Quartz Sand Applications and How to Make Quartz Sand

Quartz sand is a natural mineral obtained by crushing and grinding quartz stone. It usually exists in crystalline or granular form. Quartz sand has high hardness, wear resistance and stability. These characteristics make it widely used in many industrial and construction applications.

quartz sand
Quartz Sand

Wide Application Fields – Covers Multiple Industries

Quartz sand plays an important role in various industrial and technological fields. It has diverse functions and is an indispensable raw material for many industries.

  • Construction & Building Materials Industry

    Quartz sand is an important component of concrete and mortar. As the main aggregate in concrete, quartz sand can increase the strength and durability of concrete.

    quartz sand used as aggregate for making concrete

  • Glass Manufacturing

    With high melting point and chemical stability, we often use the quartz sand as one of the main raw materials of glass. It’s an idela option to use quartz sand for producing various types of high-quality glass, including flat glass, glassware, and optical glass.

    quartz sand used for making glass

  • Prouduction of Ceramic

    One of the main raw materials for ceramics and tiles is quartz sand. By mixing quartz sand with other ceramic raw materials (such as clay, feldspar, etc.), you can create ceramic recipes suitable for different applications.

    quartz sand used for Ceramic

  • Metal Casting

    Some molds and cores used in the metal casting process are often made of quartz sand. Metal parts cast with quartz sand molds have more precise shapes and smoother metal surfaces.

    quartz sand used for Metal Casting

  • Used as Abrasives and Grinding Tools

    Quartz sand has high hardness so that we usually use it as an abrasive to cut, grind and polish metal, glass, gemstones and other hard materials. Common sandpaper, grinding wheels and some grinding instruments are made of quartz sand.

    quartz sand Used as Abrasives and Grinding Tools

  • Water Filtration

    The granular nature of quartz sand makes it an ideal filter media for water filtration and treatment. It can remove suspended solids, solid particles and other impurities in the water and improve the quality of the water.

  • Insulation Materials

    Quartz sand has a high melting point and excellent thermal insulation properties so as to be often used as a thermal insulation material and is commonly found in high-temperature furnaces and other high-temperature applications.

In recent years, the demand for quartz sand has increased. If you can invest in the production and sales of quartz sand at this time, you will definitely get a lot of income. Before making investment, it is necessary to master some quartz sand production principles, which will be of great benefit to future investments. Below, we have listed detailed steps to help you understand how to make quartz sand.

How Is Quartz Sand Made?

Quartz sand is processed from quartz stone. Its production process is mainly divided into the following steps:

quartz sand material
Quartz Sand

Step 1: Mining Quartz Stone

There are many different quartz stone origins in many regions around the world. Among them, China, Brazil, and the United States have the largest quartz stone origins. You can apply to the government to obtain a mining license, safety production license, environmental guarantee, etc. for an origin, and then you can carry out mining activities in this mine. Then, according to the specific conditions of the mine, the rough quartz stone is mined through underground mining or open-pit mining.

Step 2: Crushing Raw Quartz Stone

The maximum size of raw quartz stone can reach 400mm, while the size requirements of quartz sand that can be used for various industrial purposes are generally 0.1-1mm, 1-2mm, 2-4mm, and 4-8mm. Therefore, the mined raw quartz stone cannot generally be used until they are crushed into several sizes that meet the requirements by some quartz crushing plants.

quartz crusher plant

What Crushing Equipment Can Be Used?

Quartz stone has a quartz content of up to 94%. Quartz crystal is a natural mineral that is second only to diamond in hardness. Its surface hardness can be as high as 7.5 on the Mohs scale. Such high hardness often requires the use of multiple crushers in order to break the raw stone into the required smaller particle size. Our commonly used quartz crushing machine contains: feeding machine, jaw crusher, cone crusher, and screening machine.

