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Self Loading Concrete Mixer for Sale

Self loading concrete mixer for sale is a combination of a ready mix concrete truck and an automatic cement mixer. It can automatically complete self-loading aggregate materials, self-mixing materials, self-transporting concrete and self-discharging ready-made concrete mixture by itself. Equipped with a mixer drum and 4 wheel steering, the self loading concrete mixers can be regarded as a self loading concrete mixer with self loading, self mixing and self discharging functions.

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mini self loading concrete mixer
self loading cement mixer
self concrete mixer

AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in Myanmar

Capacity: 14(m3/h)
  • Discharge Capacity(L): 3500
  • Concrete output(m3/h): 14
  • Rated Power(Kw):85
  • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

Main Parts:

Truck chassis, feeding bucket, mixing drum, water tank, operating cab, self-weighing system, auto control system.

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    What Are the Features of Self Loading Truck for Sale?

    The self loading concrete mixer parts mainly include the bucket, a front operators cab, mixing tank, water supply system, wheeled truck chassis. And Aimix offers AS-1.2, AS-1.8, AS-2.6, AS-3.5, AS-4.0, AS-5.5, and AS-6.5 self loading concrete mixer for sale.

    • 1. 270 degree rotating mixer drum! Its drum mixer can rotate at 270 degree to unload concrete. Hence, it will make your concrete pouring easier.
    • 2. 4×4 wheel driving and 4 wheel steering! This way will make it more suitable for concrete production at rough or narrow roads or mountain roads, or harsh working fields or areas.
    China Self Loading Cement Mixer

    AS-1.2 Concrete Self Loading Mixer

    Capacity: 1200(L)
    • Model: AS-1.2
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 1200
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 4.8
    • Engine Model: Yunnei 490 Turbo-Charged
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    concrete self loading mixer

    AS-1.8 Self Loading Truck for Sale

    Capacity: 1800(L)
    • Model: AS-1.8
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 1800
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 7.2
    • Engine Model: Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    self loading concrete mixer suppliers

    AS-2.6 Self Loading Mixer

    Capacity: 2600(L)
    • Model: AS-2.6
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 2600
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 10.4
    • Engine Model: Yuchai 4102 Turbo-Charged
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    self loading mixers

    AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    Capacity: 3500(L)
    • Model: AS-3.5
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 3500
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 14
    • Rated Power(Kw):85
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck

    Capacity: 4000(L)
    • Model: AS-4.0
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 4000
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 16
    • Rated Power(Kw):85
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    self loading mixer price

    AS-5.5 Self Concrete Mixer

    Capacity: 5500(L)
    • Model: AS-5.5
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 5500
    • Concrete Output(m3/h): 22
    • Engine Model: FAW XICHAI 6110 Turbo-Charged
    • Gear: 2 Forward 2 Back, Front Wheels Steering

    portable self loading concrete mixer

    AS-6.5 Self Loading Mobile Concrete Mixture Machine

    Capacity: 6500(L)
    • Model: AS-6.5
    • Discharging Capacity(L): 6500
    • Total Hydraulic System Capacity:278 Liters
    • Rated Power(kw):92
    • Engine Model:Weichai deutz 6105 Turbo-Charged

    Reasons You Should Buy The Self-loading Mobile Concrete Mixers?

    • 1. Save your money! It is more like a mini mobile batch plant because it is a combination of wheel loader, feeder, mixer and concrete transport truck. In other words, buying one aimix self loading concrete mixer equals to buying those three sets of machines. That is to say it will save you a lot of money because you will only need to pay for one self loading concrete mixer price and you will get multiple functions of three machines. Therefore, it will save you a lot of cost.
    • 2. Save your labor cost! It only needs one operator to drive it like a car. What is more, you only need one operator to control the whole self concrete mixer and fulfill loading materials, stirring mixture, transporting and unloading ready mixed concrete. In other words, it can save about 5-7 workers for you to do the same work. For example, self loading truck for sale can use the bucket controlled by the operator to load cement, sand, gravel and other aggregate materials into the mixing tank. Therefore, you do not need to buy a wheel loader and hire a worker for loading aggregates. Besides, the self loading and weighing concrete mixers are mobile and can move to anywhere you want to discharge the ready mixed concrete products. In other words, you do not need to hire few workers to transport the concrete to the sites.
    • 3. Mix concrete more precisely! The front bucket can not only self-load cement, gravel, stone, sand or other materials, but also accurately weigh and measure all the aggregate materials when loading them. Hence, it will make your mixing process more accurate.
    • 4. Save your construction period! The self loading mixer truck can automatically mix and transport concrete on-site. It will shorten the time for conveying concrete from a concrete mixing equipment to the right construction point. Assume you need 1 month to do the road paving work for a 1,000 square meters by using your old way. And right now, buy using a self concrete mixer, you will only need 10 days to do the same construction job. However, it is a very efficient equipment for your concrete production and construction use.
    • 5. Make your mixing process more fluently! Its fully automatic control system can keep a stable and standard concrete mixing ratio.
    • 6. It has cheap cos! As we all know, if you want to produce concrete, then you should buy a set of rmc plant. But, when you have less budget for your plan, what should you do? Let me recommend you a substitute for you, and that is mobile self loading concrete mixer truck. It has all the functions of a mobile batching plant, including feeding cement and sand, mixing all the materials and moving back and forth to discharge the ready mixed concrete. What is more, it has low price and would be a cost-effective substitute machine if you do not have enough money to buy a concrete plant.
    • 7. It Is Easy To Operate. The whole self loading transit mixer is under automatic control by the operator. The operator can start or turn off the mixer. All the control systems, including feeding system, weighing system, mixing system, water supplying system, discharging system and driving system are commanded by the operator. Hence, the operator can push the buttons inside of the front operator cab to manipulate the whole self mixer.

