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Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is a new type of concrete mixer machines. It integrates the features and functions of a wheel loader, a concrete mixer, and a concrete mixer truck in one unit. A self loading concrete mixer can implement all the following operations by itself: self-loading and weighing cement and aggregate materials, self-mixing concrete, self-transport ready-mixed concrete, and self-discharging the rmc concrete to the construction sites.

self loading concrete mixer

If you have the need of batching and mixing of concrete, our self loading cement mixer for sale may meet your requirement because of its unique features and functions.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Components & Their Functions

The key components of the self loading concrete mixers for sale mainly contain four-wheel truck-chassis, front bucket, mixer drum, water tank, cockpit, and fully automatic control system. All parts have their own distinctive functions and work together to allow you for efficient and flexible batching and mixing of concrete on your construction sites.

what is self loading concrete mixer


From its appearance, a self-loading concrete mixer has a four-wheel steering truck-chassis. This property can bring you a lot of convenience.

  • A self loading cement mixer itself is a complete vehicle and you only need to hire 1 driver to operate it.
  • Besides, it can freely travel to different construction sites, and you don’t need additional equipment to transport the self loading mixer concrete. This will reduce shipping costs and time, and allow you to share the self loading concrete mixers across multiple projects.
self loading cement mixer


Front bucket will let you freely self-load and self-weigh the cement, sand, and gravel materials, which increasing the versatility of the self loading concrete mixer machine.

  • Save time and labor: You can use the front bucket to quickly load powder materials and aggregate materials, which can greatly reduce your manual labor cost and speed up your work process.
  • Cut down costs for extra equipment: An aimix self loading concrete mixer with a front bucket will replace wheel loaders and some workers to load the aggregate materials. So, it cut down the rental or purchase costs of additional loading equipment, thereby reduces your overall cost of the project.
  • Improve the quality of concrete: Our front-bucket is equipped with an accurate weight system. Therefore, you can precisely load required amount of materials, thereby control the proportion of each raw material.
3.5 m³ self loading concrete mixer

Freely Rotating Mixer Drum

  • The mixer drum itself can freely rotate 270 degrees, which allows you to freely adjust the discharge angle while meeting the requirement of high-speed mixing of concrete.
  • For example, when the poured concrete has met the concrete demand of the construction site on one side, you can adjust the angle of the mixer drum at any time, and turn it to the other side, and continue pouring concrete.
  • Or, when it is inconvenient for you to turn around or move the concrete self loading mixer body, you can freely switch the angle and adjust the position of the discharge port. In this way, you can reduce the need for manual arrangement and save a lot of unloading time.
  • This feature makes the self loading concrete mixture suitable for some construction sites that are difficult to enter or construction projects that require precise concrete pouring, such as the narrow road construction projects. In these applications, our self loading mobile concrete mixer can play a good role and help you reduce labor construction costs thereby improve your work efficiency.
multifunctional self loading concrete mixer

Water Tank

  • Each set of self loader concrete mixer is mounted with a water tank. It can self-supply water to the mixer drum when the mixing process starts. This self-supply system will ensure your continuous concrete mixing work on your site.
  • By using our self concrete mixer, you don’t need to assign workers to add water. This way will help save your 1-2 labor costs and meantime improve your concrete mixing efficiency.
slm concrete mixer

Intelligent Control System

All the main self loading concrete mixer components are connected by the electric wires, and taken control by the fully automatic control system. The realization of those features of the above-mentioned parts is inseparable from the intelligent control system of our self concrete mixer machine, which can accurately measure and adjust the delivery of raw materials to ensure uniform mixing of concrete.

  • Automatic weighing system: The automatic weighing system is set up on the front bucket, which can precisely measure the weight of the raw materials when the front bucket is loaded.
  • Mixer drum rotating system: You can use the control system to command the mixer drum to rotate within 270 degrees.
  • Reversing camera system: This system can help the operator to easily drive the whole self loading concrete machine forward or backward on-site.
self loading concrete machine

The features of all the parts and their functions are highlights of our slm concrete mixers, and have helped us to earn a lot of customers’ respect and preferences. Until now, Aimix has sold over 1000 sets of self loading concrete mixer machines to all over the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, UZ, Russia, Australia, Peru, Dominica, Armenia, etc.

Now, we are gonna show you some case details to help you make your right purchase decision for our diesel engine self loading concrete mixers.

4 cubic meters mini self loading concrete mixer

What Projects Can Self Loading Concrete Mixer Serve?

Our small self loader concrete mixers are widely used for various kinds of construction projects, including self-built house construction, factory and warehouse construction, road paving construction, sewer construction, drainage channel construction, precast concrete panel manufacturing projects, and so on.

Flood Control Project

  • Use Place:In Taytay, the Philippines
  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Application: Build a 300-meter river dam to prevent the flood.
  • Cost Analysis: The most important point that most attracts our customers to buy pur self loading concrete mixer is is cost-effectiveness. Due to the special geographical location of the project, if our customers choose to purchase finished concrete from elsewhere, the transportation of the concrete will be the biggest problem, and the transportation fees will be higher.

