Crusher

Feeder APG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-3896WAPG-4211W
Vibrating screen APS-1548YAPS-1848YAPS-1860YAPS-2160Y
Tire configurationParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Return belt conveyor modelB650B650B800B1000
Feeder belt conveyor modelB650B800B800B1000
Under-sieve belt conveyor modelB800B800B1000B1000
Production capacity (t/h)70-150100-285150-350180-500
Weight (t)41455360

Determine Your Actual Needs

Your actual needs generally consist of 4 indicators:

  • Type of raw material
  • Hardness of raw material
  • Feed size
  • Discharge size

These four important indicators will determine the choice of specific configuration for the portable impact crusher for sale. We can supply two types of crushing solutions for you.

Recommended Solutions

  1. Our mobile impact crushers can be directly used as the primary crusher to independently work for you.

    If your raw materials are soft rock, such as limestone, or construction waste, such as waste concrete or waste asphalt, then you can directly choose our three-in-one mobile impact crusher as the first-level crusher and the only crushing equipment to complete your material crushing and screening work.

  2. mobile impact crusher‬ sale

  3. Secondly, our mobile impact crusher can also be used as a secondary crusher. According to specific needs, you can combine with coarse crushing equipment for secondary crushing of materials.

    You can flexibly match our mobile impact crusher with mobile jaw crushers, mobile screening machines, mobile sand making machiness, etc. for multi-terminal operations.

    For example, If your raw materials are relatively hard, such as granite, basalt, volcanic rock, etc., then we recommend that you use this kind of equipment collection: a mobile jaw crusher, a mobile impact crusher, and a mobile screening machine.

    After the primary crushing of the mobile jaw crusher, the raw materials will be crushed into smaller size of 200mm. Then, the materials of 200mm will be crushed again by the mobile impact crusher. By means of this kind of crushing process, you can improve the production capacities while reduce the machine wear and tear for the mobile impact crusher.

Now, we attach a working video of multiple machines. In this video, you can learn how efficient these mobile crushers work together for your crushing business.

In addition to the purchasing suggestions given, our company’s services also allow you to choose our mobile impact crusher plants with peace of mind.

Services in Aimix Group – Bring You Worry-free Experience

What concerns you most is the installation services and maintenance services. Here, we show you what services are there in Aimix Group to give you some assurance.

Local Installation Services

We have installation teams all over the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Brazil, Peru, Australia, Dominica, Russia, etc., to help you quickly install the mobile impact crushers and put them into production and reduce your waiting time.

Regular Visiting Service

We participate in exhibitions around the world every year. For example, Indonesia’s mining indonesia expo, Malaysia’s mbam onebuild expo, and Peru’s peru excon. At the end of the exhibition, we will also arrange for engineers to visit our local old customers. If the customers have problems, our engineers can solve them for you on site.

aimix group after-sale warranty

Please be advised that we are a high-tech enterprise specialized in the manufacturing and selling of mobile impact crushers with ISO and CE certifications. Now we are focusing on promoting of our wheeled and tracked mobile impact crusher for sale. Please feel free to contact us for solutions and prices.

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