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Screw conveyor, made of steel, is a kind of continuous conveying machine, which is used for conveying granular materials in short distance or vertical direction. With the help of rotating spiral blade and rotating material groove equipped with inner spiral, screw conveyors can transport materials freely. Mainly, screw conveyor is widely used in construction machinery, metallurgy, chemical industry, coal mine, food and other field. And it is quite suitable for powdery, granular materials and small-piece materials, such as coal, cement, ash.

But screw conveyor is a good choice to convey materials which become agglomerate and degenerate easily. Besides, high temperature material and corrosive material are also not allowed. And screw conveyor is characteristic of compact structure, small cross sectional area, light weight, good sealing, flexible installment and movement, and easy operation. Besides, it is quite a match product for concrete mixing plant. Apart from screw conveyors for sale, Aimix can also provide other spare parts, such as concrete mixer and wheel loader.

Brief Introduction on Structure and Structure Features

Mainly, cement screw conveyor includes screw conveyor body, charging and discharging device, and driving device. In details, screw conveyor consists of motor, reducer, engine base, the upper shaft, loading port, barrel, discharging port, spiral and the under shaft.

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Generally, the screw is working under a certain angle, which is from 45 degree to 60 degree. By adding or removing the standard section, there can screw conveyor with different length. But the maximum length of screw should be less than 14 meters. If you want longer transmission distance, it can be achieved by spiral relay, which is more convenient and safe.

Structure Features

  1. Screw axis connects with hanger bearing, head shaft and tail shaft in embedded tough way, which makes easy installment and disassembly without axial movement.
  2. Screw conveyor is equipped with variable diameter structure, which increases the volume of hanger bearing and avoids the touch between hanger bearing and materials. And the service time of hanger bearing can be over 2 years.
  3. All the transmission part is connected in floating connection mode, which avoids materials blocking.
  4. The head and tail bearing is outside the barrel and all the bearing adopts multi-layer sealing and combined sealing technology, which makes bearing a long service time.

How to work?

When the spiral shaft rotates, the material will rub the trough wall and produce friction. So that the materials will be pushed forward along the trough by the blades.  While the movement of material in intermediate bearing depends on the thrust from the material behind. Therefore, the material transport in screw conveyor is completely a slip movement.  In order to make the screw shaft in a more favorable state of being pulled, the driving device and discharging port are generally arranged at the same end of screw conveyor and the feeding port is installed at the other end of screw conveyor as far as possible.

And the materials gravity and friction resistance between the materials and trough wall makes materials get rid of the rotating with blades together. Besides, there are several types of blades, such as solid surface type, belt type and leaf surface type, and you can choose different blade types according to the materials type. Besides, the hanger bearing is sliding bearing, which is equipped with dust proof device and sealing device.

screw conveyor
screw conveyor

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Simple Classification about Screw Conveyor

According to the materials conveying angle, screw conveyor can be divided into horizontal screw conveyor and inclined screw conveyor. In details, the head and tail bearing of horizontal screw conveyor is outside the barrel and hanger bearing adopts sliding bearing without dust sealing device. Generally, bearing bush adopts the power metallurgy technology and cement conveying should be with blanket bearing.

Hanger bearing and screw shaft being connected with sliding block, so that screw can be removed without moving driving device and hanger bearing can be moved without moving screw. Mainly, horizontal screw conveyor has the advantages of good reliability, long service time, strong adaptability and easy maintaining. Horizontal screw conveyor is the main machine for agricultural and industrial transport, which can reduce the labor intensity, improve working efficiency.

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As for the inclined screw conveyor, also called mobile screw conveyor, is quite suitable to delivery bulk materials, such as cement, pulverized coal, soda flour, grain, pulp, for chemistry industry, metallurgy industry and construction project. Inclined screw conveyor doesn’t belong to the fundamental type, and it consists of driving motor, speed reducer, barrel and spiral. And shaft end and spiral are connected by involute spline, which has the advantages of easy installment and disassembly, large carrying capacity and great reliability.

Meanwhile, the shell of screw conveyor is made of steel pipe, which is connected by flange. So that it has a great overall rigidity and can be moved or disassembled easily.  Besides, the feeding port and discharging port can be customized with a certain angle according to the working circumstance. As for the spiral blades, it consists of the integral connecting blade, which is rolled from disk shape steel strip.

When you want to buy a cement screw conveyor for sale, you need to take all these things into consideration. First, you need consider what you want to transport. Next, you should think of the spiral diameter and barrel diameter. Thirdly, you need to transport capacity, which is really important. Also, the barrel length and the length between feeding port and discharging port should be taken into consideration. By considering all these aspects by yourself or get professional suggestion from us, you can choose the most proper screw conveyor for sale.

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How to maintain screw conveyor?

When the daily work is finished, you need to vent the screw conveyor. And you should check if the gearbox works well, if there is enough lubricating oil once a week. Besides, you need to check if there is sediment in discharging port and suspended bearing and clean them in time. Meanwhile, testing the fasting status of the whole machine every month is necessary. And screw conveyor should discharging all the materials if it will lie idle for some time in area, where the air humidity is large. And method to discharging all the materials is as follows. First, you need to close the manual butterfly valve of screw conveyor feeding port. Then start screw conveyor engine, and make it stop after few minute running.

As a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, Aimix will never let you down. With high quality, competitive price and timely transportation, Aimix product totally can be your best choice. Professional advice, free installment guide and excellent after-sale service will make you more satisfied with Aimix. If you want customized product, we can make one for you according to your demands. Aimix have the strength and confidence to establish a cooperative relationship with you. Contact us if you are interested in Aimix product. Aimix conveying machine will never let you down.

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Features and Advantages of Aimix Screw Conveyor:

  1. It has simple structure, good sealing, great reliability and low investment.
  2. It has a strong adaptability, stable performance, easy installment and long service time.
  3. Conveying direction can be reversed and transportation can happen to two opposite directions at the same time.
  4. The materials can be stirred, heated and cooled during the conveying process, and the materials flow can be adjusted by the feeding and discharging strobe.


Type Delivery Angle Delivery Distance(m) Delivery Volume(t/h) Shell Pipe Diameter(mm) Matching Power(kw)
LSY219 0-45º 4-15 15 219 5.5-15
LSY273 0-45º 4-15 30 273 7.5-18.5
LSY323 0-45º 4-15 60 323 15-30

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