Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale

Portable asphalt mixing plant is a large equipment mainly used to produce asphalt concrete. Portable asphalt plant is also called mobile asphalt plant. Its biggest advantage is that it can be moved to any place at any time due to its mobility feature. Therefore, it is very suitable for asphalt road construction, road repairing or asphalt road paving construction. There are 40t/h to 160t/h portable asphalt mixing plants available in Aimix Group.

Best portable asphalt plant
ALYQ160 Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in Aimix

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Main Components of Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant in Aimix

Main base and wheels
Batching system
Drying system
Burning system
Hot aggregate materials lifting system
Vibrating system
Heat storage compartment
Weighing and mixing system
Asphalt supply system
Powder supply system

high quality portable asphalt plant
ALYQ40 Portable Asphalt Plant for Sale in Aimix


Model: ALYQ40 Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Production Capacity: 40t/h

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What is the Benefit If You Buy A Portable Asphalt Plant?

1. Mobility!

It is convenient to transmit a portable asphalt plant from the warehouse to the construction sites.

2. Quick installment and disassembly!

The main frame of portable asphalt plant is built up in one part. And the whole plant is made of the main frame and other accessories. Therefore, it only needs to assemble and install the main frame with the accessories and then the whole plant can start to work. The whole process will only cost a little time and will need less manpower. On the other hand, it is also very quick to disassemble the whole plant and drag the main frame to another sites.

3. Suitable for faraway highway construction.

It is a well-known fact that buying finished asphalt from a commercial asphalt mixing plant and transporting the asphalt concrete to a faraway highway site are very expensive. It will be more convenient and cost-efficient if you buy a small portable asphalt mixing plant. First of all, you can shift the portable asphalt plant along with the highway. Secondly, it will save a lot of money if you can make asphalt concrete for your own projects.

4. Production capacity varies from 40TPH to 160 TPH

As we all know, asphalt mixing plant is a necessary equipment to provide mass asphalt production in order to supply enough asphalt concrete for constructing highway, grade highways, municipal roads, airports and other ports. Therefore, you have to purchase one set of portable asphalt plant unit with appropriate output according to your actual demand. Aimix has various models and sizes of portable asphalt plants. And their production capacities are 40t/h, 60t/h, 80t/h, 100t/h, 120t/h, 160t/h. Both high yield and low yield are available in Aimix Group.

Why Do You Need A Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant?

If you want to be one of the asphalt suppliers or asphalt concrete manufacturers, then you should buy one set of portable asphalt mixing plant, and next you can start your commercial business for selling or supplying asphalt concrete to local contractors. In the other hand, buying a set of small portable asphalt plant will be very convenient if you have your own road construction projects.

high level portable asphalt machine
ALYQ60 Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant for Sale in Aimix


Model: ALYQ60 Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant

Production Capacity: 60t/h

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Technical Parameters of Portable Asphalt Mixing Plants in Aimix:

Type Unit ALYQ40 ALYQ60 ALYQ80 ALYQ100 ALYQ120 ALYQ160
Production capacity t/h 40 60 80 100 120 160
Mixer kg 600 800 1200 1200 1700 2200
Fuel Diesel, heavy oil, natural gas, liquefied gas, pulverized coal
Mixing cycles s 45 45 45 45 45 45
Filter area 260 370 420 480 510 620
Vibrating screen(layer) 4 4 4 4 4 5
Asphalt tank Option, 10-40 t or depend on request
Asphalt heating Heat conducting oil furnace or direct heat asphalt tank
Dust filter Gravity dust filter+Cyclone dust filter+Bag dust filter/Water dust filter

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Best Portable Asphalt Mixing Plant Manufacturer-Aimix Group

1. Experienced manufacturing technology.

Aimix Group has 28 years experience on producing all kinds of construction machines, including mobile asphalt plant, portable asphalt mixing plant, concrete pump with mixer, ready mixed concrete plant, brick making machine and so on. We have professional manufacturing technology and after-sale service.

2. Sell products to over 56 countries.

Until now, Aimix has sold countless construction machines to over 56 countries in the whole world. And Aimix has over 50 asphalt plants working in Philippines, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Indonesia, United States and other countries.

3. Have branches in Philippines, Pakistan, UZ, Indonesia and Malaysia.

Aimix has established few branches in the above five countries. We have built up warehouses and offices in those countries to supply better service for our customers. Contact us for our branches address and more details.

4. Reliable after-sale service

Aimix has set up a professional after-sale service team to help each of our customers to solve their problems.

5. Wearing parts for free.

Aimix will give you extra wearing parts for the portable asphalt mixing plant for free. It will help you save some money and time.

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