Spot 60m3 Batching Plant Helps Customers Launch Projects Quickly

One customer contacted us to ask about a concrete batching plant 1 month ago. They planed to buy a concrete batching plant with a capacity of 60-90m3 to be used in the construction project for Indonesia’s new capital city. Because the construction period was relatively urgent, they submitted a request and hoped to receive the goods and complete the installation within one month. After receiving customer inquiries, we immediately arranged our consultants to contact customers.

batching plant concrete

Recommend Spot Goods – Arrange A Visit to the Aimix Warehouse

The customer’s purchasing period is very urgent, so we recommend our concrete batching plant in stock in Indonesia to him. We happen to have a well-made 60m3 batching plant in stock in Surabaya. So we invite customers to go to the warehouse in Surabaya to see our spot goods.

customer visits aimix batching plant

Customer Visits Warehouse – Communicates the Details

  • After the customers arrived in Surabaya, they visited our entire warehouse, and found out that except the concrete batching plants, our products also include concrete pumps, self loading concrete mixers, concrete pump trucks, asphalt plants, and stone crushers.
  • When the customers saw our 60m3 batching plant, they found that our concrete batching plant was equipped with a 1600L concrete mixer. Then they stated that their request for a concrete mixer was 2000L. Apart from raising objections to the configuration of the concrete mixer, customers were also very satisfied with the configuration and other functions of the batching plant, including aggregate system, belt conveying system, mixing system, cement storage system, etc.
  • Then, according to the customer’s special requirements for concrete mixer, we replaced the 2000L concrete mixer for the whole batching plant. Once all the details were finalized, the customer ordered our 60m3 batching plant with satisfaction.

60m3 concrete batch plants

Prompt Delivery & Fast Installation – Helping Customers Execute Projects Smoothly

Since we have stock in the warehouse, we arrange delivery as soon as the customer places an order. We only need 2 days to depart from Surabaya to the client’s project location: Kalimantan.

When the concrete plant was being transported to Balikpapan, Kalimantan, our installation engineers also arrived at the location. Installation work is then carried out. The entire installation took 1 month. At present, the concrete plant has been installed and debugged, and has been successfully put into production without delaying the launch of the construction project. Our customers are very satisfied.

concrete mixing plant
concrete batch mix plant

Our Advantage – Spot Service

Aimix Group has concrete batching plant in stock in various cities in Indonesia, including Surabaya, Jakarta and Bogor. Whenever you have a need, you can contact us and come to our warehouses to visit the machines. Once you are satisfied, the items can be immediately delivered to your construction site to help you start your construction project quickly.

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