Portable Asphalt Plant

Portable asphalt plant belongs to a small compact equipment which is mainly used to produce asphalt concrete. With the features of small occupied area and low purchase cost, it is widely applied for asphalt road construction, road repairing or asphalt road paving construction for the city road construction, narrow country road construction, highway construction, and so on. Aimix small portable asphalt has output capacities of 20TPH to 60TPH.

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ALT20 Portable Asphalt Plant Working in Kenya

Capacity: 20(t/h)
  • Output Capacity(t/h): 20
  • Asphalt Tank(t): 10
  • Fuel Oil(Kw):34
  • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 3

Main Parts:

Main base and wheels, batching system, drying system, burning system, hot aggregate materials lifting system, vibrating system, heat storage compartment, weighing and mixing system, asphalt supply system, and power supply system.

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    Main Features of Portable Asphalt Plants

    The small portable asphalt plants for sale in Aimix Group are classified as mini-size asphalt batch mix plants. It has many features showed in below.

    • Mobility! Its biggest advantage is that it can be moved to any place at any time due to its mobility feature. It is convenient for you to transmit a small portable asphalt plant from the warehouse to the construction sites.
    • Quick installment and disassembly! Its main frame is built up in one part. And the whole plant is made of the main frame and other accessories. Therefore, it only needs to assemble and install the main frame with the accessories and then the whole plant can start to work. The whole process will only cost you a little time and will need less larbors and installation cost. On the other hand, it is also very quick to disassemble the whole plant and drag the main frame to another site.
    small portable asphalt plant

    ALT20 Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

    Capacity: 20(t/h)
    • Model: ALT20
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 20
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 34
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 3.5m³×1
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 3

    portable hot mix plant

    ALT40 Portable Hot Mix Asphalt Plant

    Capacity: 45(t/h)
    • Model: ALT40
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 45
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 65
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 4m³×4
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 3

    portable asphalt plant manufacturers

    ALT60 Portable Asphalt Drum Mix Plant

    Capacity: 60(t/h)
    • Model: ALT60
    • Output Capacity(t/h): 60
    • Fuel Oil(kw): 105
    • Cold Aggregate Feeding System: 4m³×4
    • Finihsed Asphalt Storage Bin(t): 7

    Why Do You Need A Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant?

    If you want to be one of the asphalt suppliers or asphalt concrete manufacturers, then you should buy one set of new portable asphalt plant for sale in Aimix, and next you can start your commercial business by selling or supplying asphalt concrete to your local contractors. On the other hand, buying a set of portable hot mix plant with appropriate output according to your actual demands will be very convenient if you have your own road construction projects.

    • 1. Need less portable asphalt plant price due to its small size and simple structures.
    • 2. Need less installation cost. As you can see, its main frame is set on a movable chassis so that it can be easily transfferred by a truck. You only need to rent a truck and hire less labor to drag its main frame and other portable asphalt plant parts when you want to shift your sites for different construction projects.
    • 3. Has small output capacities of 20tph to 60tph. This range is suitable for small-sized or middle-sized asphalt paving construction projects.

    mobile type asphalt mixing plant
    Mobile Main Frame

    What Are the Applications of Portable Asphalt Plant Equipment?

    As we all know, asphalt mixing plant portable is a necessary equipment to provide mass asphalt production in order to supply enough asphalt concrete for constructing highway, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and other ports.

    Faraway Highway Construction

    It is a well-known fact that buying finished asphalt from a commercial asphalt plant and transporting the asphalt concrete to a faraway highway site is very expensive. It will be more convenient and cost-efficient if you buy a small portable asphalt plant. First of all, you can shift the plant along with the highway. Secondly, it will save you a lot of money if you can make asphalt concrete for your own projects.

    City Road Asphalt Paving Construction

    Small type asphalt plant is suitable for long-distance city road or country road construction projects according to its mobility.

    portable asphalt mixing plant
    ALT60 Portable Asphalt Plant Working in Afghanistan

    small portable asphalt plants for sale
    ALT60 Portable Asphalt Plant Working in Burma

    Advantages and Services of Aimix Group

    As one of the top leading portable asphalt plant manufacturers, Aimix Group not only supplies qualified portable asphalt plant equipment but also the excellent after-sale service for our customers. Hence, Aimix will offer you full service, including shipping service, customs clearance service, delivery service, installation service, training service, and maintenance service.

    • 1. Experienced manufacturing technology.Aimix Group has 28 years of experience in producing all kinds of construction machines, including mobile mini asphalt plant, concrete pump equipment, concrete plant machine, and so on. We have professional manufacturing technology and a mature production line. What is more, Aimix can supply you with factory prices.
    • 2. Wearing parts for free. Aimix will give you extra wearing parts for the portable asphalt mixing plant for free. It will help you save some money and time.
    • 3. Sell products to over 100 countries and 1000 cities all around the world. And Aimix has over 200 asphalt plants working in the Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, United States, Thailand, Zanmbia, Kenya, Canada, Paraguay, UK, UZ, Jamaica, and other countries.
    • 4. Aimix has over 2000 local agents in the world. Our local agents can provide after-sale services for our local clients.
    • 5. Reliable after-sale service team. Aimix has one 60-people after-sale service team who can supply excellent services for each of our clients.

    portable asphalt plant kenya
    ALT60 Portable Asphalt Plant Installed in Kenya

    What You Need To Do?

    There is one thing you may want to figure it out. And that is what you need to do before you buy a portable asphalt plant. Let me tell you here. And I will list some things you should do now.
    In addition to this, we would like to give you an offer if you want to get a quote on our asphalt equipment. Kindly get back to us if you got any questions about our portable asphalt plants.

    Provide full details about your construction projects, including which country you want a portable asphalt plant to buy for, which port you want to delivery the equipment, what project you gonna use our asphalt plant machine for, where you want to install the plant, and so on.

    Tell us your needs for portable asphalt plant parts, and then our engineers can make a 3D drawing for you. Therefore, you will estimate your factory layout and floor space. After that, you can start to build the foundation for preparing the equipment installation.

    Inform our sales how many mixing capacities you demand your daily asphalt need. Therefore, our sales can recommend to you the right model and size of our equipment.

    Give us your specific budget. In other words, please tell us your budget plan so that we can show you which kind of portable asphalt plant to buy. Apart from this, Aimix can give you some proposals about the financial support for your purchase plan.

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