Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale

Aimix small concrete boom pump truck for sale is very suitable for rural house building construction or some small scale construction projects due to its mini size.

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ABTB40R-14 Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale

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What Is the Vertical Height of Aimix Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale?

Its maximum vertical heigth can reach 15.4 meters. In actual operation, it can reach about 14 meters high for the placing of concrete to the tall building or concrete pouring for the foundation.

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ABTB40R-14 Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck for Sale


Model: ABTB40R-14 Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck

Max. theo. concrete output: 40m3/h

Max.concrete pumping pressure: 10 mpa

Vertical height of boom: 15.4m

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Affordable Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck Manufacturer-Aimix Group

Aimix manufactures not only small concrete boom pump trucks but also large concrete pump trucks. You can buy a suitable size according to your actual demand.

What Are the Advantages of Aimix Small Placer Boom Pump?

1. Smaller size can save a lot of investment cost.

2. Need lower shipping cost. The whole machine can be packed in one container.

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Technical Specifications of Aimix Small Concrete Boom Pump Truck Machines:


Items Units Parameters
Whole performance of machine


Max. theo. concrete output m3/h 40
Max.concrete pumping pressure MPa 10
Distribution valve type S Valve
Concrete cylinder diameter×stroke mm Ф180×1300
Hopper capacity L 500
Outlet diameter mm Ф150
Vertical height of boom m 15.4
Radius of place concrete m 1316
Big arm length m 6.5
Big arm elevation angle ° 90
Small arm length m 6.5
Small arm elevation angle ° 235
Concrete pipe m 125*3
Tower rotation angle ° 200
Leg open width m 5.5
Distribution rod direction control Manually
Power system Diesel engine model Weichai WP4G110E220
Engine power Kw 82
Rotate speed RPM 2200
Travelling diesel engine Changchai L32
Travelling diesel engine power 32HP
Tyre 4*8.25*16
Other parameters Max. aggregate diameter mm 30
Inside diameter of delivering pipe mm Ф100
Dimensions:length×width×height mm 7500x2200x2920
Total weight kg 6500

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