Mobile Rock Crushing Plant Supports Infrastructure Projects

Our client is a leading construction company specializing in large-scale infrastructure projects in Madagascar. Their wide range of work spans from road construction, bridge projetcts, to urban infrastructure projects. As the scale of the project expanded, they urgently needed a high-capacity rock crushing plant to cope with the growing demand for construction aggregate materials.

crushing plant for mountain rocks

Our customer has mined lots of mountain rocks and hope we can recommend a suitable crushing equipment to process them and then produce construction aggregate materials. Handling large amounts of mountain rocks is a challenging task because the hardness of mountain rocks are pretty high. In response to the needs of our customer, we are committed to providing a set of efficient and reliable rock crushing plants that are applicable to hard mountain rocks.

Customized 4-in-1 Mobile Rock Crushing Plant – Effective for Mountain Rock

According to our client’s requirements, our engineers recommend our 4-in-1 mobile crusher plant. Unlike the mobile jaw crusher, mobile cone crusher, or mobile impact crusher, our 4-in-1 mobile crusher plant contains 2 crusher hosts in one unit. So, it can better process large-scale mountain rocks to produce aggregates for infrastructure projects. Its abilities and advantages are as follows:

Excellent Capabilities

  • Applicable Materials:Mountain rocks, and other kinds of hard rocks, such as granite, basalt, or volcanic rocks.
  • Maximum Feeding Size: 600mm
  • Productivities: 30-200TPH
  • Finished Aggregate Sizes: 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-16mm, 16-24mm, 24-35mm, 35-44mm

mountain rock crusher plants

Equipment Superiorities for Infrastructure Projects

  1. Can produce products that meet requirements:The aggregates sizes for concrete production are usually within 5~31.5mm, and the aggregate sizes for road filler are usually within 25~40mm. However, our 4-in-1 mobile rock crushing plant can produce finished construction aggregate of more than 6 sizes, including 0-5mm, 5-10mm, 10-16mm, 16-24mm, 24-35mm, and 35-44mm. Therefore, these types and sizes of finished aggregates can meet the requirements of concrete production, roadbed construction, bridge construction, and other projects for our customer.


    The reason to support the various sizes is because our 4-in-1 mobile rock crushing plant has two crushing stages: The jaw crusher is used as the primary crushing equipment. The jaw crusher has solid structure and adjustable discharge port which can efficiently break large rocks into the required size. Secondly, we use a cone crusher for the medium to fine crushing stages. The cone crusher ensures precise control of the 3 sizes of finished aggregate required by the customer through its highly efficient crushing chamber design.

    stone jaw crusher
    Jaw Crusher
    APC-200C compound cone crusher
    Cone Crusher
  2. Easy for customer to use it for various infrastructure projects that locate at different places: It combines the vibrating feeder, belt conveyor, primary crusher, secondary crusher, and screening machine in one movable unit. So, its mobility can meet our customer’s requirements of frequently shifting to different projects.

mountain stone crushing equipment
4-in-1 mobile crusher plant for mountain rocks

We can freely match a suitable crushing host or other accessories for you according to your specific requirements, such as output or particle size requirements. For example, we can change the models of the primary crusher and the secondary crusher if you need different productivities. In addition, we can also change them according to your different raw materials and specific needs for the particle shape of the finished products. Please feel free to call us if you are interested in our 4-in-1 mobile crushing plant.

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