Bitumen Plant Process

Bitumen plant process mainly describes the working principle and operating processes of the bitumen laying plant. However, the bitumen plat process can be divided into three sections, the preparation stage, the machine running phase, and the closeout stage. The bitumen plant operators need to well know the operation maters and rules of each section.

How Many Stages Are There for the Bitumen Plant Process?

There are mainly three stages for the whole working process. I will show a simple introduction to the operating processes of the bitumen production plant. If you want to know more details about the bitumen processing plant, you can contact us now and we will reply with full details of pictures and working videos.

  • 1. Preparation stage for starting to run the entire plant.
  • 2. The working stage for the main systems.
  • 3. Ending stage before shutting down the whole plant.

Three Stages of Bitumen Plant Process

If you want to buy one set of bitumen mixing plant and start to produce bitumen, then you should learn how is bitumen produced and some operation processes and rules before you build a bitumen factory.

Preparation Stage

  • You should heat the asphalt pump for half an hour, and the bitumen tank for two hours in advance.
  • Operate the equipment part manually, such as lifting the hopper.
  • Check if the valves can work normally. Then heating asphalt transporting pipe until it can work normally.
  • Start the mixing system, air compressor, and dusting removal motor.
  • Turn on the ignitor, and check if the ignition can be successful. If it failed three times, users must stop the machine and check it.
  • Start the blower motor and main oil pump.

bitumen plant process

Working Stage

  • Start drum drying system, lift aggregates hoppers (pour materials), then make hoppers down.
  • Heating the aggregates, three minutes for wet aggregates, and one minute for dry aggregates. After heating, click the button of roller feed.
  • Click the buttons of taking bitumen, spray bitumen, take a powder, add powder, and design the mixing time for two minutes.
  • Make the finished hopper down to the finished tank.
  • Make the finished hopper raise, and make the storage bin discharge.
  • Aggregates hopper raises again, then repeat the circle of mixing new aggregates.

Ending Stage

  • Turn off the main oil pump and high-pressure diesel oil pump.
  • Turn off the running parts, but keep drying roller, blower machine working.
  • Clean the asphalt pump, pipeline and asphalt metering barrel.
  • Close all the motors after furnace body and roller become cooling.
  • Turn off the power totally in the end.

How Does A Bitumen Plant Work?


Load the aggregate materials and convey them to the drying drum after weighing.


Lift the hot aggregate materials and screen them according to their particle size.


Store the hot aggregate to the different bins.

Add the weighed hot aggregate materials, and powder materials and spray the liquid asphalt to the mixer.


Mix all the materials together.


Discharge the ready-made bitumen products out.

What Is A Bitumen Batching Plant?

After you learn its operation processes, you may also want to know what exactly is a bitumen laying plant and what is it used for. While the bitumen mixing plant is an equipment that is mainly used for producing bitumen. It can mix heating aggregates with different sizes, filler, and bitumen in a proper proportion at the designed temperature. Besides, it mainly consists of a mechanical part, electrical part, fuel piping part, cold aggregates system, drying, and heating system, lifting screening system, finished products storage system, dust removal system, asphalt heating system, control room, and other systems in details.

bitumen processing plant
bitumen processing plant cost
bitumen batch mix plant
bitumen manufacturing plant

ALQ100 Bitumen Mixing Plant

Capacity: 100(t/h)
  • Rated Capacity(t/h): 100
  • Vibrating Screen: 4
  • Rated mixing capacity(kg): 1500
  • Fuel Type: oil,coal, gas

Main Parts:

Cold aggregate supplying system, drying, and heating system, hot aggregate lifting system, mixing system, finished products storage bins, electric control system, etc.

How Many Types of Bitumen Laying Plants Are There in Aimix?

There are several species and models of bitumen processing plants for sale in Aimix Group. I list them as below. And if you want to learn more model details or buy one new bitumen plant from Aimix, you can check our products link here:

  • According to the mobility, there are mobile bitumen plant and stationary bitumen plant. Small mobile asphalt plant models have ALYJ, ALYQ and ALT series, and their capacities are from 10ton to 160ton. And the stationary type models belong to ALQ series, and their capacities are from 40ton to 320ton.
  • According to the batch modes, there are bitumen batch plant and bitumen hot mix plant.
bitumen batch mix plant

ALQ40 Bitumen Processing Plant

Capacity: 40(t/h)
  • Model: ALQ40
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 40
  • Dryer Capacity(t/h): 60
  • Vibrating Screen(layer): 4
  • Mixer Capacity(kg): 500

hot mix bitumen plant

ALQ80 Bitumen Manufacturing Plant

Capacity: 80(t/h)
  • Model: ALQ80
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 80
  • Dryer Capacity(t/h): 100
  • Vibrating Screen(layer): 4
  • Mixer Capacity(kg): 1000

bitumen laying plants

ALQ100 Bitumen Laying Plant

Capacity: 100(t/h)
  • Model: ALQ100
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 100
  • Dryer Capacity(t/h): 120
  • Vibrating Screen(layer): 4
  • Mixer Capacity(kg): 1250

mobile bitumen plant

ALYJ40 Mobile Bitumen Plant

Capacity: 40(t/h)
  • Model: ALYJ40
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 40
  • Fuel Oil(kw): 132
  • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 5m³×3
  • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 9

mobile bitumen plant

ALYJ60 Mobile Bitumen Plant for Sale

Capacity: 60(t/h)
  • Model: ALYJ60
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 60
  • Fuel Oil(kw): 146
  • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 5m³×3
  • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 9

How to Contact the Bitmen Plant Company?

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