Most Common Types of Mining Equipment

Mining machinery refers to mechanical equipment directly used to mine minerals and carry out mining work. There are many types of mining equipment. Equipment selection depends on several factors, including mining location and intended use. Drilling rigs, excavators, crushing, and grinding equipment play an important role in the mining industry. Now, let’s take a look at some important mining equipment and their functions.

mining machines

Blasting Tools

Blasting tools are used in underground and surface mining operations to destroy rock or other materials with the help of explosives. They serve a similar purpose to drill rigs in that they can effectively remove harder rock during underground mining.

Once blasting tools have been used, excavators are used to recover the blasted rock and debris to make room for further mining.

Mining blasting equipment

Drilling Rig

Mining drills are probably the most well-known pieces of equipment in the mining industry. They are vital equipment for all underground mining operations. If the ore is located lower in the earth, they are used to drill beneath the rock.

These rocks and minerals require surface mining where drill bits are the most effective tool. The drill bit assists in digging holes into the surface of the mine until it reaches the desired location. The drill will also free up space for workers if they need to work underground, while also creating a safe escape route.

mining rig


Excavators are used in surface mining operations. They are used to transport loose soil and rocks from one place to another.

The excavator is an important machine in the mining industry because of its ability to move heavy loads of earth and minerals from one place to another at a faster speed. They are used to dig, push and transport soil. They are often operated by professionals with extensive experience on both mining and construction sites.


Crushing equipment

Crushing equipment is used to break rocks and stones. For example, mobile jaw crushers, mobile cone crushers, and mobile impact crushers are designed to crush hard rocks and gravel into sand and gravel at a faster speed.

Crushing equipment helps reduce the amount of raw material on site as it would take longer to break it down by any other method.

stone crushing equipment

The above is an introduction to some important equipment in the mining industry, thank you for watching.

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