Operation Process of Bitumen Plant

Bitumen plant, also called asphalt mixer plant, is a factory type complete set of equipment, which can mix heating aggregates with different sizes, filler and bitumen in a proper proportion at designed temperature. Bitumen mixing plant mainly consists of mechanical part, electrical part, fuel piping part, which are cold aggregates system, drying and heating system, lifting screening system, finished products storage system, dust removal system, asphalt heating system, control room and other systems in details. And there are many types of asphalt plant, such stationary asphalt mixing plant for sale, mobile asphalt plant, and asphalt drum mix plant.With many systems, operation process of asphalt batch mix plant is a little difficult. And there are some matters you need to know on operation process of asphalt batch plant for sale.

bitumen mixing plant
bitumen plant

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The operation process can divide into three periods, pre-work, when- work and after-work. And users need to know the operation maters and rules well of each period. If are interested in asphalt batching plant for sale, Aimix can be you best asphalt batch mix plant suppliers.

Pre-work of Bitumen Plant

  1. Users need to heat asphalt pump for half an hour, bitumen tank for two hours in advance.
  2. Users need to operate the equipment part manually, such as lifting hopper.
  3. Users need to check if the valves can work normally. Then heating asphalt transporting pipe until it can work normally.
  4. Start the mixing system, air compressor, and dusting removal motor.
  5. Turn on the ignitor, and check if the ignition can be successful. If it failed three times, users must stop the machine and check it.
  6. Start the blower motor and main oil pump.

When- work of Asphalt Plant

  1. Start drum drying system, lift aggregates hoppers (pour materials), then make hoppers down.
  2. Heating the aggregates, three minute for wet aggregates, one minute for dry aggregates. After heating, click the button of roller feed.
  3. Click the buttons of take bitumen, spray bitumen, take powder, add powder, and design the mixing time for two minutes.
  4. Make the finished hopper down to the finished tank
  5. Make finished hopper raise, and make the storage bin discharge.
  6. Aggregates hopper raises again, then repeat the circle of mixing new aggregates.
bitumen plant
bitumen mixing plant

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After-work of Bitumen Mixing Plant

  1. turn off the main oil pump and high-pressure diesel oil pump
  2. turn off the running parts, but keep drying roller, blower machine working.
  3. Clean asphalt pump, pipeline and asphalt metering barrel.
  4. Close all the motors after furnace body and roller become cooling.
  5. Turn off the power totally.

All above is a simple introduction on operating process of bitumen laying plant. If you want to know more details about bitumen processing plant for sale, you can contact Aimix, which is professional asphalt mixing plant suppliers. Besides, Aimix can provide customers with high-quality concrete batching plant, concrete mixer pump, concrete pump truck, wheel loader, concrete mixer and other machinery. Contact us to get more details or bitumen plant price.

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