    self loading machine
    AS-4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    self loading rough terrain concrete mixers
    AS-4.0 Self Concrete Mixer Machine

    diesel self-loading concrete mixer
    AS-3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    Uses of Self Loading Concrete Mixer

    It is definitely a waste of time if you still use manual ways to mix concrete. Here I recommend you with self loading concrete mixer for sale in Aimix Group. It is multifunctional and can complete feeding materials, stirring concrete and unloading concrete in one unit. Here are several functions.

    Road Paving and Repairing Construction

    It is suitable to produce ready mix concrete for rural road paving work. On the one hand, it can stir concrete at any time and at any place. One self loading mixer will totally meet your requirements for self-loading, self-mixing, self-carrying, and self-unloading work. On the other hand, its mixer drum can rotate 270 degrees which can easily discharge the finished concrete mixture from any direction to the ground. Therefore, it is suitable for narrow road paving construction work, factory ground paving work, and so on.

    Supplying Concrete For Underground Tunnels Construction Work.

    As a concrete producing equipment, self loading mixer machine often cooperates with other concrete pumping equipment to complete the placing of concrete at the job sites. It can stir and unload the concrete to a high-pressure cement pump, then the concrete will be pumped to the right place.

    Supplying Concrete For Foundations Construction.

    The self loading rough terrain concrete mixer is a piece of appropriate equipment for remote construction sites. You can use a rough terrain concrete mixer to mix and then transport the concrete to foundations by means of several meters of the chute. Besides, it is definitely the right equipment for rural construction sites or remote construction sites. Because it is easy to move and can start to work at any time and anywhere.

    Suitable For Rural Self-Built House Building Construction Work

    The self propelled concrete mixer is more like a mini mobile batching plant due to its multiple features. It will be more cost-effective if you buy one self loading mixer and one small concrete pump from Aimix Group for the placing of concrete.

    concrete mixer truck self loading

    How Is the Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working?

    Its main working principle includes loading system, mixing system, transporting system and discharging system. All the operations are controlled by one worker sitting in the cab.
    Here I will show you one self loading concrete mixer video.

    Firstly of all, the self loading bucket feeds sand, four or more bags of cement, gravel or any other aggregate materials to the mixer.
    Then, weigh all the materials. There is fully automatic weighing system on the bucket.
    After that, all the materials will be loaded to the mixer.
    Next, the water tank will convey water to the mixer at the same time.
    Then the mixer drum will start to whirl and stir all the materials together.
    Finally, the ready mix concrete will be discharged out of the mixer drum along with the internal spiral chute.

    Cases in Global

    1. Small 4.0 Cubic Meter Mobile Self Loading Concrete Mixer Truck Working in Malaysia.

    mini self loading concrete mixer
    diesel engine self loading concrete mixer
    China Self Loading Cement Mixer

    2. Mini 1.8 Cubic Meter Self Loading Concrete Mixer Working in the Philippines

    Concrete Self-Load Vehicles
    loading mixer
    self loading concrete machine

    3. 4.0 Cubic Self Concrete Mixer Machine Shipping to Nigeria

    self loading transit mixer
    self loading transit mixer manufacturer
    site mix concrete trucks for sale

    4. 4m3 Self-loading Concrete Mixer Working in Tanzannia

    self mixer
    self concrete mixer
    self loader concrete mixer

    Machine Maintenance Tips:

    There are a few tips on better maintaining our self loading cement mixer if you want to extend its service life.

    • 1. Load water tank before using the mixer.
    • 2. Release all the water in the water tank to prevent water freezing if the weather is cold.
    • 3. No people allowed to stand around the vehicle.
    • 4. Add water to clean the inside of the mixer drum the moment the concrete mixing work is finished to protect the mixer tank from concrete solidification.
    • 5. Use high pressure water gun to wash the external parts especially for the discharging port and chute.

    Why Choose Aimix Group?

    • 1. If you want to buy a new self loading concrete mixer, then you should choose a reliable manufacturer. As one of the leading manufacturers of self loading concrete mixer, Aimix Group has focused on the product’s quality and service. What is more, Aimix Group has plenty of experience in designing and producing small self loading concrete mixer and diesel engine self loading concrete mixer.
    • 2. Aimix has sold over 3000 sets of mobile self loading concrete mixer trucks to over 100 countries all around the world, including the Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia, Pakistan, Thailand, Sri Lanka, UZ, Kenya, UK, the USA, and so on. Our equipment has got high praise from our customers all around the world.
    • 3. I will give you several reasons to choose Aimix here. Should you have any concerns or questions about our self loading mixers, please don’t hesitate to contact us. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

    Aimix has over 1000 dealers and agents spreading across over 100 different countries in the world for after-sale service support and service centers.
    Aimix has a professional 60-people after-sale service team to do installment and training service for each of our customers no matter which country they are.

    Aimix supplies complete self loading concrete mixer capacity, including the hot sale model, 3.5m3 self loading concrete mixer and 4m3 self-loading concrete mixer.
    Aimix can supply local custom clearance services, installation services, testing services, and maintenance services in your country.

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