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Mobile Jaw Crusher for Sale

Mobile jaw crusher for sale, a primary stone crushing equipment, is widely used for mining industry, building construction industry, and road construction industry due to its outstanding mobility, and ability of processing 130-1000mm hard and big raw materials into smaller pieces. With a wheel or track chassis, it is easily to transfer the mobile jaw crusher among different working sites.

mobile crawler jaw crusher

With superb mobility and flexibility, mobile jaw crushers are often applied for crushing granite, basalt, ore, quarz, mountain stone, limestone, volcanic stone, etc. Before buying a mobile jaw stone crusher, you should firstly learn its features and benefits to check if it can meet your project needs.

Why Is Mobile Jaw Crusher Efficient for Stone Crushing Business?

Reasons that customers choose a mobile jaw crusher mainly are its flexibility, large feeding sizes, ability of dealing with hard rocks, and so on. What factors can ensure the mobile primary jaw crusher having so many advantages? Keep reading and you will find the answers.

mobile jaw plants
Wheeled Mobile Jaw Crusher
mobile jaw crusher on track for sale
Tracked Mobile Jaw Crusher

Mobile Base – Useful to Improve Work Efficiency

Mobile jaw crushers are equipped with wheeled or tracked chassis, and this design enables the mobile jaw crusher to be easily moved betweem different job sites and adapted to different terrains.

mobile jaw crusher on wheel

With regard to the mobile jaw crusher on wheel:

  • You only need 1 tow truck to easily drag it from one place to another place.
  • The axle adopts a three-axis heavy-duty axle with its own braking system. The tires are special tires for engineering vehicles. There are 4 tires on an axle, totaling 12 tires for the wheeled-chassis.
  • Thence, the above-mentioned features will ensure strong load-bearing capacity so that you can directly take the mobile jaw crusher to the highway or run long distances.
  • Besides, the mobile chassis also has hydraulic lifting legs. After the mobile jaw crusher plant arrives at your working site, you don’t need to use cranes, jacks, or other tools, and the hydraulic outriggers can self-rise and support the whole equipment after the power is started. In this way, you will save some labor costs.
  • What is more, mobile jaw crushing plant applies double-layer reinforced boat-shaped frame. The frame is made of Q345B manganese plate, which is strong and durable, and with strong impact resistance. During its working process, you will find that the frame has good stability and barely shakes. In addition to that, this kind of frame will serve you with longer service life and cause low maintenance rate.

About the mobile jaw crusher on track:

  • Equipped with crawler chassis that is made of steel track chain, also called mobile crawler jaw crusher, it can move on its own by road. Therefore, you don’t need to purchase or rent additional equipment when transferring the track-mounted mobile jaw crusher for sale.
  • Besides, the track design has excellent off-road capability and stability, which allows you to easily drive the crawl mobile jaw crusher to pass through muddy, slippery, rugged terrains, complex terrains and harsh working conditions.
  • In addition to this, the crawler chassis can slow down vibrations and impacts, and has a certain absorption effect on the vibrations and impacts generated by the mobile jaw plant itself and the construction site environment, helping to improve the durability of the mobile jaw crushers.
  • By the crawler chassis, you can easily operate the mobile track mounted jaw crusher for sale to rotate and turn. Thence, you can flexible apply it for those projects that require frequent transitions.
mobile track mounted jaw crusher for sale

Therefore, both the wheel-type mobile jaw crusher and the mobile tracked jaw crusher can help you reduce equipment transportation costs and time. In other words, you can quickly shift the work sites in the shortest time and at the lowest cost.

Integrated Design – No Need to Assemble & Disassemble

  • The portable jaw crusher is mainly composed of a mobile base, a vibrating feeder, a jaw crusher machine, a conveyor belt, and an electric control system. And all the parts are installed on the mobile base. Therefore, you can directly put the jaw crusher portable into production and don’t need to assemble or disassemble in on your working sites.
  • With this integrated design, the portable jaw crusher plant is standing by in case you want to use it at anytime and anywhere, and you don’t need to arrange the scene in advance, such as building the foundations. So, this design will cut down your preparing time and labor costs.

vibrating feeder
Vibrating Feeder
jaw crusher
Jaw Crusher
belt conveyor
Belt Conveyor

portable jaw rock crusher
Integrated Design

Efficient Production Capability – Right Equipment for Hard Stone

Mobile jaw crushers are known for their high crushing efficiency. There are a few features that can support its remarkable crushing ability.

Unique V-type Crushing Cavity Design

  • Mobile jaw crusher applies V-type crushing chamber, which can make the material form a more uniform stress state during the crushing process. This design will help you to improve crushing efficiency and uniformity, and reduce wear and extend the service life of the jaw plate and crushing chamber.
  • The design of the V-shaped crushing chamber changes the flow path of materials in the crushing chamber. Materials can enter and exit the crushing chamber more smoothly, reducing the possibility of blockage and jamming. This helps you to improve the stability and reliability of the mobile jaw crusher.
  • The V-shaped crushing chamber makes it more suitable for processing harder materials, such as granite, marble, mountain stones, and metal ores. When processing hard stones such as granite and basalt, the V-shaped crushing cavity can compress and crush the materials more effectively, and maintain a high crushing efficiency. Therefore, you can use the mobile jaw crushers for the primary crushing stage to break large pieces of raw materials into smaller particles to provide suitable materials for subsequent processes.
mobile jaw crusher working principle

Adjustable Inlet Port

  • Mobile jaw crusher usually has an adjustable inlet port, and you can adjust the opening width of the jaw plate according to your actual needs. For example, you can increase the inlet port size when your raw stone materials have larger sizes and shapes.
  • With this kind of unique inlet port, you can use the mobile jaw crushers as the primary crusher machine to deal with the large raw stones.
Adjustable inlet port

The unique characteristics of the mobile jaw crusher have created its excellent stone processing capabilities. Next, let’s take a look at the outstanding performance of our mobile jaw crushers in some practical applications in global areas.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Applications

As a leading mobile jaw crusher manufacturer, Aimix Group has served countless customers with superb stone crushing solutions by means of our mobile jaw crushers. Right now, we show several successful cases of our mobile jaw crushers in different fields. These cases will help you better understand the value and effect of the mobile jaw crusher plants in actual work.

