ready mix plant for sale

Ready Mix Concrete Plant for Sale

Ready mix concrete plant for sale is combined equipment that is mainly used for concrete batching and mixing. As a result of possessing a few superior characteristics of compact structure, less ground occupation, and a high degree of mechanization and automation, an rmc plant for sale often has higher concrete productivity and stable performance to make it possible to continuously save cement and improve the quality of concrete for your various construction projects.

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AJ-60 Ready Mix Concrete Plant Installed in Sri Lanka

Capacity: 60(m3/h)
  • Concrete output(m3/h): 60
  • Mixer Model: JS1000
  • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
  • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

Main Parts:

Concrete mixer, aggregate batching machine, belt conveyor, cement silos, screw conveyors, control room.

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    How Many Types of Ready Mix Concrete Plants Are There in Aimix?

    You may be interested in starting a concrete business and making profit from concrete. Before you start it, what you should do is to choose a right type of rmc plant. Make sure how many cubics of concrete you want to produce at daily time. The standard answer is to find out and count the quantities of total enterprises and institutions that may have the demand for concrete within 100 miles in your local place. For example, the precast concrete products factory, real estate agents, housing or highway construction project contractors, and so on. Then, you can estimate the cubics of concrete you need to produce so that you can supply enough concrete for those enterprises. Afterward, you can choose a ready mix batching plant with suitable capacity and model. And now I will introduce several types of rmc plants to you.

    • 1. According to the concrete yields, there are mini rmc plant: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJY-25, AJY-35, and large rmc plant: AJ-50, AJ-60, AJ-75, AJ-90, AJ-120, and AJ-180.
    • 2. Under the different aggregate conveying methods, there are belt type: AJ-60, AJ-90, AJ-120 and AJ-180, and skip hopper type: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, and AJ-75.
    • 3. In the light of mobility, there are mobile rmc plants: AJY-25, AJY-35, AJY-60, and AJL-25, and stationary rmc plants: AJ-25, AJ-35, AJ-50, AJ-75, AJ-90, AJ-120 and AJ-180.
    rmc plant equipment

    AJ-25 Small Ready Mixed Concrete Batching Plant

    Capacity: 25(m3/h)
    • Model: AJ-25
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 25
    • Mixer Model: JS-500
    • Mixer Power(kw): 18.5
    • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

    information about rmc plant

    AJ-35 Ready Mix Concrete Mixing Plant

    Capacity: 35(m3/h)
    • Model: AJ-35
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
    • Mixer Model: JS750
    • Mixer Power(kw): 30
    • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

    Ready mix plant

    AJ-50 Ready Mix Concrete Mixing Plant

    Capacity: 50(m3/h)
    • Model: AJ-50
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
    • Mixer Model: JS1000
    • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
    • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

    rmc batching plant

    AJ-60 Ready Mix Concrete Plant Equipment

    Capacity: 60(m3/h)
    • Model: AJ-60
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 60
    • Mixer Model: JS1000
    • Mixer Power(kw): 2×18.5
    • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ60

    readi mix concrete plant

    AJ-90 Ready Mix Concrete Batch Plant for Sale

    Capacity: 90(m3/h)
    • Model: AJ-90
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 90
    • Mixer Model: JS1500
    • Mixer Power(kw): 2×30
    • Max.Aggregate Size(mm): Φ80

    mobile rmc plant

    AJY-35 Mobile RMC Plant

    Capacity: 35(m3/h)
    • Model: AJY-35
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 35
    • Mixer Model: JS750
    • Aggregate size(mm): 80/60
    • Discharging capacity(L): 750

    portable ready mix plant

    AJY-50 Portable Ready Mix Plant

    Capacity: 50(m3/h)
    • Model: AJY-50
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 50
    • Mixer Model: JS1000
    • Aggregate size(mm): 80/60
    • Discharging capacity(L): 1000

    small rmc plant

    AJL-25 Ready Mix Plant for Sale

    Capacity: 25(m3/h)
    • Model: AJL-25
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 25
    • Mixer Model: Planetary concrete mixer
    • Bag cement hopper(t): 2
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 500

    Features And Advantages Of Ready Mix Cement Plant

    • 1. High mixing quality, high utilization rate and low energy consumption.
    • 2. Compact structure, less ground occupation and low investment.
    • 3. Stable performance and high efficiency.
    • 4. Environmental friendly construction machine.
    • 5. And the whole process realizes the centralized concrete mixing, which is beneficial to adopt advanced technology and implement professional production management. Therefore, ready mix plants for sale can improve concrete quality, reduce material consumption and cost.

    What Are Differences Between the Stationary RMC Plant and Mobile RMC Plant?

    Make sure whether the mobile type or stationary type of rmc plant is suitable for your rmc plant business plan. To find out the answer, we should firstly figure out the their main distinctions. There are several differences between the mobile type and the stationary type.