    Therefore, our customers chose our self loading cement mixer to work for them because it can produce concrete on-site, which can help them save a lot of transporting fees. What is more, making concrete by themselves are quitely cheaper than buying rmc concrete from elsewhere.

3.5m3 self loading mixer concrete

self loading concrete mixer working in Taytay
self loading concrete cement mixer in Aimix Group

Factory Construction

  • Use Place: Jambi, Indonesia
  • Model: AS-3.5
  • Roel of Aimix self loading concrete mixer in this case: Produce 16m3 concrete per hour for foundation pouring, wall pouring, and columns pouring.

self loading concrete mixer for foundation pouring
self loading concrete mixer working for factory construction

Producing Prefab Concrete Slabs

  • Use Place: UZ
  • Model: AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer + ABT60C concrete trailer pump
  • Cooperation with other equipment: In this case, our customers bought a 4cbm self-loading concrete mixer to produce concrete, and a 60m3 concrete trailer pump to convey the ready-mixed concrete to the concrete slab molds. This kind of equipment combination perfectly solve the concrete mixing and pouring problems for our customers.

self loading concrete mixer and concrete trailer pump

concrete slabs made by self loading concrete mixer

Church Construction

  • Use Place: Papua, Indonesia
  • Model: AS-3.5 self loader concrete mixer + ABJZ40C concrete mixer pump
  • Strength of concrete: Our 3.5 m³ self loading concrete mixer is capable of making C20 and C30 concrete. The strength of these kinds of concrete is enough for building houses, church, 2-4-storey apartment, hotel, and so on.

3.5m3 self concrete mixer machine

3.5cum self loading concrete mixer

self concrete mixer machine for house construction

We are very happy that our self loading concrete mixers have been purchased by customers from all over the world and helped customers solve concrete production problems in various fields. The reason why our multifunctional self loading concrete mixer is so popular, is not only because of the characteristics of the self loading concrete cement mixer itself but also the high-level services that Aimix Group can supply for each of our customers. Obviously, superior services has won us the recognition of more and more customers.

Upgrading Services in Aimix Group

As a professional self loading concrete mixer manufacturer, Aimix Group has truly put the customers at the first place. For better serving our customers, we have established a set of professional service processes.

Question & Answer Services

The most important points that our customers concern may be the models capacities and prices. What models does Aimix Group have? In the above-mentioned cases, you can see that the models: AS-3.5 and AS-4.0 self loading concrete mixer trucks are the most popular sizes in the market. Actually, Aimix also supplies other models of self loading concrete mixers for sale, including AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5.

Right now, we will attach the self loading concrete mixer capacities to help you learn the technical details of the products. Besides, the self loading concrete mixer prices are also attached in the below parts.

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Price & Capacity

Price Ranges(USD)14,000-20,00016,000-21,00024,000-30,00032,000-38,00040,000-50,00052,000-58,000
Engine Power787891919292
Water tank (L)4005006208409201465
Mixer drum capacity (L)268035804740600078009000
Drum speed (r/min)131313-20172016.5
Max. Speed (km/h)303030354240
Max. gradeability (%)303030303030
Min. turning radius (mm)530053005300480062004800
Fuel tank (L)6375120120180370

As you can see, we only attach the price ranges for each model of self loading concrete mixer for sale. And that is because the specific self loading concrete mixer machine price is influenced by many factors, such as different configuration, parts brand, numbers of wheels, and so on. Contact us if you want to know the specific prices after you have decided which model to buy.

Equipment & Solution Recommendations Services

Tell us your use places, project types, application fields, daily need for concrete, and Aimix can guide you with a suitable concrete mixing solutions for you. For example, we will recommend you with a combination of a China self loading concrete mixer and a concrete pump machine in case you need to make concrete and pump rmc concrete at the same time.

self loading concrete mixer and concrete pump

After-sale Service

After our customers completing the purchasing process, we will provide considerate services to help our customers have a better user experience. Our after-sale services contain:

60-person After-sale Team

They will be 24 hours online to answer your call. No matter you have any questions about the technical specifications, installation guides, equipment failure, or other problmes, please remember to contact us any time. We are always online waiting your call.

aimix group after-sale service team

Local Partners

Aimix has developed countless local partners all around the world, including Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, UZ, Russia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Australia, Dominica, Kenya, Nigeria, Tanzania, etc. They can offer custom clearance services, machine delivery services, installation services, maintaining services, and training services.

self loading concrete mixer machines

Local Warehouses

Aimix Group has established over 10 warehouses in some countries, such as Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, and UZ. Therefore, our customers can acquire off-the-shelf self loading concrete mixers and parts within a shorter time. This way can greatly cut down your equipment lead time.

self loading concrete mixer for sale in Aimix Group

After having an in-depth understanding of the specific model and price of the self loading concrete mixer and our services, we believe that you have made a preliminary judgment on which model of equipment can meet your technical requirements and project needs. Welcome to contact us to communicate specific purchasing plans now!

    Please feel free to give your inquiry in the form below, we will reply in 24 hours.