150TPH Jaw Crusher on Tracks for Crushing Cobblestone

mobile jaw crusher manufacturer

  • Customer Background: Our customer, one of the biggest construction contractors in Malaysia, has planned to implement several construction projects this year, including 5 supermarkets, 2 hotels, and several real estate development projects. For this reason, our customer is in need of a huge volume of construction aggregate. But buying construction aggregate from other companies is expensive. So he decides to apply to the government for mining and has obtained 15-year mining license. Then, he find Aimix Group to ask help of buying some mining equipment and stone crushing equipment.
  • Application: Producing construction aggregate
  • Use Place: Malaysia
  • Demand Analysis: The raw material is cobblestone, which is very hard to crush. Therefore, our engineers use the track jaw crusher as the primary crusher to process the cobblestone and get crushed stones that are less than 200mm. At the same time, our customer requires the particle size of the final products should be 0-5mm, 5-10mm, and 10-20mm aggregate materials. So our engineers continuously use a mobile cone crusher to crush 200mm gravel and turn them into 0-20mm construction aggregates.
  • Equipment Model Ordered: Track mounted jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, and mobile screening plant.
  • Benefits by our Solution: This set of 150TPH cobblestone crushing plant contains a primary crushing process, a secondary crushing process, and the screening process. Right now, it has been running for yeilding about 1200TPH construction aggregate per day, which can not only meet our customer’s construction need, but also can supply the aggregate requirement for some commercial concrete batching plants.

mobile jaw crusher on track

200TPH for Crushing Volcanic Stone

200tph mobile jaw crusher for sale

  • Raw Material Size: 600mm
  • Customer Demand: Customer needs 0-24mm construction aggregate to supply the local concrete batching plants and asphalt mixing plants.
  • Equipment Model Ordered: APY2-750J mobile jaw crusher, and APY2-1210F mobile cone crusher.
  • Demand Analysis: The particle size of the raw material is relatively large, so a crusher machine with a large crushing ratio must be configured. The mobile jaw crusher is undoubtedly the best choice due to its excellent crushing ratio and ability of crushing hard and large stones. Besides, our engineers apply a mobile cone crusher for the second round crushing process for the sake of getting finer products. As the results show, the partical size of the final products have meet our customers’ requirement.
  • Benefits by our Solution: Our mobile jaw and cone crusher has helped our customers output about 1600tph construction aggregate and become the top one construction aggregate supplier in the local areas.

Aimix Group, as a mobile jaw crusher supplier, is very happy that our mobile jaw crushing plants have been helping our customers for processing stones and making money. If you have the same need for a mobile jaw crusher, you can come to Aimix Group, and we will provide complete models for your selection.

Mobile Jaw Crusher Specifications & Prices

The following technical specifications are about our wheel-type mobile jaw crushers for sale. Besides we can only give you an approximately mobile jaw crusher price ranges because the exact prices are influenced by different parts, configuration, mortar brands, and other factors. Contact us for the mobile jaw crusher price if you are interested in any one of them.

Price ranges of APY2-57J-APY2-110J: Among USD 550,000- USD 960,000

Feeder modelAPG-3090WAPG-3896WAPG-4211WAPG-4211W
Crusher modelAPJ-5075EAPJ-6090EAPJ-7510EAPJ-110V
Maximum feed size (mm)425500630650
Silo volume (m3)45.377
Iron separator model (optional)RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-6.5RCYD(C)-8RCYD(C)-12
Tire configurationParallel double shaftParallel double shaftParallel three shaftsParallel three shafts
Main belt conveyor modelB650×8.5mB800×8.5mB1000×10mB1000×10m
Production capacity (t/h)45-10060-160110-320250-400
Weight (t)28395765

Except for complete models and sizes of mobile jaw crushers for sale, Aimix Group also has a complete set of after-sale warranty for each of our customers from all over the world.

Lifetime After-sales Guarantee from Aimix Group

Aimix Group has a professional team to support the after-sale services in any country of the world. Our service team can provide many items of services for you.

  • Custom Clearance Services: Aimix Group has partners to offer custom clearance services for you in your local areas. And no matter which country you are from, we always can supply this kind of service for you.
  • Installation Services: Aimix has our own installation team. And we can dispatch our engineers to your sites until the installation service is completed.
  • Training Services: We can teach your workers how to operate the mobile jaw crusher and give some maintaining tips.
  • Maintenance services: Our maintenance services can last for a life long time. Thence, call us when you need us during your using time.

aimix group after-sale warranty

Choose us and trust us! Aimix Group will not only supply qualified mobile jaw crusher for sale in the market, but also the trustworthy services. Contact us now for a stone crushing solutions.

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