    • 1. The main parts of a mobile ready mix concrete plant is framed on a movable steel structure. Therefore, you can easily install and disassemble it with shorter time and less labor. Yet the stationary plant usually needs to build foundations first before install the whole plant. In other word, stationary plant will need longer time to install.
    • 2. And the most key difference you would be interested is the cost. The costs are divided into the rmc plant cost and the rmc plant setup cost. The portable rmc plant belongs to a small plant, and it has smaller output and compact structure. Therefore, portable ready mix concrete plant need less price to buy and lower setup cost.
    • 3. Mobile type plant has small covering area. And stationary type often needs larger floor space.

    What Are the Applications of Ready Mix Batch Plant for Sale?

    Ready mix concrete plant can produce plastic concrete, dry-hard concrete, fluid concrete, lightweight aggregate concrete and other concrete. Therefore, it is widely used for prefabricated concrete products factories, house building construction, bridge construction, dams construction, ports construction, water conservancy projects, and other infrastructure construction projects.

    1. Usage of Producing Precast Concrete Products

    Ready mix plant is applicable for small and medium-sized manufacturing factory for producing many different types of precast concrete products. For example, precast concrete slabs, precast concrete panels, precast concrete floor, precast concrete walls, and so on. Hence, you can use our rmc batching plant to yield curb inlets and catch basins, foundations, highway barrier, manholes, box and 3-sided culverts, on-site wastewater tanks, paving slabs, pipes, retaining walls, sound walls, stormwater management products, and so on.

    2. Railway, Highway and Bridge Construction

    As we all know, the daily demand for concrete for the railway and highway construction is huge. And the ready-mixed concrete consists of cement, aggregates, water, additive and mineral admixture, which are in a certain proportion. Therefore, it is needed to build a fully automatic ready mix batching plant to produce qualified concrete with more effective and time-saving way. In other words, automatic rmc concrete plant is suitable for those construction projects with long construction period, intensive construction sites and heavy engineering works. After proper mixing, the finished concrete will be transported to the construction site by concrete mixing truck on site within stipulated time.

    3. Commercial Concrete Producing

    With the rapid development of municipal engineering projects in the global areas, more and more small and medium-sized water conservancy construction projects, electric power construction projects, and house building construction projects are planned to be constructed in recent years. Wherefore the need for the commercial concrete is getting higher and more urgent. Hence, ready mix plant and central mix plant is highly in need to supply commercial concrete for those construction projects. That is why you should take this opportunity to invest one set of concrete rmc plant and become one of the ready mix concrete suppliers in your local areas.

    What Elements Would Influence the RMC Plant Cost?

    There are lots of ready mix concrete plant parts that may influence the total rmc plant price. Therefore, if you want to be one of the precast concrete companies and grow your rmc concrete business plan in your local areas, then you should buy one centralized ready mix concrete plant. However, how to choose a suitable readymix concrete plant with a right price? Here I will give you some solutions about it to help you to make a right purchase in Aimix Group.

    Concrete Output Capacities

    The concrete output capacities are mainly influenced by the model of cement mixer. In other words, the larger the mixer is, the higher output the rmc concrete batching plant has. For example, a JS1500 cement mixer can yield about 1500L concrete at per batch, and a JS750 can yield 750L concrete at per batch. Besides, the batching time for each model of mixers is also different, the larger charging capacity it has, the longer batching time it will need. What is more, there are additional options for you to choose. For example, we can fix humidity and temperature tester inside of the mixer to help you to detect and control the real-time temperature and humidity thereby the mixer can produce concrete with high stability and high performance.

    AJ-90 Price
    AJ-60 Price
    AJ-50 Price
    AJ-35 Price

    Feeding Types

    There are two feeding methods fo the aggregate materials, including skip hopper and belt conveyor. Belt conveyor can complete continuous conveying the aggregate materials and has larger conveying capacity.

    Quantities of Batching Machine Hopper

    You can choose 4 bins batching machine, 3 bins batching machine or 2 bins batching machine according to your need.

    Quantities of Cement Silos

    In line with the concrete output or your actual need for the powder materials, Aimix can install one to four or more cement storage silos for your plant.

    Foundations Cost

    As you know, the total cost including the machine cost and setup cost. And stationary type plants usually need to build foundations first. Therefore, you need to consider the foundations building cost at the same time.

    How Dose A Ready Mix Concrete Plant Work?


    Drive a wheel loader to feed the sand, gravel or other aggregate materials to the hoppers of batching machine.


    The weighed aggregate materials are conveyed to a skip hopper or the belt conveyor. Afterwards, all the materials are transported to the mixer.


    The cement, fly ash or other powder materials are conveyed to the mixer by the screw conveyors.


    Add water and addictives to the mixer.


    The mixer starts to stir all the materials and turn them into concrete.


    The mixer discharges the ready-made concrete out to a concrete truck.

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