Feeding Machine
Feeding Machine
jaw crushers
Jaw Crusher
cone crushers
Cone Crusher
screening machine
Screening Machine

Crushing Process

  • Transportation of raw materials: Use a dump truck or excavator to dump the raw materials onto the vibrating feeder, and then the feeder will slowly transport the quartz stone into the jaw crusher for primary crushing.
  • Primary crushing: In the primary crushing stage, use a jaw crusher to crush the raw quartz stone into sizes within 100mm, so that these raw materials can meet the size requirements for secondary crushing.
  • Secondary crushing: Next, transport the quartz stone into the cone crusher for secondary crushing. After the secondary crushing process, the size of the stone will reach to 3-20mm.

quartz sand making process

Now, the size of the quartz sand of 3-20mm particle size, which still cannot meet the actual use requirements. Next, we can continue to use other equipment to continuously crush or grind the quartz sand into smaller particles. For example, the common machines may be sand making machine or ball mill.

3-20mm quartz sand

Step 3: Sand Making/Grinding and Grading

Sand Making Production Line:

After the raw quartz stone is initially crushed, a sand making machine and a sand washing machine can be configured to crush the stone into finer quartz sand again. The production process is as follows:

  • Sand making machine crushing process: The core component of the sand making machine is the fine-crushing compound cone crusher. After being crushed by the upper-level equipment, the size of the material is 3-20mm. The belt conveyor transports these stones into the fine-crushing compound cone crusher. And the material is continuously squeezed in the crushing cavity. During this process, the final discharge size will reach to 0-3mm. Next, the crushed materials will be classified by the screening machine. Materials that do not meet the size will be returned to the cone crusher for re-crushing. Materials that meet the size will be sent to the sand washing machine.
  • 0-3mm
    0-3mm quartz sand
  • Sand washing process: The sand washing machine washes the finished materials with water. Wash away trace dust and impurities on the surface of the sand, thereby improving the quality of the sand. The washed quartz sand will be transported by belt conveyor and accumulated and stored together.

sand production machine
Sand Production Line
sand washing equipment
Sand Washing Equipment

After being processed together by the sand making machine and the sand washing machine, the sand size of 0-3mm can be used in most fields, such as in the construction field, the production of concrete, or the production of ceramics and glass.

Cases of Making Quartz Sand

Here, we share a quartz sand crushing case we have done so that you can have a clearer understanding of how to crush and produce quartz sand.

stone crushing plant for quartz sand

  • Sand Yield: 100TPH
  • Crushing Capacity: 150TPH
  • Equipment and models involved in crushing process: APY2-69J mobile jaw crusher plant, APY2-160C mobile cone crusher plant, APC-9532X sand making machine, and sand washing machine
  • Application Fields: production of quartz sand for making glass and ceramics

mobile jaw crusher plant
Mobile Jaw Crusher
mobile cone crusher plant
Mobile Cone Crusher
sand making machine
Sand Making Machine
sand washing machine
Sand Washing Machine

Grinding Production Line:

  • To obtain high-purity quartz sand, you can use a ball mill or rod mill to grind and classify the quartz sand from 3-20mm to 0.1-0.8mm. Grinding is the core step of ball mill production of quartz sand.
  • ball mill
    Ball Mill
  • After grinding process, the quartz size will be between 0.1-0.8mm. Next, the ball mill will classify it and sieve the quartz powder according to different particle sizes.
  • 0-0.8mm quartz sand
    0-0.8mm quartz sand
  • At the same time, in order to ensure the purity and quality of quartz sand, the quartz powder needs to be dusted to remove impurities, dust and other substances. After the above processes, quartz sand can be packaged and stored for subsequent use or sale.

In general, if you want to make quartz sand, you generally need to start with mining, and then use quartz stone crushers to crush the quartz sand into sizes of 3-20mm.

  1. Next, according to your specific requirements, you can use a sand making machine plus a sand washing machine to produce quartz sand with a size of 0-3mm;
  2. or you can also use a ball mill or rod mill to produce high-purity quartz sand with a finished size of 0.1-0.8mm.

With the help of these equipment, you can produce quartz sand to sell and make a good profit.

Quartz stone has unlimited application potential, it can be widely used in various industrial applications such as construction, glass manufacturing, ceramic manufacturing, electronic industry, oil well fracturing, etc. This article explains the entire process from quartz stone mining to manufacturing high-quality quartz sand, and we hope it will be helpful to you.

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