Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant for Sale

Stabilized soil mixing plant, briefly, is a collection of machinery for stabilized oil production. By mixing various aggregates, they turn into stable oil. Mainly, stable soil mixing plant consists of cement tank, metering and conveying equipment and mixing equipment. And soil stabilization plants are widely used to mix cement stabilized soil, lime stabilized soil, gravel stabilized soil and other base stabilized materials.

Therefore, stabilized soil batching plant is a quite good choice for high-class highway, railway, municipal construction project, which requires stabilized soil base materials. Equipped with industrial computer control system, it has a strong adaptability to materials. Besides, soil stabilizing plants are characteristic of high reliability, compact structure, easy operation, reasonable layout. And Aimix stabilized soil mixing plant for sale is quite suitable for the construction of high-grade highways and airports. Besides, asphalt plant, stabilized soil mixing plant for sale and dry mortar production plant are also hot- sale products in Aimix.

soil stabilization mixing station
stabilized soil mixing station

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How stable soil mixing plant work?

Wheel loader put aggregates, such as lime, gravel, coal ash into batching machine hopper. Then belt feeder measures aggregates, and sends them to belt aggregate collection machine later. Meanwhile, stabilizer, such as lime, cement, will sent to powder storage bin, then they will be sent to metering hopper. Later, they can be sent to belt feeder. The mixed aggregates will be sent to belt conveyor, then to storage bin hopper. And it will be stored there temporarily.

Why Aimix soil stabilized mixing plant deserves your purchase?

  1. Main concrete mixer is twin shaft concrete mixer without liner, which has a long service time, low maintenance cost, high mixing quality.
  2. Frequency conversion technology controls the speed, stable performance and high efficiency.
  3. There are two options for operation, manual operation and automatic operation.
  4. It is characteristic of module combination, convenient transportation, simple installment and easy transition.
soil stabilization mixing station
soil stabilization plants

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Details Information about Stabilized Soil Mixing Plant

Soil stabilization mixing station adopts twin-shaft compulsory mixer and the paddle line velocity method. So that the materials in the boiling state can advance rapidly, which leads to high production. Meanwhile, the mixing production process is continuous and stable and there is no need replacing lining plate, which ensures the long service time and low maintenance cost of stabilized soil mixing equipment.

With Single mortar driving reducer and big gears synchronous transmission, soil stabilization plants can have a stable performance, great impact resistance vibration performance, excellent anti overload ability and long service time. And the concrete mixer bearing pedestal separates from mixing cylinder, so that there is no dirty infiltration, which ensures a high degree of reliability. Unique form of water supply system ensures uniform and stable water supply.  Besides, water mist can reduce dust pollution and remove stable oil agglomeration efficiently.

soil stabilizing plants
stable soil mixing plant

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Stabilized soil mixing plant is equipped with professional batching machine with big spiral rather than batching machine with impeller. Therefore, it avoids damp blockage of batching machine and makes dust measurement more reliable, stable and even. Also, it can efficiently reduce the waste of power and finished product scrape and makes the materials cost more accurate. Besides, soil stabilization plants adopts computer control or variable frequency electronic speed regulation system, so that it is characteristic of uniform and stable materials supply, strong anti-interference ability, precise proportion and easy operation.

Meanwhile, the system has the function of shutdown, start-up process management, state detection, fault alarm, overload alarm, and under voltage protection. Moreover, it has three operation method of manual operation, semi-automatic operation, automatic operation, can store the data of proportion, production and print statistic report, which brings great convenience for site management, scheduling and monitoring. As for the powder supply form, there are two options of bucket lifting machine. The finished products storage bin door can be single or double open and there are many options about the volume.

soil stabilizing plants
stabilized soil mixing plant

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Aimix, a professional construction machinery manufacturer and supplier, can provide concrete mixing plant, stabilized soil mixing plant, asphalt mixing plant, concrete mixer, cement silo, concrete mixer pump and so on. With high quality and competitive price, Aimix products will never let you down. Interested in our products, contact us now!


Item MWCB300 MWCB400 MWCB500 MWCB600
Productivity(t/h) 300 400 500 600
Complete Equipment Power(kw) 98 118 150 200
Occupied Area(L*W)(m) 44*5 50*5 50*5 52*6
Measureing Mode Computer Measuring
Speed Regulation Mode Frequency Control
Control Mode Semi-auto/Full-auto Mode
Aggregate Size(mm) 60
Measuring Accuracy(%) Aggregate ±2
Powder ±1
Water ±1

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