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Self Loading Mixer

A self loading mixer is a piece of equipment that allows you to mix concrete on site. It integrates self-loading, self-mixing, self-transporting, and self-unloading functions to simplify the construction process. Self loading mixers can minimize the time of mixing concrete, reduce manpower investment, improve your working efficiency, and reduce the concrete transportation costs.

4.0cub self loading mixer for sale

Multifunctional Features & Benefits of Self Loading Mixers

The integrated design of self loader mixers have many advantages and can bring a lot of benefits for you.

Automatic Control System – Can Ensure Efficient Operation

The self loading mixer is equipped with a fully automated control system, which can make your operation easier and more efficient. The automation system is installed in the driver’s cockpit. You only need 1 driver to easily manage and control the entire self load mixer. The fully automatic control system will save you 6-8 labor costs. The operations that the fully automatic control system can control include:

self loader mixer and concrete pump

  • Automatic feeding construction aggregate and cement.
  • Automatic water supply system.
  • Automatic mixing or discharging the concrete (Forward rotation to stir, reverse rotation for discharging).
  • Move forward and backward like a truck.
  • The pouring angle and direction of the mixing tank can be controlled 270 degrees.
  • Self cleaning after using.

Now, let us show you how does the self loading mixer work for those above-mentioned operations.

Self-feeding aggregate

Self-mixing concrete

Self-discharging concrete

In general, by means of the fully automatic control system, you can easily operate the self loading concrete mixer to produce concrete with less labor costs investment. And automatic control system will definitely improve your working efficiency.

With the fully automatic control system, our self loading mixers have helped countless customers fulfilled their construction projects. Now, we will attach some cases here.

3.5m3 Self Loading Mixer for Warehouse Construction

  • Use Place: Kalimantan, Indonesia
  • Effect: Our 3.5 cubic meters self loading mixer has completed the aggregate-feeding work, concrete-mixing work, and concrete-pouring work. In total, it has helped our customers save about 6 workers to do those work. And it also speeded up project progress.

self loading transit mixer working for warehouse construction

3.5m3 mini self loading mixer

self loading mixer manufacturer

3.5m3 Self Loading Mixer for Flood Control Project

  • Use Place: Taytay, the Philippines
  • Effect by using our self loading mixer machine: Our self loading mixer can move like a concrete truck, which is very suitable for this kind of projects that need frequent transferring.

self propelled concrete mixer

self loading transit concrete mixer

self loading transit mixer price

Self-Feeding Bucket – Can Save Labor Costs

Self-loading aggregate and cement materials are one of the most unique features for the self loading mixer machine. The self loading mixture has a front-loading bucket which can self-load, self-weigh, and then self-feed the raw materials(cement, aggregate, stone, etc.) into the mixer drum.

Instead of relying on more manpower to do these tasks, you can save 2-4 manpower and save money on purchasing a wheel loader.

Excellent Mixing System – Assure Flexible Concrete Mixing On Site

  • Like other kinds of concrete mixer equipment, the self loading mixer for sale has a mixer drum so that you can start to stir and transport the concrete at any time on your construction sites.
  • Besides, you can freely adjust the mix ratio to produce concrete with different hardnesses, such as dry concrete, semi-dry hard concrete, or plastic concrete. Meantime, you can also adjust the production volume of the concrete, and mix as much as you need without causing any waste of concrete.
  • In addition to this, the mixer drum can stir the concrete more uniform so that you can get qualified concrete for your construction projects.

self loading mixer for sale

Truck-chassis – No Venue Restrictions to Transport and Unload Concrete

  • The self loading transit mixer has a wheeled truck chassis that can be flexibly moved between different construction sites. Therefore, you can use the self loading transit concrete mixer to freely transport the ready-mixed concrete and then unload the concrete yourself upon arrival at your destination.
  • What is more, the mixer drum can rotate 270 degrees, then you can adjust the discharging angle for better and faster unloading the ready mixed concrete out to the right place. At the same time, this feature of the self loading concrete mixer truck will definitely contribute a lot for those construction projects that locate at narrow or tough terrains, such as mountain road paving construction.

self loading rough terrain concrete mixers

7.2m3/h-26m3/h Production Capacities – Meet Your Construction Need

In Aimix Group, we have 1.8m3, 2.6m3, 3.5m3, 4.0m3, 5.5m3, and 6.5m3 self loading mixers for sale. And their production capacities range from 7.2m3/h to 26m3/h, which are enough to meet the concrete production needs of various construction projects, infrastructure construction, road construction, and other engineering projects, such as self-built house construction, warehouse construction, drainage channel construction, road paving construction, etc.

Here, we attach the detailed specificaions of our self-propelled concrete mixers for sale. You can check the models details now.

Self Loading Mixer Parameters

Price Ranges(USD)14,000-20,00016,000-21,00024,000-30,00032,000-38,00040,000-50,00052,000-58,000
Engine Power787891919292
Water tank (L)4005006208409201465
Mixer drum capacity (L)268035804740600078009000
Drum speed (r/min)131313-20172016.5
Max. Speed (km/h)303030354240
Max. gradeability (%)303030303030
Min. turning radius (mm)530053005300480062004800
Fuel tank (L)6375120120180370

Easy to Maintain

Slm self loading mixers are easy to maintain so that they are generally preferred by customers because they can reduce downtime and repair costs.

As a professional self loading mixer manufacturer, up to now, our global sales of self propelled concrete mixers have exceeded 5,000 units, and the failure rate of our equipment is almost 0. Therefore, our customers are glad to introduce our self loading rough terrain concrete mixers to their friends.

In general, as a three-in-one equipment, the mini self loading mixer not only integrates the functions of a wheel loader, a concrete mixer, and a concrete mixer truck, but also provides customers with a series of conveniences and benefits. Therefore, buying a self loading mixer is a very cost-effective option.

self loading mixture

Cost-effective Self Loading Mixer Price & Lower Using Cost

Except the multifunctional features, aimix self loading mixers also have superior in the equipment price and using cost.

  • On one hand, the using cost contains the self loading mixer price. And the price range of AS-1.8 – AS-6.5 is from USD 14,000 to USD 58,000. Compared with the ordinary concrete mixers, our self loading mobile concrete mixers have more diverse functions. From this point of view, our self loading transit mixer price is really cost-effective because our self mixer is a three-in-one device. When you buy a self-loading mixer, it is equivalent to have purchased a concrete mixer, a wheel loader, and a concrete mixer truck.
  • On the other hand, not only the self loading mixer cost must be considered, but also the labor costs that our self loading mixers can save you. These savings in labor costs are also a huge expense. By using our self-loading mixer machines, you can save a total of 6-8 manpower. The cost of these 6-8 manpower will be far greater than the cost of the machine.

aimix self loading mixer

To sum up, our self loading mixers provide customers with an efficient, flexible and cost-saving concrete mixing solution, especially suitable for construction projects that require frequent movement and instant production of concrete. Contact Aimix Group if you are interested in our self loading mixer machine.

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